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Top 12 Computer Viruses - October'03
By: MarkJ - 01 November, 2003 (8:57 AM)

Central Command has once again issued its list and summary of the top 12 (Dirty Dozen) online viruses/worms for the previous month (October). The e-mail worm Gibe.C appears to have taken the top spot by a significant margin!:

Central Command Releases Its Dirty Dozen - Top 12 - Computer Viruses For October 2003

Central Command, a leading provider of PC anti-virus software and computer security services today released its monthly listing of the top twelve viruses reported for October, 2003. The report, coined the "Dirty Dozen", is based on the number of virus occurrences confirmed through Central Command's Emergency Virus Response TeamŽ.

The table below represents the most prevalent viruses for October 2003, number one being the most frequent.

Ranking. Virus Name Percentage
1. Worm/Gibe.C 54.7%
2. Worm/Dumaru.A 7.6%
3. Worm/Klez.E (including G) 7.0%
4. Worm/MiMail.A 5.9%
5. Worm/Sober 3.8%
6. Worm/Sobig.F 1.7%
7. Worm/Nachi.A 1.5%
8. Worm/BugBear.B 1.3%
9. Worm/Lovsan.A (Blaster) 1.1%
10. W32/Yaha.P 0.9%
11. Worm/Sobig.A 0.7%
12. W32/Yaha.E 0.7%
Others 13.1%

"With Worm/Sobig.F reports dropping off substantially, the month of October had a changing of the guard on top of the chart in favor of Worm/Gibe.C," said Steven Sundermeier, Vice President of Products and Services at Central Command, Inc. "Much of Worm/Gibe.C's success can be directly attributed to its Microsoft-styled email. Users need to understand that Microsoft does not send attachments over email." Worm/Gibe.C accounted for 54.7% of all confirmed virus occurrences.

Worm/Sober was the only newcomer to the Dirty Dozen. Worm/Sober is an Internet worm that was seen to weigh heavy within Germany. The email text was written in the German and English languages.

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