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Caretaker Brings Speed To St.Leonards
By: MarkJ - 01 November, 2003 (9:15 AM)

A School Caretaker has become so fed-up with the lack of broadband ADSL in 'St.Leonards on Sea' that hes chosen to develop and deploy his own broadband wireless network. What's more, it'll cost just 6.95 per month!:

I live in an area of St.Leonards on Sea where ADSL broadband is unavailable to many of my neighbours as they live too far away from the main local ADSL enabled exchange. In fact, I have battled to get ADSL for 3 years but last month, BT was able to provide it to me for the first time. Other local residents have not been so lucky and are still told they live too far away to get it.

In my area there are 3 schools. 1 primary and two large secondary schools. This means something like 2000 pupils who live in my area cannot get ADSL. The schools have leased lines from BT but homes of pupils in the area are unable to use the internet to it's best advantage being restricted to a dial-up service.

The technology is now available which will allow me to share my fast internet connection with residents in my local area. With the help of http://www.feeed.net I hope to set up the first 'node' in my area this weekend and offer my neighbours a fast broadband connection for just 6.95 a month. Compared to the costs of even a dial-up service, my Community Wireless Broadband Network proves to be an extremely inexpensive method of getting broadband. If take up of the service exceeds expectations, then it may be worthwhile looking into a leased line for the network. However, I'm not going to run before I can walk.

You can read the full editorial HERE.

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