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PCCW Preps Broadband Wireless ISP
By: MarkJ - 29 August, 2003 (8:52 AM)

Pacific Century Cyberworks (PCCW), the Hong Kong-based Telco that recently brought most of Britain's 3.4GHz wireless spectrum, has finally begun to speak of its plans. Thankfully it appears as if a national broadband wireless ISP is on the cards:

Reports on Thursday said that senior PCCW executives have announced plans for a "soft launch" of a high-speed wireless service in the UK. This could be the prelude to a nationwide rollout that would help to close Britain's broadband divide.

"Wireless broadband will probably become another major growth area for PCCW and PCCW will probably replicate the success in launching wireless broadband in the UK to other markets," said PCCW managing director Jack So, quoted by news agency AFX.

Back in June, PCCW won 13 regional licences that allow it to operate wireless services at 3.4GHz. It missed out on just two, amid rumours that errors were made during the bidding process.

It's early days yet and so details are scare, although PCCW will want to get a move on if it expects to have any impact in a market that's fast becoming dominated by cable and ADSL solutions. More @ ZDNet.

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