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New Broadband Satellite ISP BayonDSL
By: MarkJ - 31 August, 2003 (9:51 AM)

BeyonDSL has teamed up with Eurosat to deliver a broadband satellite ISP service using Eutelsatís OPENSKY platform, which a number of other providers (Tiscali, RMS etc.) will soon utilise.

The BeyonDSL service is being launched both directly and through a number of local satellite dealers, such as Bayfields. The packages are all one-way (need dialup ISP for uploads) based and offer a max-speed of 2Mbps downstream.

Typically, and as has been the traditional flaw with such services, the various offers are all priced based on expected bandwidth consumption (per month). For £19.99 inc. VAT per month you can expect a 300mb 'Quality-of-Service' limit. For £42.99 it's 1GB.

Customers can surf over this amount, although would most likely find themselves warned about usage and or see speeds drop significantly.

The service is expected to go live sometime during early September 2003.

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