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Bridgewater Develops ISP P2P Solution
By: MarkJ - 28 August, 2003 (2:35 PM)

Bridgewater Systems claims to have developed a new dynamic bandwidth manager for UK ISPs, which aims to make controlling the use of broadband peer-to-peer (p2p) file-sharing services less of a headache:

Bridgewater Systems provides a dynamic IP bandwidth solution which solves the peer-to-peer crisis of today. It enables network providers to provide subscriber driven services based on future IP networks in real time

Bridgewater Systems @ Broadband World Forum, 9-10 September, Novotel London West, booth no 321

The spiralling costs of peer-to-peer traffic is causing a severe headache to ISP's. Most broadband subscribers pay a fixed fee for an 'all you can eat' service. However the increase in peer-to-peer music and video downloads, plus the large amount of bandwidth used by on-line gamers, means a degradation in service for other users. It has been suggested that 5% of the users base uses 60% of the bandwidth. If true, this disproportionate use of bandwidth cannot continue unchecked.

Bridgewater Systems has developed a new dynamic bandwidth manager which will equalise the bandwidth equation across the user base and offer increased or 'turbo' bandwidth services to gamers and others seeking increased speeds. This will enable the ISP's to introduce new 'on-demand' packages for which extras fees may be charged.

To see a demonstration and arrange a briefing with Bridgewater System's Celine Bak, Vice President of Products, please contact Sue Glanville or Dell Quinn at EuroPR Group on Tel: 020 8971 6404/13 or email sglanville@europrgroup.com. This will be a great opportunity to discuss the issues and challenges around managing peer-to-peer costs.

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