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SPAM - No Complete Solution
By: MarkJ - 05 November, 2003 (1:25 PM)

Roger Dean, founder of EEMA, has today stated what many already knew, that there is no single solution to the problem of SPAM. Instead, a combination of legislation, technology and educated users will be required:

EEMA (The European Forum for Electronic Business) is a 16-year-old non-profit organisation that serves as an independent forum for European technology companies to discuss important issues. The group performs research and organises seminars that deal with everything from new legislation and e-government to XML, e-commerce and wireless messaging. Recently, the group completed a white paper that provides guidelines for users on how to cope with spam and Dean was in Dublin promoting the research and a two day seminar called "Spam: The Death of E-Mail" which is set to start on 3 December at the Burlington Hotel.

According to Dean, stopping spam will take time, but he said the problem could be dramatically reduced even faster if users stopped responding to spam. "Then, their source of income would dry up and there would be no market for them (spammers)," he commented. "But that's easier said than done...one man's spam is another man's ham."

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