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Telefonica Speaks - Broadband Inquiry
By: MarkJ - 12 November, 2003 (2:41 PM)

Telefonica has kindly furnished us with some of their own exclusive comments on yesterdays Trade and Industry Select Committee inquiry into the progress of UK broadband Internet access.

Unsurprisingly Telefonica adopted a similar stance to others by agreeing that "wholesale competition will not become a stable reality until BT is properly regulated. Wholesale competition will result in innovation by ISPs and choice for residential and business customers: price, service, speed and package"

They were apparently "very pleased with the recognition by ISPs, such as AOL, and by the Select Committee of the importance of wholesale competition."

The operator goes on to state that "Oftel / OfCom must ensure sufficient margin is available for OLOs to invest in Datastream."

Perhaps most interesting of all is this comment: "Committee recognised that subscriber numbers and rollout stats is a limited metric. It is important to recognise that the UK is falling behind in terms of higher bandwidth services."

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