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SCs UK ISP Anti-SPAM Virus Solution
By: MarkJ - 15 August, 2003 (8:23 AM)

Internet filtering firm SurfControl (SC) has today issued a new editorial touting the dangers of e-mail viruses (worms) being spread by SPAM (junk e-mail). Typically the group has a solution for UK ISPs fearing the worst:

Spam is annoying but now Britain's technology managers have issued a warning about spam e-mails that act as a new way for Windows viruses to penetrate organisations.

Spam is a huge problem, but companies worldwide are coming to realise it isonly part of the problem. All Internet content you read, send and receive carries a risk. The need for e-mail filtering combined with intelligent anti-spam technology and other network security measures, has never been greater-and SurfControl's technology can help stop spam in its tracks.

So why aren't ISPs doing more to protect us from Spam? If you have received a personal e-mail requesting help from a Nigerian attorney, you are not alone. Thousands of other e-mail users also received it as well. This e-mail is ranked as one of the "Top 10 Most Annoying Spam" according to SurfControl, a leader in the fight against spam as the world's number one Web and e-mail filtering company.

The bogus Nigerian e-mail was among the most widely distributed and recurring pieces of electronic junk sent to inboxes around the world, including thousands of inboxes in American corporations. Spam last year cost nearly $9 billion in lost productivity, increased hardware and operational costs, such as additional servers, storage and IT staff time to deal with the problem, as well as bandwidth-clogging network issues, according to recent industry research and SurfControl experts.

According to recent figures from Oftel, every eight seconds one UK household gets connected to the Internet for the first time. This represents a major opportunity for ISPs to build customer loyalty with a value added proposition.

Nick Outteridge, director of OEM technology partnerships at SurfControl, said: "Both the Government and private bodies are calling for ISPs to be more self-regulating and take more responsibility for the Internet content they provide. This provides forward thinking ISPs with the opportunity to reduce churn and differentiate themselves within the market by offering centralised security and filtering options within their Internet access packages."


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