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BT Confirms Official SDSL Launch Dat
By: MarkJ - 12 August, 2003 (1:09 PM)

ADSLGuide reports that BTWholesale has announced the official launch date (8th September) for the operatorís broadband SDSL (symmetric = same speed both ways) services:

The Symmetric services are not ideal for home users, since they do not support a voice line as well as the DSL. So if looking for hosting games servers on a line, you will need to have an additional BT copper pair installed. Additionally the geographic range from each exchange will be limited, estimates are 256k out to 3.9km, 512k to 3.4km, 1Mbps to 2.5km and 2Mbps only to 1.6km.

The BT IPstream Symmetric service has a headline contention of 10:1 and comes in four flavours, 250kbps, 500kbps, 1Mbps and 2Mbps and cost £120, £140, £210 and £250 per month (plus VAT). This is quite a bit higher than the regular services, but reflects the assumption that people will be making much higher use of the upstream channel. The largest sting in the tail is the connection charge of £450+VAT.

Datastream (non-BT) based SDSL is expected to cost from £90 per month, thus allowing service providers total control of the backhaul.

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