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Broadband Users Hit By RPC Exploit
By: MarkJ - 12 August, 2003 (8:35 AM)

Broadband and dialup users, especially those using a static IP, are most at risk of a hugely serious new exploit for Microsoft's RPC (Remote Procedure Call) service. Do not ignore this news item as 'just another security update that's not worth your time', this one is different!

Several exploits (worms / viruses) have already been released, most of which can enter your computer discreetly via a TCP port 4444 backdoor. Once in it can control your computer, causing systems to reset or do any number of unusual things.

The reason broadband users are most at risk is because hackers can easily scan the 'known' static IP ranges (most often used by high-speed surfers) of UK ISPs and upload the exploit more or less directly to your system. It can get around firewalls and virus checkers.

This is not a minor exploit, it's a critical flaw and unlike most, almost everybody is vulnerable. I've had reports from readers about this already, mostly broadband surfers.

Microsoft's patch (not yet on 'Windows Update') can be downloaded HERE.

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