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Availability Stifles Broadband Uptake
By: MarkJ - 12 August, 2003 (9:13 AM)

In a follow-up to yesterday's Silicon broadband survey, the same group has now discovered that the main reason most dialup users haven't upgraded is down to a lack of availability. Cost is also another factor:

80% of dial-up internet users claim the lack of availability in their area is the reason why they do not have a broadband connection, according to a survey conducted by silicon.com.

Broadband is currently available to 70% of the UK population, according to a spokesman for BT Openworld, but with much of the population living in cities and towns, the actual geographical spread of the service is still far from comprehensive.

The other obstacle of note to would-be broadband users is cost - with 13.3% of respondents saying high-prices have proven more prohibitive to signing up for broadband than availability, according to a survey conducted by silicon.com of more than 2,500 web users.

No surprises here then.

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