Summary: Change to FTTC with AAISP
April 12th, 2017 (Last Edited: April 12th, 2017)
Although my previous ADSL service from Demon had been fairly reliable, I wanted to upgrade to FTTC and A&A seemed to fit my requirements for:-
. a reliable service with minimal contention
. a reasonable monthly data allowance of 150GB with the Home::1 product
. most importantly, a reputation for good support.

Cost considerations did come into the decision but I rate line stability and service above pure cost.

Signing up online was straightforward and the migration was scheduled for two weeks time. I did use online chat to ask one question and this was answered promptly.

The changeover happened on schedule and was even more straightforward than I had expected. I already had a dual mode modem (Vigor 130) but anticipated that I would lose ADSL access first. In the event it was still working and all I needed to do was to change the username and password, remove references to the Demon DNS servers and restart the router/modem. The download speed went from about 4.9 Mbps to around 72 Mbps (max line speed is 77 Mbps).

The line has been fast and reliable and is monitored regularly with historical graphs viewable online. I haven’t had any problems so have only consulted these out of interest, likewise the Incidents and Status page. A nice feature is the automatic display of my remaining data allowance on the A&A home page when viewing it from home.

The comprehensive online knowledge base was very useful for checking out hardware requirements before the move and for general education.

I am extremely happy with the service from A&A. My expectations of the service have been more than met in the two months since I moved.
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