Summary: You get what you pay for
October 26th, 2017 (Last Edited: October 26th, 2017)
It has been said before but I will say it again. With A&A you get what you pay for.

The speed is excellent. The reliability is superb. Support is near perfect. Sure their is no 24 hour phone support but out of hours I got help on IRC, which I only had to use once just after signing up.

Support are UK based and know what they are doing.

I love the static IP address and the fact A&A don't prohibit running home based servers. In my case email and Nextcloud.

The control panel is great. Visibility of your service I doubt you would get anywhere else.

I am on the 1TB package which is plenty for me even with the wife consuming a lot of on demand video.

The bill is more than the rivals but it is worth it for sure.

Would I recommend A&A to others? Yes I would.
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