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Summary: Diabolical Steer clear
July 9th, 2018 (Last Edited: July 9th, 2018)
Joined Zen 2013, service now diabolical. Tech support morons ,seem to read flow charts & blame YOUR equipment, router, Ethernet cable, micro filter, computer = never their fault &despite buying new router, micro filters & Ethernet cables, they still weren't happy, 1st guy I spoke to failed to diagnose trunk outage in area affecting many residents. 2nd failed to walk me though setting up new router I was told to buy - 1st guy insisted that my router, micro filter & Ethernet cable was fault, I was asked,(despite telling the 2nd guy) that I had had a stroke & heart attack & was struggling physically, to kneel on floor to unscrew phone socket on wall to get at test socket & he had advised me to unscrew wrong one, so had to trace wiring to feed socket in garage -other side of house, he asked me to unscrew that & try phone in it, so had to go back to other side of house & get phone then I was asked to go & get router in other side of house . Struggled to plug phone/router into a live test socket hanging off garage wall & 2nd tech guy decided it’s outage in area as both phone lines & internet by this time down he books Openreach, telling me that if I don't pay £120 to get private Broadband specialist out & check internal wiring I might be asked to pay BT £140-£178 for call out, I was incensed. Called out Broadband specialist costing £120 this =on top of having to pay computer shop on as per 1st tech guy’s advice, £75.91 on router, Ethernet cable & micro filters. Broadband specialist after he’d tested internal wiring asked neighbours if they’d any connectivity, they didn't. Called PC repair guy out it was suggested by 1st Tech guy it may be my computer = cost me £50, I’m losing income from booked in clients on busiest night of working week. PC repair guy migrated away from Zen Internet as found them rip off & incompetent, he’d had same problems. I phoned to lodge complaint, 3rd tech guy was smarmy & condescending, rude & disrespectful, so really did lose my cool by this time , he tried to justify actions of other 2 tech guys, as if I was at fault. I demanded a manager called me Monday 11 am & 12 noon as I started work at 12 noon & at 12.54 pm on Monday Nick called claiming to be a Zen manager - he was only supervisor, he was equally obnoxious + unhelpful so I’ve asked for complaint to be escalated above him, he refused to reimburse for costs I incurred from Broadband specialist call out + PC repair man & only offered to pay for router claiming no tech guys recommended me calling out Broadband specialist, fact is I never knew they existed until 2nd tech guy suggested it, so they endlessly back staff, have zero respect for customers. Support= diabolical amateur & useless, no 24/7 tech support either. I pay £67.67 per month for 1 phone line + broadband on & 1 without, no more than 5.85 mbps download speed & 0.84 mbps upload , diabolical customer service ,they know I ‘m self-employed & if I ‘m late paying bill their billing Rottweiler spams me with nasty threatening emails. Threaten to leave Zen & in smarmy voice they rudely tell you, you’ll never find as good a deal. I am done with Zen Internet they’re a disgrace, my advice - steer clear utter rip off utter rubbish, rude unpleasant.
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