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By: MarkJ - 6 February, 2012 (3:41 PM)
pipex ukOld customers of UK ISPs Bulldog Broadband and Pipex are being migrated to Home Telecom (HT) throughout this month. The move follows a surprise January 2012 acquisition of the customer base by Global 4 Communications (Home Telecom's parent).

Regular readers will of course remember that a sizeable chunk of Pipex's brand and customer base ended up being assimilated by TalkTalk Business after they in turn acquired Tiscali's assets during 2009.

However, not everybody was migrated on to the new service, and many residential customers were instead left to scratch their heads about the future (a legacy of complicated migrations and different broadband platforms). At least that uncertainty has now finally been solved, we hope.
23rd January 2012: Customer Billing Notification

Recently client accounts migrated to Global 4 Communications Ltd from Pipex UK Ltd. We welcome those clients to our Home Telecom service which provides an enhanced UK based support to an ever growing residential customer base. Most importantly, your service provided and your terms and conditions remain unchanged.
Until today we've never actually heard of Home Telecom, although they've apparently been around for a year or so and have already amassed a 10,000+ strong subscriber base. We further note that they acquired the entire base of Bulldog over a month earlier on 22nd December 2011. Credits to Thinkbroadband for spotting this little nugget.
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