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New and Faster WiFi Router Spotted at Broadband ISP TalkTalk UPDATE3

Monday, May 21st, 2018 (12:02 am) - Score 74,250

New customers of budget ISP TalkTalk look set to start receiving a faster and much more capable broadband router with their orders, which comes after ISPreview.co.uk discovered the existence of a new Wi-Fi Hub. At this stage we don’t have a lot of detail to share but we do know the core specifications.

At present if you sign-up to one of TalkTalk’s UK “fibre” based (FTTC) broadband packages then you’re most likely to receive a so-called “Super Router” which, depending upon your package, could be based off either the Huawei HG633, HG635 or a D-Link 3782 device.

However last month we became aware that the provider was also conducting closed trials of a new router from Sagemcom, which we initially assumed would be launched alongside their G.fast based 150Mbps and 300Mbps capable broadband packages (here). In the end this didn’t happen and instead the ISP continued to bundle their HG635 with the new service.

Fast forward to the end of last week and one of the ISP’s customers kindly pointed us toward some new images on the TalkTalk web server (pictured above), which revealed a router that we hadn’t seen before. The provider has now confirmed that a new router is due to be launched, although the full details aren’t expected to be released until sometime today.

In the meantime we can confirm that the new kit will include the following core specification.

TalkTalk’s New Wi-Fi Hub Specification
No. of antennas = 7
Wi-Fi bands (2.4GHz and 5GHz) = Dual Next generation AC Wi-Fi
2.4GHz Wi-Fi band = 3×3 11b/g/n/ac
5GHz Wi-Fi band [MU-MIMO] = 4×4 11a/n/ac Wave 2 Wi-Fi
Connections = 4 x gigabit Ethernet ports / 1 x RJ11 xDSL port / 1x Gigabit WAN port
Detachable Wi-Fi settings card = Yes
Customised Web GUI = Yes
Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) = Yes
UPNP = Yes, with port forwarding and mapping

The Wave 2 AC standard suggests that this router will be a lot more capable than their previous devices, although we won’t know how much better until later today (expect an update). We also don’t know precisely which customers will be able to receive it, although we’ve seen it being promoted alongside their FTTC (VDSL2) packages and it would also make a good fit for G.fast and possibly even their “full fibreFTTH/P service.

UPDATE 11:20am

We can now confirm that the new router (‘TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub‘) is a Sagemcom model and the ISP claims that its “next generation Wi-Fi technology [offers] twice the speed of [our] existing Super Router.”

Phil Amy, Director of Product at TalkTalk, told ISPreview.co.uk:

“We’ve developed our most sophisticated router ever, packed with the latest technology so customers can enjoy even stronger connectivity in more corners of the home and on more devices.

Developed with customer feedback, everything from its attractive design, to the ease of set up and speed, means this Wi-Fi Hub is our fastest, strongest and most reliable router yet.”

Officially the TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub retails at £120 and is compatible with all of of their existing broadband and fibre products. The Hub is now available as standard for new customers who sign up to their ‘Faster Fibre Broadband’ plan and from £30 for new ‘Fast Broadband’ (ADSL2+) and existing customers.

The device also features an integrated ADSL2+ and VDSL2 modem. Now here’s a backside view (note the lack of USB ports).


UPDATE 11:36am

Some text from the official launch announcement.

TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub Launch Announcement

With beamforming technology, the router is able to automatically adjust the level of signal to prioritise high-signal-demanding devices. The Wi-Fi Hub includes the latest 4×4 Multi-User MIMO ac chipset, allowing up to 50 devices to connect to Wi-Fi at the same time without compromising connectivity quality.

To guarantee the best possible performance, the Wi-Fi Hub is exclusively optimised for the TalkTalk network; and simultaneous dual-band W-Fi ensures less interference so TalkTalk customers can enjoy a stronger and faster connection.

Set-up has never been simpler. Customers simply need to plug the router in, switch it on and the Wi-Fi Hub is ready to go.

The Wi-Fi Hub also comes with a detachable Wi-Fi settings card making it even easier to find and connect wireless devices. Customers won’t need to enter a password1 to connect devices to the Internet – all it takes is the push of a button with the One-Touch Wi-Fi Protected Setup.

The Wi-Fi Hub’s attractive design means it’s less likely to be hidden by a plant pot or behind a TV, increasing the chance of getting a strong, clear Wi-Fi signal throughout the home. Created to fit through most standard letter boxes, the Wi-Fi Hub has the added convenience of easy delivery.

UPDATE 22nd May 2018

We’ve been informed that the top Wi-Fi speed of the device is AC2200 combined (2.4GHz = 217Mbps + 5GHz = 1733Mbps), which is good. The dimensions of the Hub are also: H = 170mm W = 260mm D = 50mm. Power, in operation is 11 Watts. Finally, we can confirm that it’s based off the Sagemcom F@st 5364 model.

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35 Responses
  1. Chris P says:

    A free wave2 device is quite enticing. I hope it’s got good range and throughput. The 4 Ethernet ports is a bonus too and needed to try and max out the Wi-fi.

  2. Meadmodj says:

    If it provides MU-MiMo then I assume this will assist support of their multiroom. However I am not a fan of these routers that broadcast at the maximum possible power (UK allows higher transmission power than some other countries) but prefer instead more targetted WIFI Access Points which are configured so you can turn them off. Its bad enough in detached houses but it has to be worse in flats with all these routers broadcasting 24/7.They are not going to heat you up but …

    Yet another router that you cannot switch WIFI off without resorting to config. I would also be interested whether TalkTalk are following BT and VM lead by including a WIFI Hotspot which is another issue of mine.

    1. Mark Jackson says:

      Virgin Media found it very difficult to get WiFi sharing to work and BT have adopted FON technology. So I can’t see TalkTalk putting the investment into competing with that, especially as they don’t have any premium WiFi hotspots of their own to get things started. The model doesn’t really make much sense for them.

    2. Meadmodj says:

      Thanks. My issue is really that people should be able to control their WIFI and we should not impose our WIFI on others. The current presumption that it is very low power and non ionising but without any biological research it is a concern. France has legislation that WIFI should not be used in establishments with children under 3 (while their skuls are still hardening).
      WIFI is a very flexible technology but it is being presented that you can just unpack your device and turn it on. WIFI 24/7 even if you don’t need it. I would not want any parent to site a Router or Camera (baby monitor) transmitting within 2 metres of a baby’s cot.

    3. Mark Jackson says:

      The current presumption that it is very low power and non ionising but without any biological research it is a concern.

      Presumption might be the wrong word. Various studies have been conducted and so far no solid evidence has been found to support damage to health in a normal environment. Even the World Health Organization, which usually airs on the side of caution, says radio communications like WiFi are perfectly safe.


      But this is completely off-topic.

    4. Meadmodj says:

      Ok. We obviously disagree.

      However even if people dismiss any health risk this router follows the trend started with the BT Smart Hub to broadcast at the maximum to the loft and interference is increasing.

    5. CarlT says:

      You’d love my living room. There’s a Netgear Nighthawk R9000 blasting away at 2.4GHz, 5GHz and 60GHz.

      Goes nicely with the 800Mhz, 900MHz and the 1.8, 2.1 and 2.6GHz cellular signals we’re bathed in, as well as the various signals from the TETRA system, television, radio, CB, PLN, etc.

    6. Meadmodj says:

      It is not the signal type its the strength > 1.8MW/m2 and the exposure time. We can’t personally control most RF but our own WIFI we can. It’s a personal choice.

    7. Borat Sagdiyev says:

      Do you have any proof* that the strength of wifi signals has fried peoples brains and turned them into zombies?
      *articles from the Daily Mail do not qualify

    8. Meadmodj says:

      I am not referring to thermal effects. I am referring to biological effects. Link above.
      Is WIFI dangerous? Truthful answer is we do not know.

    9. Paul B says:

      @Meadmodj – According to Cancer Research UK, who I’m inclined to believe on this subject, the answer is still no:
      “There has been some media speculation that Wireless internet (Wi-Fi) and smart meters, which can be used to record energy use in your home and transmit it back to your energy provider, could cause cancer. Smart meters and Wi-Fi both use radio waves to send information.

      The radio waves produced by Wi-Fi and smart meters are very low power, much lower than those given off by mobile phones, and well within international guidelines. The evidence to date suggests exposures to the radio waves produced by smart meters and Wi-Fi do not pose a health risk.”

      The study, you linked to above, is concerned with mobile phone radiation – not wi-fi – which the Cancer Research page also addresses.

      So, until there’s definitive & conclusive proof of wi-fi being linked to cancer, I will continue to use my wireless router.

    10. Meadmodj says:

      @Paul B
      I didn’t mean this thread to get so polarised. I too will continue to use WIFI. I have SONOS, HIVE, Amazon Echo, Tablets etc. My issue is that I trust in my RF meter and whilst there is doubt (and there is) I personally apply a preventative model with WIFI only where and when it is needed.
      My issue here is that with WIFI you are bringing a transmitter into your home. My contention is that WIFI use should be controllable by the average user and that some devices including these latest routers, at close proximity, are transmitting at up to 180mw/m2 24/7 (higher than my iPhone does intermittently). Compare that with the ambient RF in my house of 0.06mw/m2.
      What is safe I don’t know but I choose to minimise any risk. If in twenty years time I am proven wrong fine.

    11. Al Bundy says:

      Their multiroom solution is still on the old box which is dependent on the PLAc I suspect once they go for the new hardware on the tv box setup it would be able to use the MU-MIMO capability

    12. Paul B says:

      @Meadmodj – I suppose that’s fair enough, and thanks for giving your reasoning. It’s interesting hearing different opinions on this.

      There’s still a lot of conflicting opinion out there, but I’m inclined to believe that wi-fi is harmless. However, I’m glad to hear you still use your wireless devices, while taking resonable precautions.

  3. Timmy Talkerson says:

    Looks like the model is the F@ST5364. It’s AC2600.


  4. F says:

    How does this compare to BTs super hub?

  5. Ronald Fraser says:

    Not before time as TalkTalk should not be PROUD of their service.
    It must be the poorest service in Morayshire the internet connection is more often down that working

    1. Obidom says:

      But is that just because its Talk Talk or because the network between the exchange and property (Openreach) is so poorly maintained?

  6. Simon says:

    No matter what you stick into the phone socket its always going to be talktalk on the end of the line! EEK! AVOID.

  7. Ray Woodward says:

    I suppose the big question is whether or not they’ve addressed the WPS bug ..?


    1. Obidom says:

      WPS bug affected a totally different model and not the ‘Super Routers’ they have been issuing for the last 3-4 years

  8. Cucumb says:

    Has it been hacked already? Got this with my new talktalk order on 4th june. As I got it I’ve changed my WiFi password. Tried to change admin password but it would not let meso I’ve left it there. Two days later my WiFi password stopped working. I’ve tried original password and it worked. I’ve tried to log in to router but admin password didin’t work. After hard reset I could change admin password and also WiFi password but this is very worrying. Has it been hacked? I had my whole home network set up with a lot of shared content and data including Nas, Google drive and Dropbox with personal info on few laptops, etc and I’m worried that someone stole it. It was about 36h before I’ve noticed as I’ve been away.

  9. Craig Sanderson says:

    Does the new Sagemcom 5364 comply with OpenReach SIN498 standards, and listed on the BT/OR MCT list? If not, then TT should not be rolling out non complaint devices.

    1. Mark Jackson says:

      You don’t generally see bundled routers appear on the list that gets supplied to ISPs, although it almost certainly will show on the full confidential list.

  10. Bings says:

    How does it compare to 3rd party dsl modem routers like ASUS DSL AC68U or DSL AC88U

  11. jim says:

    the router is full of bugs due to talk talks firmware. please make sure you have used something or checked before you start giving it praise on the internet. Check talk talk forums 😛

  12. Andy says:

    Personal experience of this router is that it just doesn’t live up to the marketing hype.

    In a domestic environment the wifi coverage ( reach ) is no different to the HG633 and D-Link 3782 that went before.

    Wifi link speed in line of sight is improved over the two previous devices, but once on a different floor of the house then the 3782 beats the new wifi hub. Roughly half the link speed in my experience.

    TalkTalk really need to up their game a deliver a truly decent router rather than their community fan boys “bigging up” this disappointing products launch. I’m not sure why existing customers are being expected to put their hands in the pockets for a poorly performing product with a new look and some fancy marketing around it.

  13. Kenny says:

    Does anyone know how to switch this into a pure modem mode so that my ASUS AC66U_B1 can take over all the routing? I have a DDNS service and OpenVPN server setup on the AC66U_B1 so I need it to connect directly to the WAN via the modem which I can’t do if I just daisy chain the ASUS onto the back of the talktalk router LAN port.

    1. glendragon says:

      Anyone please ?

  14. bob says:

    try viewing the most recent entries in the routers log file…. it shows oldest first with only a next button and potentially have to click next 1000+ times to see the latest entries

  15. Adrian Troalic says:

    Talk talk’s new router is nothing special at all, I’ve had them all and have gone through 6 different routers and this one in the past 10-11 months and not once have i been able to get a signal from it sitting at my front door, some 5 or 6 metres away from it. I only live in a one bed flat, with stairs coming from the bottom floor to mine. When i phone them they tried to ping(excuse the pun) me from support staff to support staff, having to spend at least 20 minutes explaining my situation every time to them and very rarely having conversations with qualified professionals. I’m an IT Technician, specialising in repairs and maintenance and hardware and software support, so i need a certain level of customer service that is able to trouble shoot the problem, but it’s now got pinged over to the CEO of b the company to complain to, I sometimes wonder why i even bother feeling with this company, I’ve been with them for 8 years and the company has gone so far downhill that it’s become a joke company now. What do you think I should do, other than leave them? Personally i would not recommend them at all!

  16. Razan says:

    The back stand of my router has fallen off and I can’t put it back in place. Any advice please???

  17. Jacek says:

    It worst router ever. Someone mention logs which required 1000+ clicks to see the recent. But there is even no proper port forwarding future. You cant forward from ‘any’ external port. In case you need to provide random port your have to listed all from 1025 to 65000.

  18. David says:

    I’ve had 2 faulty Sagemcom wi-fi hubs. 5GHz signal disappeared completely after a few weeks on 1st hub, and after a few days on 2nd one. If left switched off for several hours the 5GHz signal might sometimes come back…overheating?
    Many firmware bugs acknowledged by TT. Guess they will fix them eventually. Should have been properly tested before launch.
    Sent mine back for a refund and bought a retail router.

  19. Andrew Liles says:

    Hi Mark, could you tell me if it is possible to disable the WiFi with this Router and use an Ethernet cable solely.

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