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16 Bottles of Wine with Virgin Media UK Broadband, Phone and TV

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2018 (8:32 am) - Score 2,941

Drink responsibly. New subscribers to Virgin Media‘s ultrafast cable broadband ISP, specifically those who take one of their triple-play bundles with TV and phone, are now being offered an additional incentive in the form of 16 bottles from Virgin Wines or a £125 bill credit alongside existing discounts.

As usual customers will also receive a Hub 3.0 (SuperHub v3) wireless router, 12 month contract, unlimited usage, access to Virgin’s WiFi hotspots, a v6 set-top-box, internet security / parental controls, free UK weekend phone calls and email. Customers will also be charged a £20 one-off activation fee or £40 for an engineer standard installation (if needed).

Mix Bundle
Average Download Speed 213Mbps
Over 150 TV channels (inc. Sky One, Sky Living, FOX and MTV)

PRICE: £45 per month for 12 months (£60 thereafter)

Full House Bundle
Average Download Speed 213Mbps
Over 230 TV channels (inc. BTSport and top Sky channels)

PRICE: £55 per month for 12 months (£75 thereafter)

VIP Bundle + Anytime UK Calls
Average Download Speed 362Mbps
Over 260 TV channels (inc. BTSport, Sky Sports and Sky Cinema in HD)

PRICE: £88 per month for 12 months (£125 thereafter)

This offer will only be available until the end of play tomorrow.

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26 Responses
  1. Steve says:

    Avoid. Virgin wine is like drain cleaner! Bought two cases a couple of years back – only fit for cooking or drain cleaning


    1. un4h731x0rp3r0m says:

      Clearly you do not know much about wine considering many of the choices included are highly rated by independent wine websites.

    2. Chris P says:

      They do sell a huge selection of wines, I’m not aware of an actual virgin branded wine though but I do enjoy their service. I can just phone or email and tell them what I want and a crate of 16 turns up next day always with a great discount.

      I’m sure all the wine providers are similar, but that is a virgin branded company that is actually very good.

    3. Clifford says:

      Online Drinks Retailer of the Year also for 2017 and 2018, some people just moan at anything Virgin on here.

  2. Mike says:

    Is this to drown out the latency issues?

    1. un4h731x0rp3r0m says:

      More for people celebrating moving from snails paced double digit FTTC to triple digit cable.

    2. Mark Jackson says:

      @un4h731x0rp3r0m you seem to be trolling a lot of comments with unnecessary replies across various topics. Please try to restrain yourself a bit as trolling is against our rules.

    3. un4h731x0rp3r0m says:

      Sorry Mark, but uncertain what you mean there. Not trolling at all, comment was nothing more than my reason why people may enjoy the free booze just as the person i replied to gave their reasoning why people may enjoy it. 🙂

    4. Clifford says:

      I bet if the village that had not had any BT service for over a month mentioned a couple of days ago on this site would be drinking very merrily if they could have Virgin Media.

    5. Mike says:


      What about g.fast? That’s triple digit 😉

    6. Clifford says:

      If you want to include G.fast we will all be waiting several years before we can pop the cork and celebrate we have that.

    7. un4h731x0rp3r0m says:

      “What about g.fast? That’s triple digit”

      Pity around 2/3rd’s of premises will not have it.

  3. Kate Douglas says:

    Do not bother. I have recently signed up to virgin media and I really really wish I hadn’t I’ve had nothing but trouble. No internet The TV service not working I’ve only been with them for less than a month and the only day they can get an engineer out to me is on the 5th July. Ive had to buy a BT WiFi voucher so I can at least check my emails etc.
    I’m not happy one bit. Virgin media need to sort out there broadband

    1. un4h731x0rp3r0m says:

      2 days wait for an engineer pretty good id say

    2. Mike says:

      Why not use the guarantee/14-day cooling off period to get them to move a little more quickly?

    3. Clifford says:

      1 They have probably been with them longer than 14 days (they state less than 1 month)
      2 You will hard pressed to find any other retail ISP service that will get someone out to you in less than 2 days.
      3 Even if they could cancel based on the 14 day thing any further issues they have in the future are not likely to result in only a 2 day wait for an engineer

  4. Anthony sheehan says:

    I was with Virgin for 15 years,I was persuaded to change to another company (whom I won’t mention )after the first week I regreted the change. After 12 months I brought out the rest of the contract,and went back to Virgin.I have had very good service.

  5. Phil says:

    I can’t really fault Virgin Media, I’ve been a customer since the ntl days back in 2001. Probably had less faults than fingers in one hand, one fault was there own doing when one of their engineers accidentally went through the cable in the front garden, he held his hands up and said whoever installed it originally never put protective sheathing on the cable. He repaired it immediately. Now in my new home of nearly 3 years and still with VM but just for broadband as I wanted Sky Q as I wasn’t a fan of the old TiVo, however my parents have the V6 and I love it so bye bye Sky in November

  6. Rick says:

    they came down our road (it is cabled) doing pushy sales, without reading the notice my dad put up (from money saving expert) that we don’t want any sales etc.

    1. Rick says:

      wouldn’t take a no from my mum and kept trying a second time.

      I’m happy with the connection I have.

  7. James sky says:

    Absolutely hilarious, virgin medias customer base is mainly middle and upper class families that can afford it and now virgin media tops the list on the most expensive broadband in the UK? Given away free wine will certainly entice the lower class customers. Well done hurrah I’m so glad I can see through it…

    1. CarlT says:

      VM is not the most expensive broadband in the UK. Not sure where that came from.

      Going by the high take up in this ward, where the average household income is £27k so far from middle class, with the lower take up in my section of it which could be called middle class for sure, doesn’t seem a product excluding the working class.

    2. Clifford says:

      “virgin media tops the list on the most expensive broadband in the UK?”

      Err NO it starts at £29, a whole quid cheaper than BTs cheapest fibre for new customers which increases to over £50 after 12 months. For roughly the same you could have 350Mb from VM.

      No idea where that dud info comes from.

  8. OutInTheSticks says:

    Till Virgin pull their fingers out of the “Let’s just concentrate on the areas that we already cover” and finally start laying “New” Fibre down villages like Tonyrefail and Tylorstown in the Rhondda are going to have to stick with pretty “Dire” FTTC which is controlled by none other than Openreach.
    I can see us in rural areas being stuck with subadequate broadband speeds, and having aluminium lines instead of copper way past 2025 unless the government loosen the planning restrictions on laying new networks down, even the current FoD prices for getting each house connected is way overpriced.
    So till then, deals like this, Virgin will always be seen as only affordable to Middle and Upperclass of society….

    1. un4h731x0rp3r0m says:

      “I can see us in rural areas being stuck with subadequate broadband speeds”
      “seen as only affordable to Middle and Upperclass of society….”

      Yes because its only the poor and low members of society that live in rural areas. Its not like the countryside also has manor homes and mansions with toff families that have owned the property which is worth millions for years and years…… Oh hang on there goes your theory again.

    2. Carl T says:

      VM had coverage in Leeds, Castleford and Wakefield. They now have coverage in the villages of Kippax, Garforth, Swillington and Great Preston alongside Rothwell, Oulton, Woodlesford and Lofthouse reached via Robin Hood. All ‘new fibre’.

      Getting to Robin Hood from the existing network was a 3-4km dig. Getting to Garforth from Leeds was a multi-km dig.

      That VM aren’t doing your village doesn’t mean anything besides that VM aren’t doing your village. Where is the closest place with VM? If it’s a significant distance they aren’t going to spend high 6 figures getting to a village with a population of 12,000 especially given the lack of other settlements very nearby.

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