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Three UK Offer Huawei AICubeB900 Router with Unlimited 4G Data

Friday, Mar 15th, 2019 (10:15 am) - Score 32,827

Mobile operator Three UK has launched a new Mobile Broadband plan that bundles “unlimited data” with the very latest Huawei AICubeB900 router for just £25 per month, which adds Amazon’s Alexa (Echo) AI smart speaker technology alongside the functions of a mobile WiFi router that can handle 64 simultaneous users.

The Huawei AICubeB900 is said to be an LTE Category 6 speed device, which means that the 4G side can theoretically achieve a peak mobile data speed of 300Mbps (50Mbps upload), although Three UK’s network can be quite congested in a lot of areas and so you’re unlikely to get such speeds in the real-world.

On the WiFi side it supports the 802.11ac (Wi-Fi 5) specification via dual-band (2.4GHz & 5GHz) and we understand that this can run at a theoretical peak wireless speed of 1200Mbps. The router also features a Micro SIM slot on the bottom and a Gigabit LAN (Ethernet) port, although sadly there’s no port for an external antenna like on Three UK‘s Huawei B311 router.

Home users with an external antenna may thus prefer the B311, although this delivers a slower peak 4G speed but comes bundled with a cheaper £22 per unlimited month plan. The B311 is also hobbled by it’s lack of dual-band WiFi (2.4GHz only) and limit of 32 connected devices (most people won’t connect that many things).

The £25 plan (no upfront charges) also comes attached to a 24 month contract term, which is worth noting if you live in an dense urban area. This is because we expect ultrafast 5G services to start rolling out this year and there may be better hardware offered alongside related packages.

By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on X (Twitter), Mastodon, Facebook and .
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47 Responses
  1. Avatar photo Billy says:

    No one will sign up for this deal because Huawei is the work of the devil and everyone knows it.

    1. Avatar photo AnotherTim says:

      If you are using a device that sends everything you say to Amazon (or other similar large data hoarding company), I would have thought that Huawei would be the least of your worries.I

    2. Avatar photo kaptainkandikat says:

      Theres never been a shred of proof that huawei have been involved in the kinds of things you think they have been, the head of vodafone has asked for this, nothing has been provided.

      There are people out there who seem brainwashed.

      At the same time people who worry about huawei
      1. use facebook
      2. use windows 10
      3. Have an android phone, all of which are harvesting huge amounts of data.

      enough said

    3. Avatar photo jill says:

      LOL, Missing out you have facebook,google,Apple etc they all track your data usage

    4. Avatar photo Michael V says:

      There’s been no proof of Huawei stealing data. They make the best mobile broadband products. I definitely want this!

    5. Avatar photo AnotherTim says:

      There has been enough concern about Huawei that some years ago GCHO set up Huawei Cyber Security Evaluation Centre (HCSEC) near Banbury, where they check all the source code that goes into Huawei comms equipment installed in UK infrastructure (with cooperation from Huawei).
      To me that probably means that Huawei are the least likely supplier to have backdoors or anything malicious in their code.

    6. Avatar photo Ben Dover says:

      What evidence. Also the devil is merely a concept in your tiny mind

    7. Avatar photo Mike says:

      Replacing their backdoors with their own?

  2. Avatar photo SimonM says:

    “Not available.
    Sorry, there’s no 4G coverage in your area right now. You might be able to access the internet using our 3G network.”

    “Not available.
    Unfortunately there is no 3G coverage in your area.”

    Still no Three here.

    1. Avatar photo James says:

      I would get a free sim from them and check.
      As my postcode says no services from 3, yet getting 30 down and 15 up with their stock CAT4 router.

    2. Avatar photo A_Builder says:

      I would second that.

      My experience with rural projects that a decent aerial up high often ‘finds’ signal that is not mapped and often surprisingly good signal. Don’t rely on popping the SIM into a phone as that will give a very poor snapshot of what is available.

      Better routers will then tell you, in the GUI, what signal is there and signal strength so you can buy a test SIM and do a quick speedtest. However, I would caution that what throughput you get on a dead still sunny day will be very different to what you get in awful weather.

      The key is a decent passive aerial up high.

    3. Avatar photo Guy Cashmore says:

      Getting excellent service from the Three 3G network here in West Devon, OK only 20 Mbps down but ample for our needs and still 10x faster than the only alternative, ADSL from BT.

  3. Avatar photo jill says:

    The three network is getting slower eachday I swear to god they are overselling the service again.

    1. Avatar photo Adam says:

      Well we best hope all this incoming cash pays for more network upgrades. I have a steady 50-80mbps where i am with 40mbps upload. I don’t see those who get decent speeds on fixed line going with this deal, especially if they get poor speeds via 4g. Better off buying an echo as it’s cheaper than a 24 month £25 contract.

  4. Avatar photo Michael V says:

    Any word on this product supporting data over 800mhz band like the Home-Fi B110 does? [VoLTE/ Supervoice]
    I have that Home-Fi & it’s a really good product.

  5. Avatar photo mike says:

    £25 a month to be constantly spied on? I’ll pass.

    1. Avatar photo jill says:

      haahah I bet you have a facebook,gmail account,instagram,twitter etc your location being tracked everywhere you go and everything you post to facebook enough with this Huawei BS.

    2. Avatar photo kaptainkandikat says:

      i think you’ll find that your android phone or your ios device know far more about you than simply your intimate conversations with your wife.

      There are people out there that seem brainwashed….

    3. Avatar photo jill says:

      kaptainkandikat, They are indeed brainwashed by the media the latest article this week on dailymail saying apple airpods causes brain cancer many believed the story was real to be honest the sun causes more damage to your health in life. bloody idiots

    4. Avatar photo Michael V says:

      Yeah. Spied on by Google & Facebook! Three have Huawei as their infrastructure & software vendor, as does EE & maybe Vodafone too….

    5. Avatar photo mike says:

      Jill I was actually referring to Amazon Alexa. Calm down. Are you a shill working for Huawei? Why do you seem to be taking it so personally?

      Also I don’t have Facebook, Gmail, Instragram, or Twitter. All their tracking is blocked on my network.

    6. Avatar photo alan says:

      I hope you do not have a mobile phone then mike because a lot of that infrastructure across all the providers is Huawei based. You better not have FTTC either and be connected to a Huawei cabinet. You better not be using an Apple OS or a Microsoft OS on your computer as that spies on you also.

      The best thing you can do is head into the basement and tighten your foil hat.

    7. Avatar photo mike says:

      Were you not able to read my previous comment, alan? This has nothing to do with Huawei.

    8. Avatar photo alan says:

      It does not matter who you think is spying on you the same applies as what you have been told. Or to be blunt go away and get offline if you think you are worried about being spied on in any fashion.

  6. Avatar photo Harryhog says:

    Three network does not support voip so you will need a mobile contract or BT line, support VOIP and BT customers will leave in droves.

    I have been BT free for over two years both in business and at home and it’s simply bliss! my business telecoms charges have dropped from 13k to under 2k per annum by simply going VOIP BT 6 lines VOIP 16 lines .

    1. Avatar photo Michael V says:

      Of course Three support VoIP. It may be over apps like Google duo, Skype, WhatsApp but it’s there. Home ISPs have intergrated VoIP services yeah. Like BT.

  7. Avatar photo Samir says:

    Three 4G network is the worse too congested it’s slow not fast as it should be. In east london area three 4g is not good. Three needs to solve their 4g network issues. They say their local masts are already too congested they need to fix this problem as soon as possible.

    1. Avatar photo Ashleigh says:

      Hi Samir
      I am from east London and was thinking of getting this broadband deal (I am already a 3 customer); do you recommend?
      I find the 4G on my phone okay, I always get 4G at home – so I was thinking it would be the same with their broafband too.
      I’d appreciate your feedback :).

  8. Avatar photo H says:

    Like most already said here, We give our lives away on social Media then get concerned about privacy. All witch hunt about Huawei is because it is not Apple or other western companies ahead of these technologies… It is pure jealousy. Well Done for Huawei. Time has come to opportunity for everyone. Sad that some people believe in all fake news thrown at them.

  9. Avatar photo Michael V says:

    Huawei are suing the American & Canadian governments. I’m happy they are. All this has been about trading between the US & China ‘cos dumb ass Trump didn’t get his own way. [My only bit if rudeness I will type] we have great networks because of Huawei. They will lead the way in 5G-NR.

  10. Avatar photo Michael V says:

    Anywho, back to the subject. This product is really interesting. Mixing A smart assistant with a Wi-Fi hub. I’d rather Google home built in. I will hold off on new contracts as I want to be an early 5G-NR adopter when Three launch the network to customers.

    1. Avatar photo Gary says:

      Hmm, seems like an odd idea to me… As there’s no external antenna option you need to put the router where you get the best signal, which (for me) is on the utility window sill. You would want your Alexa to be where you normally hang out in your home – which for me isn’t in the utility! Bonkers.

    2. Avatar photo alan says:

      “You would want your Alexa to be where you normally hang out in your home – which for me isn’t in the utility! Bonkers.”

      Er just use the alexa app on your phone to connect to it wherever it is in the house.

  11. Avatar photo Ckc says:

    Sorry guys,
    I think huwaei is offering good tech at affordable price.
    I think this is for grab and there is no devil in this, but those who thinks it is they are the devil.

  12. Avatar photo Bruce Kain says:

    I have recently signed up for 3`s Mi-Fi deal with the B311 router, its fantastic, consistently getting 40-50,Mbps speeds. Comes with the bonus of being able to unshackle myself from BT and their useless copper wire FTTC system which never gave me more than 16Mbps despite being on ‘ Superfast Fibre Optic’, there’s an oxymoron! Now I’m saving £6.00 a month and no nuisance calls. Gotta be the best thing I’ve signed up for in years, 12month contract as well so looking forward to 5g next year!

  13. Avatar photo Sunjay Bhogal says:

    Living in Croydon town centre which is one of the congestion area, the speed was absolutely rubbish, only getting around 2mb download during peak time. Manage to cancel my contract early and I have reverted back to ADSL with talktalk, it’s a lot cheaper for me £17 and I am get around 14 mb download speed.

  14. Avatar photo Guy Mayhew says:

    I wonder with all this extra data how much slower Three’s already creaking 4G network will cope (test conducted with excellent 4G signal): https://www.speedtest.net/my-result/i/3150151697

    1. Avatar photo Sunjay Bhogal says:

      That was the reason why I cancelled my homeFi account early with three. Useless speed for streaming.

    2. Avatar photo Gary says:

      And that’s why, in spite of the eye-watering cost for 500GB/month, I’m with EE. Tried both EE and 3 and my better-half agreed EE was so much better it was worth the extra. (I still have a 3 PAYG SIM for emergencies like Christmas when the kids are at streaming all day and 500GB probably isn’t enough…but it’s only fit for emergencies)

    3. Avatar photo Mike says:

      Signal strength doesn’t really matter, it’s what band your connected to since Three doesn’t have LTE-A apart from a few select areas.

  15. Avatar photo Self Righteous says:

    I’ve been investigating 4G/5G as a viable alternative to my already excellent phone line broadband (60/70 Meg). The attraction for me is the low monthly subscription & being able to ditch the phone and switch to my mobile. These scare stories are very unhelpful, and until our authorities say different I’ll ignore the US style paranoia surrounding Huawei.
    I have a year left with Talk Talk before they switch me onto a much higher (£38.00 pm) contract, so hopefully 5G will have taken root & I’ll definitely give it a go with 3.
    Will be keeping an eye on this blog.

    1. Avatar photo Daryl CZERNIEWICZ says:

      My three contract gives me unlimited high speed data at £20 a month ( this price is only available on their black Friday deals ) so if you get one on 5g, you could put it in a waterproof cover outside your window if the signal is poor and hotspot the data for your whole House

    2. Avatar photo Pete says:


      I ditched the landline and virgin cable to give the ai cube a go, £20 a month saved, streams tv perfectly on 4g in Brighton – looking forward to the arrival of 5g. Cut your cables.

  16. Avatar photo Daryl CZERNIEWICZ says:

    The only worry is the way the USA has tried to have backdoor access to everyone’s online presence and they were doing it for years illegally until wikileaks exposed them , but instead of punishing the CIA the government legalized snooping on American citizens without a warrant, something they voraciously opposed when China did it openly and unashamedly. In fact the American government opposed Facebook and Google moving to China because they would have to allow snooping to comply with Chinese law, something the US government happily did illegally in their own country for many years.

  17. Avatar photo Jay says:

    I bought 2 of these with unlimited data, £24, per month with £70 cash back on each, I also got the £24 discounted to £15 per month each because I was going to return them. They also gave me £110 in credit which I can see in my 3 account…. Working out at roughly £7.50 per month I also cancelled my broadband line at home and my free… And I’m getting faster speeds that the WiFi fibre…. Can’t wait for 5g (I’ll buy new 5g routers, but to be honest 4g is far enough)

  18. Avatar photo Jay says:

    Edited; I bought 2 of these with unlimited data, £24, per month with £70 cash back on each, I also got the £24 discounted to £15 per month each because I was going to return them. They also gave me £110 in credit on each account which I can see in my 3 accounts…. Working out at roughly £7.50 per month I also cancelled my broadband line at home and my office… And I’m getting faster speeds that the WiFi fibre…. Can’t wait for 5g (I’ll buy new 5g routers, but to be honest 4g is fast enough). And I don’t care if they are watching me, Google, fbi, Facebook, amazon and any other perverted companies that think it’s great to snoop. I’m doing nothing wrong and boring!

  19. Avatar photo mark says:

    i got three 4g and live in the city of Cambridge and i don’t get even 1.5mbs i have the huawei B311 router terrible just spoke to customer service they have said that there is a problem with the b311 needs firmware update witch they don’t know when it will be available i live in the city and should be getting at least 20mbs down and 20mbs up. so if you have a b311 router get it changed as you speed will be slow

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