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Sky UK’s New G.fast Ultrafast Broadband ISP Package is Live

Monday, October 21st, 2019 (10:06 am) - Score 29,649

UK ISP Sky Broadband (Comcast) has today officially made their new G.fast powered Ultrafast 1 (145Mbps) broadband and VoIP (SOGEA) phone packages available for both new and existing customers to order. Prices start from £39 per month and there’s a £39.95 one-off setup fee (we think it’s a free upgrade for existing customers).

The new G.fast based hybrid fibre plans were soft launched a couple of months ago but they’ve now become fully available to order. One catch here is that Openreach’s 330Mbps capable G.fast technology currently only covers around 10% of UK premises and future rollout plans beyond March 2020 are under review (here).

Curiously today’s announcement states that G.fast covers 2.5 million premises (i.e. we think they probably used the latest private Openreach data as the last / older public release was 2.2 million), although it then goes on to state that “thereafter, an estimated additional 390k households will be rolled out each quarter.” Except at present there are no agreed plans to rollout G.fast past March 2020 (pending review), so we think they might be factoring the future addition of FTTP. Either that or they know something new about Openreach’s G.fast future after March 2020 (unlikely since the review has only just started).

Otherwise customers of the new tier can expect to receive unlimited usage, the new Sky Hub SR203 wireless broadband router with built-in G.fast modem, a VoIP based phone service (SOGEA), unlimited access to WiFi hotspots from The Cloud, Sky Shield (Parental Controls and Anti-Malware), Sky Talk Shield (nuisance call blocking) and email.

The new packages also pledge to guarantee download speeds of 100Mbps, which means that if your speed falls below 100Mbps for three consecutive days then you’ll be able to exit your contract without early termination charges.

NOTE: Sky are predicted to add FTTP (Openreach) support to their ultrafast plans in Q1 2020 (calendar).

Sky’s Broadband and Phone Packages

Sky Broadband Essential
Average download speed 11Mbps
Setup fee of £19.95

PRICE: £20 a month for 18 months (£25 thereafter) – Excluding optional £5 Sky Boost Add-on

Sky Broadband Superfast
Average download speed 59Mbps
Setup fee of £19.95

PRICE: £27 a month for 18 months (£32 thereafter) – Excluding optional £5 Sky Boost Add-on

Sky Ultrafast 1
Average download speed of 145Mbps
Average upload speed of 27Mbps
Setup fee of £39.95

PRICE: £39 a month for 18 months (£44 thereafter) – Excluding optional £5 Sky Boost Add-on

We should caveat that for now Sky has chosen not to publish their full Ultrafast 1 prices on the public package list, which means that you instead have to run through their availability checker to see if you’re covered. Likewise the announcement only includes their “Ultrafast 1” package and we’re checking to see what has happened to the 285Mbps “Ultrafast 2” service (possibly due to Openreach’s future FTTP tier refresh or the difficulty of delivering on G.fast’s top speeds).

UPDATE 10:32am:

Sky now seem to be showing the pricing on their website and oddly the listed setup fee has just changed to £34.95. We think £39.95 may be the charge for new lines and £34.95 for the upgrade of an existing line.

UPDATE 11:59am:

Sadly Sky’s PR team still hasn’t responded to our hails. In the meantime some readers have also noted that Sky’s checker is returning misleading results for “ultrafast” availability (i.e. it doesn’t seem to matter what postcode is checked, it almost always returns “Ultrafast is coming soon to your area…” – even in areas where that is not likely to occur for years).

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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on Twitter, , Facebook and Linkedin.
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24 Responses
  1. Neb says:

    Checked mine and some relatives postcodes and numbers for Ultrafast/G.Fast availability.

    All of those, even one with a long rural cable run says “Broadband Ultrafast is coming soon to your area…”

    … miss leading I’d say – might even prevent someone switching to an Alt-net FTTP if it was available.

  2. CarlT says:

    Following on from what Neb said the checker is giving misleading results and has quirks.

    It’s claiming that ultrafast is coming to my current property soon which is not the case: I’m too far from the cabinet for G.fast and there are no plans for FTTP from Openreach. Regardless unless the laws of physics are being changed they aren’t supplying G.fast to the property any time soon and checking FTTP-only areas doesn’t provide that feedback.

    Trying a property next door to my new one the workflow is a bit broken. Eventually it asks to call in but not after going through two sets of selecting property from post code.

    Anyway the checker needs fixing. It’s telling porkies.

    1. David says:

      Indeed I get this..


      And I already have a fast service via BT FTTP

    2. Mark Jackson says:

      In your case David the “coming soon” would technically be correct since they’ll be adding FTTP in a few short months. It’s where people clearly won’t get it for a very long time (if ever) that there’s an issue.

    3. David says:

      That’a fair enough Mark, It’s also done it on 2 postcodes I know of where there is not even FTTC let alone FTTP. So yes you are right it’s broken.

  3. etste says:

    Do these prices include the Sky Talk Line? I’m paying +£19 for it and never make calls.
    I will have to call up sky if it’s £27 for the broadband and the line. (Sky Fibre Max)

  4. Optical says:

    My cabinet has G Fast enabled, but I can’t get it, due to stupid routing of the cable doubling back & adding around 200mtrs unnecessary length to my distance.

    1. A_Builder says:

      Like my neighbour who’s house is next to the Gfast pod and can’t get GFast because the line runs directly from the PCP to the pole outside our house and then doubles back overhead to another pole from which he is fed. So I have 140m and he has 290m line length. Crazy but that is the way it was built back when and there is zero point in messing with copper arrangements now that Fibre First is here.

    2. Ste says:

      I cannot get a decent fttc connection as despite there being a cabinet at the end of my road I am served by one almost half a mile away. Understandably data was never a consideration back in the 1960’s. Fortunately fttp is due by the end of next year.

  5. Connor Webster says:

    Sky is a rip-off and notorious for increasing broadband price mid-contract! CityFibre and Vodafone are bringing FTTP to the UK with guaranteed speeds of 900 Mbps for only £48 a month! Ive got it! 100Mbps is only £28! And free installation!


    1. Jonny says:

      Vodafone/Cityfibre are a long way off ‘bringing FTTP to the UK’, the coverage is not comparable to the Openreach footprint.

    2. Connor says:

      Openreach/BT is a shambles for the most part. And BT is overpriced. You’d be better using a 4g router! And CityFibre will get there! They are already working on Aberdeen, Stirling, Edinburgh, Milton Keynes, Southend, Peterborough, Coventry, Bournemouth and much more to come!

  6. adslmax says:

    I wouldn’t touch G.fast (what the point for?) I am happy stay with FTTC 80/20 why pay extra for 145/27

    1. Connor Webster says:

      FTTC speeds aren’t guaranteed and some people are lucky If they get 20-30Mbps! FTTP give people to have speeds 20xfaster and much more reliable but as you say, it’s not for everyone

    2. Rahul says:

      @Connor: But G.Fast is not FTTP. With G.Fast a copper cable is still used to transfer the fibre broadband from the local BT cabinet to the property. GFast works in a very similar way but with a special pod which is fitted to the side of the BT cabinet.

      This is still not FTTP. Not to mention people on the FTTP Openreach network cannot order this G.fast product from Sky! I have tested with several post codes that have FTTP from Openreach and this service is not available to them.

      I find it kinda daft to see Sky include this new G.Fast package when very few people have G.Fast available. Especially when now Openreach and most altnets are focusing on FTTP. 95% of FTTC users cannot order this package.

      FTTC speeds don’t fall to this low normally unless the Fibre cabinet is over 1000 meters away from their property. Broadband users within about 300 m of the street cabinet can expect to achieve about the maximum possible downlink connection speed (currently 80 Mbps). Speeds fall to about 60 Mbps when 500 m away from the street cabinet and, at 1 km, about 28 Mbps connection speed can be achieved. 1 km cabinets from properties is usually an issue with rural areas. Most people in urban areas don’t have cabinets that far away!

    3. Connor Webster says:

      It’s stupid that openreach/sky are even trying to market it. Waste of money. More likely to double your broadband cost mid-contract! I’m not talking about openreach and Thier fake fibre rubbish! It’s a joke! CityFibre are digging up all over cities to bring a full fibre line direct into people’s homes! Actual Gigafast full fibre to the home! Not even virgins fibre is full fibre! It’s just some advanced copper cable rubbish. Yes as you say it’s a long time until the entirety of the UK will have it but at least they are doing something about it!

    4. dee.jay says:

      @Connor – I’ve had Sky Fibre for nearly 8 years now and after all this time my monthly contract has not “doubled”, and in my case I think I’ve only ever suffered a handful of outages. One of which was caused by lightning killing a line card in our cabinet.

  7. Robert says:

    I’m happy with FTTC 65/15 for £22.50 per month.
    In my area BT already sell FTTP 250/50 for £50+ per month.
    FTTP – overpriced in UK

    1. adslmax says:

      Yes I completed agree

    2. dee.jay says:

      £50 a month is actually very good value. I’d be ripping their arms off for that.

  8. Gregory Sabin says:

    Message to Mark Jackson when Openreach says coming soon for fttp doesn’t mean a few months it means so far for me nearly a year and could be up to next March we have to survive on a 1.1mb connection

  9. adslmax says:

    I think we should replaced FTTC (Fibre to the cabinet) to FTTC (Fibre to the copper)?
    G.fast isn’t fibre still run from CTTH (copper to the house)

  10. Richard says:

    TalkTalk offered me 150mbs due £27

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