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O2 Becomes Exclusive UK Mobile Network Distributor of Disney+

Monday, Mar 16th, 2020 (7:43 am) - Score 1,870
o2 uk mobile sim

Mobile operator O2 has today signed a new deal that will make them the “exclusive UK mobile [network] distributor” of the Disney+ video streaming service, which is due to launch this side of the pond on 24th March. New and upgrading Pay Monthly customers will be able to select 6 months free Disney+ when they purchase online.

We should point out that the Disney+ streaming platform – when taken independently of any other mobile, TV or broadband operator – normally costs £5.99 per month by itself, although early subscribers who go direct will currently pay just £49 for the first year of access (equivalent to £4.08 per month).

Meanwhile O2 states that existing customers can also select to add the feature via their My O2 platform for the normal price of £5.99 per month, but they will then “receive a £2 reduction off their monthly airtime bill” (i.e. effectively making it roughly the same price as the first year discount above).

Mark Evans, CEO of O2, said:

“We’re delighted to be working with Disney to bring these incredible shows and movies to our customers, demonstrating that there are more reasons than ever to join the UK’s No.1 network.”

At launch the Disney+ service will be home to over 500 films, more than 350 TV series and a slate of 26 exclusive Disney+ Originals (mostly from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic). This includes the highly anticipated series “The Mandalorian,” among others.

With Disney+ customers can create up to 7 different user profiles, with unlimited downloads on up to 10 devices, Subscribers will also be able to enjoy commercial-free viewing and stream across 4 screens simultaneously with a wide selection of 4K Ultra HD and HDR titles. Furthermore, the service also provides parental control functionality in the form of Kids Profiles,” said the operator.

However the press release fails to be completely clear about whether or not O2 customers who take the Disney+ service will benefit from free data usage (mobile broadband) while streaming via the related app. We have asked the operator to clarify this point and will update when they report back.

It’s worth reminding readers that customers of Sky’s (Comcast / Sky Broadband) TV service have also recently agreed to a new multi-year deal, which will make Disney+ content available for purchase in the UK and Ireland on Sky Q and this will be followed by NOW TV in the “coming months“ (here).

UPDATE 9:24am

We’ve been informed by O2 that sadly any usage of Disney+ while connected via their mobile data connection “will come out of your data allowance,” although they did point out that the new streaming service allows shows and films to be downloaded for watching later (e.g. you could download via WiFi at home for free and watch it any time you like).

The confirmation is a little disappointing, particularly when some rival operators make a point of mixing free data usage with a few of their own video content partnerships.

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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on X (Twitter), Mastodon, Facebook and .
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14 Responses
  1. Avatar photo Mike says:

    Good luck streaming anything on O2.

  2. Avatar photo James says:

    Is it a WiFi only service on O2 🙂

    1. Avatar photo Tom says:

      Nope, luckily thanks to their non-optional aggressive server side compression on images and videos I’m sure you’ll be able to steam all 10 pixels of the video with only intermittent buffering.

  3. Avatar photo Chris O2 Could Do Better Sayers says:

    Hardly anything to shout about in that case, not a great deal for O2 customers, I shan’t be jumping ship to O2!

  4. Avatar photo Matthew says:

    I’m shocked they have gone to the hassle of being able to sell the service I can’t see the benefit at all

  5. Avatar photo AndyC says:

    Would be good to have if you have young kids/teens but for the avarge adult theres very little on the service to make it worth while.

    I personaly get far more use out of netflix then i do amazon prime and britbox combinded.

    Also the little comment about it useing your data allowance isnt a good thing if you dont have a huge amount to begin with.

    1. Avatar photo JmJohnson says:

      Totally agree.
      I have Sky, Netflix and Amazon Prime.
      I don’t consider Amazon Prime a stream platform. I have it for Twitch, the other bits are added value (only viewing Picard on it).
      Netflix I’m finding to be better value than Sky and would cancel Sky if it weren’t for the kids.
      Sky has been steadily going downhill since Comcast took it over. High cost and constant repeats of meh.
      I honestly don’t believe Disney+ would be of value.

    2. Avatar photo James Band says:


      Amazon Prime can have one, or two shows you want to watch at a certain time, and I guess has shopping advantages assuming you use it regularly. Things like yes Picard, or Grand Tour. But on a consistent basis, it seems to lack included content and it gets annoying when it displays results that you have to pay for. Netflix does indeed offer a solid choice, though it’s annoying to find that some shows are cancelled when you’re watching it (makes you wonder why bad TV continues and better series don’t).

      As for Sky, it just seems too expensive. If it was let’s say £10 a month, or £25 with Sports, it would be attractive. But it just seems insane pricing. And the Sports still have adverts as well right.

      It does seem irritating that TV in the UK is barely HD, when places like Japan are broadcasting in 4K. A lot of the new shows on Amazon Prime and Netlix also broadcast in 4K. I feel that HD should be the bare minimum for all TV channels. Freeview shouldn’t be primarily SD in this day and age surely.

      As for Disney+, I am unsure if it would be worth it. Though there are the classic cartoons of people’s childhoods, I don’t think the new content would justify a monthly subscription versus just outright buying the one or two films you want on DVD, or Blu-ray.

  6. Avatar photo André says:

    Sorry for being thick but does this mean that mobile phones on other networks won’t be able to stream Disney+??

    1. Mark-Jackson Mark Jackson says:

      Nope, it just means that for the moment you’ll only see O2 promoting Disney+ in the mobile sphere (doesn’t apply to fixed line broadband).

  7. Avatar photo Roger_Gooner says:

    How many people watch films on their mobile phones? If a lot do then maybe I’m a relic who only uses his AVR with surround sound and his TV.

    1. Avatar photo Pezza says:

      I don’t but I do know many actually do! But also as people in here have shown me, lots also use mobile carrier services for there home broadband too, either via setting up a WiFi hotspot or using a cellular modem.

  8. Avatar photo Name says:

    Does it mean that Disney+ will work on 1Mbit/s in 4K?

    1. Avatar photo Roger_Gooner says:

      1Mbps will at best give you low-quality video, better to download via wiFi for later watching.

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