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Virgin Media UK Discount 108Mb Broadband and Phone to £27

Monday, August 24th, 2020 (9:26 am) - Score 10,834
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Cable ISP Virgin Media UK has today discounted the price of their ultrafast broadband and weekend calls package, which for example drops their 108Mbps (10Mbps) plan to just £27 per month for the first 18 months of service (£51 a month thereafter). A number of other offers have also been introduced.

As usual this offer is for new customers only and they can expect to receive a Hub 3.0 wireless router (Hub 4.0 on 1Gig), an 18-month minimum contract term, unlimited usage, access to Virgin’s UK network of WiFi hotspots, internet security / parental controls and email.

On top of this anybody taking out one of the operator’s selected triple-play TV, broadband and phone bundles will now also be given the option of receiving either a Bose® Portable Home Speaker or £150 bill credit. The downside is that these promotions will only be available to order between now and 11:59pm on Wednesday 26th August 2020.

Otherwise the new broadband and phone prices are as follows, albeit with an additional requirement to pay a £35 one-off setup fee on top.

54Mbps (5Mbps) Fibre Broadband + Phone
PRICE: £28 per month for 18 months (£45 thereafter)

108Mbps (10Mbps) Fibre Broadband + Phone
PRICE: £27 per month for 18 months (£51 thereafter)

213Mbps (20Mbps) Fibre Broadband + Phone
PRICE: £33 per month for 18 months (£57 thereafter)

516Mbps (36Mbps) Fibre Broadband + Phone
PRICE: £45 per month for 18 months (£69 thereafter)

We should point out that the 108Mbps option being cheaper than 54Mbps is not a typo, the operator is clearly trying to encourage more adoption of their “ultrafast” class packages (just remember that 108Mbps is till more expensive post-contract). Virgin Media also offers a 1Gbps tier in some areas, which has different pricing by starting at £62 per month (standalone) and comes attached to a guaranteed price freeze for at least 24 months.

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38 Responses
  1. j karna says:

    I used Virgin (now owned by Liberty) and had so many problems and to be honest if they offered a free service, I would not take up their offer.

    1. Buggerlugz says:

      Absolutely dude. Totally incapable of billing me correctly for the entire time I was with them. The quality of service was fine, no contention 24/7 I got 100mb all day long, but EVERY year I’d be out of contract, ring retentions, cancel, wait for the phone call back, they’d offer me the 100Mb service for £21 a month for another 12 months, then take £35 a month some months and £21 other months, then after 12 months rinse and repeat, then I’d get letters whilst in contract saying they’re putting up the price, ring them be told i was still in contract and it wouldn’t go up, then it did and they’d take more again. I lost count of the times I spoke to them to sort out the issue, I’d left 3 months before I got a letter in the post from their complaints department saying they’d be happy to speak to me if I rang this number.

      The direct debit guarantee isn’t worth the paper its written on. Trust me, Virgin can and will take whatever they want month after month regardless.

      Never again. If they offered it free for 12 months it’d come with a condition you gave them your car at the end of the year.

  2. FibreBubble says:

    New customers only. Likely to be driven by poor sign up rates in Lightning areas.

    1. CarlT says:

      Lightning sign-up rates are fine. If they were that bad they’d stop building.

      The annual and quarterly reports provide information. If you have evidence to the contrary a number of regulators and investors would be very interested.

    2. Mark Jackson says:

      Yep their investment reports have been showing good take-up in Lightning build areas. Take-up is something that can only really be measured over the passage of time and not immediately around the completion of a new area. It needs time to grow organically.

    3. Np says:

      I shouldn’t pay much attention to comments from Carl. He’s been on digital spy for many years as Virgins fanboy. even tried to convince people the original limited version of TiVo that came out 20-years ago was a good product

  3. James says:

    I call this a rip off your bills double up at the end of your 12 months contract happy using 4G mobile broadband via 3 network 8 pounds a month 60mb speeds.
    I hate virgin been with them well over 8 years always tempted you with cheap renewal prices like 200mb 22 pounds including phone line. After six months my bills goes from £22,£28,£34,£42 with even using the phone line.

    1. james says:

      Correction Not even using the phone line.

    2. xcc says:

      It’s people like yourself who don’t actually focus on their bills and just assume the discount lasts forever.
      Assuming you keep an eye on your bill you’ll be noticing straight away you’re always billed a month forward, from there you can use more than 1 braincell to figure out that if your discount ends in early July, your May bill will show an increase, and depending on how far in your discount is in comparison to the billing, you may notice that your bill will go from ex: 27, to 31 then from 31 to 51 because one bill had most of the month covered via discount.
      Virgin isn’t perfect, far from it. But this ideology that they’re robbing people is rather stupid to read since it comes down to common sense.
      I’ve never seen someone who has complained about their bill “magically increasing” provide proper evidence via their last 1 year of billing and censoring out the important details like home phone numbers if any, account numbers and addresses. Simply because I bet that it would take someone who actually uses their brain no longer than 1 minute to figure it out.

    3. Buggerlugz says:

      The problem with virgin and their ridiculously convoluted discount scheme is no one understands how it works, even them. They want to keep you so bad they invent discounts and then add all these “incentive discounts” together (which all last a set amount of months, weeks etc) they all add up to what you pay per month.

      But you can literally end up with 10-15 discounts and depending on how long you’ve been with them have no idea when each one ends.

      The fact your in contract doesn’t bother them either, if they want too they’ll still increase the price.

    4. James says:

      Xcc, Cannot believe you defend virgin media I actually do have many sims contracts with other network recieved no price increase for the last 5 years.
      The only increase is the yearly RPI no company should be allowed to double up your price from 28 pounds 18 month contract to a ridiculous 51 pounds at the end.

    5. Xcc says:

      James, don’t get discounted services and the price will increase with yearly RPI. You just expect them to give you 100Mb broadband for the price of whatever you get a mobile contract at, despite being totally different.
      As for discounts etc, they’re all 18 month contracts unless you’re given a rolling credit goodwill or whatever. Other than that, discounts are clearly labelled on your bill.

    6. Simi says:

      And yet I had a letter yesterday saying my price would NOT increase this year. The fact Virgin Media do that is hardly ever mentioned but it should be to show fairness in their system IMHO.

    7. Alex Atkin says:

      You are very lucky if you are consistently getting 60Mbit on Three.

      I have Three in addition to VDSL, and it can be anything from 1Mbit to 100Mbit, depending on the alignment of the stars. But typically during the day time, its 20-30Mbit and the latency goes down the toilet if I try to push those speeds.

      Mobile service just isn’t remotely comparable to fixed-line services in most places.

  4. Inklin says:

    I feel that the price increases outside of contract are getting out of hand now. They never used to jump this significantly. The new 18 month contract terms are annoying too. I can see it becoming quite off putting to people when they see such a low headline price then increasing by almost double at contract end.

    Why are prices at the end of contract so much higher these days?

    I feel that there should be regulation on how much prices can go up out of contract (capped at a percentage increase) and that new customer deals must be available to everyone if they renew. If ISP’s don’t like that then they can stop offering such low introductory prices.

    In my area I am stuck with Virgin Media for the foreseeable because BT (and others) will no longer sell higher than 35Mb/s VDSL, the line estimate is 22Mb/s at most, until someone installs FTTP, which by then, I’ll probably have my first grey hairs.

    1. Gary says:

      same issue with such alot these days, cant just settle for a decent service at a decent price, and keep their customers. Who really wants to have to keep chasing the next best deal and changing providers every 12 to 24 months, I obviously dont get it, as to me offering your best deal to new customers only just induces people to leave at the end of contract seems counter intuitive to maintaining market share and brand loyalty it just has people on the treadmill, customer churn not retention

    2. Buggerlugz says:

      Inklin, Virgin aren’t bothered if your in contract or not. They’ll take whatever they want month after month.

  5. Barry Hoy says:

    Avoid this company the service is diabolical they will increase by more than inflation and when you try to leave they make it very difficult and still continue to bill even after giving 30 days notice.

    1. Buggerlugz says:

      Its because 60% of their users are out of contract.

  6. Anne says:

    Why for new customers only been with them for a number of years. Why is there nothing for loyalty.

    1. Archie says:

      Ridiculous considering it costs significantly more to sign new customers, also!

    2. Simi says:

      But when your 12 months is up you can ring and get it. SO don’t get too Salty Anne

  7. David says:

    Why new customers only?
    To retain existing customers they should be offered to them 1st to retain them.
    Call centre is atrocious and abroad in India where you can hardly hear or understand them. Should be based here for problems. Manchester only deals with disconnections.

  8. Mark Rearden says:

    Been a customer for a long time and never had a discount. Should be discounts for loyal customers not new ones!

  9. Leex says:

    I find it silly that in have to cancel my service set it up under a new Name just so I can get reasonable price on virgin, new customers only price is silly it’s like they are wanting people to join talktalk and sky

    It’s like virgin doesn’t understand that if someone leaves virgin the chances of then comming back is very low (unlike bt/openreach they don’t care they get money witch ever network you switch to in one way or another)

    1. James says:

      That why I quit scam media never touching anything to do with Virgin,BT and EE three biggest con companies in britain happy rolling along with 4G broadband for 8 pounds from 3 network.
      These mugs can be ripped off very happy for them you have to please virgin shareholders end of the day.

  10. Buggerlugz says:

    £51 there-after. What planet are they on? They might as well say:

    “We’ll just cancel your contract after 18 months. We don’t want you to stay anyway.”

    1. James says:

      Well always a mug will pay 51 pounds its the same with BT charging customers for a email address if you leave dont get me started with EE another BT own brand con.

  11. john says:

    £27 I have been with virgin for over 10 years now moved over to smarty 20 pounds mobile broadband. Sick to death of phoning up each year to haggle for a deal. I really do hope 5G broadband takes off and finish virgin off they are clearly fleecing customers at the end of the contract 51 pounds for 108 meg in 2020.
    I currently do get over 80meg speeds with mobile broadband only paying £20.

    The prices should be 50meg £15 100meg £18 200meg £22 350meg £25 500meg £30 guess what lets rip off our loyal paying customers by charging them double let’s keep the bank rolling.

    1. Buggerlugz says:

      With 60% of their customers out of contract, that explains the constant price increases. They think they can get away with it, but folks have cottoned on now that other cheaper deals exist.

      Loyalty from customers counts for nothing these days, they’re all at it with upping the prices out of contract. They think if the energy companies can get away with “fixed pricing” we’ll see it as another monthly outgoing and just not question it.

      How wrong they are.

    2. James says:

      Very wrong for virgin media to be doing this telewest back in the old days. I was on the basic 2mb 25 pounds for 4 years not one single price increase.
      Until customers start voting with their feet nothing going to happen they will continue with this.

  12. TTT says:

    Does it come with upload (speed), or do you have to pay extra for that? +

  13. Andy tait says:

    Virgin media .. fleeced .. conned… mugged off.. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE WHAT SO EVER…. waitin for some one to answer the phone hahahaha DREAM ON… hr hang up call back an hr hang up …!! DO NOT EVEM RHINK OF JOININ VIRGIN MEDIA … CANT EVEN GET INTERNET CONNECTED…!! WORST EVER…!!!

    1. Simi says:

      My god ASDLMax about 3 people on here, including this sad attempt appear to be you – or they are all of poor foreign grammar

  14. Buggerlugz says:

    Maybe it speaks volumes about the way Virgin treats its customers. If anything, you can take that from it.

  15. Jayne law says:

    Like I said anyone uses virgin media is a fleecing mug.
    I ditch these cowboys back in Dec 2019 went with vodafone 5G LTE broadband with free router for 30 quids a month getting much better value for money atleast my bills doesn’t double up after the contract finishes.
    Thank god mobile broadband taking off getting well over 300mb download and 50meg upload in a 5G area this type of connection with virgin will cost you over 50+ quids each month.

  16. OscarTheAngry says:

    I absolutely hate Virgin Media.

    When renewing my contract the customer retentions employee upsold me to their Oomph package, which as part of a “promotion” doubled my speeds from 200Mbps to 400Mbps and included a free SIM Card.

    Infact, the speed I got was just 200Mbps (not the promised 400Mbps) AND I was getting charged an extra £8/month for the so-called “free” Oomph SIM.

    I’ve been trying to get someone to respond to my complaint for over 3 months, but there’s been nothing but radio silence despite multiple letters and callback requests.

    I got lied to on the phone, and no one is doing anything about it. They’re an absolute disgrace of a company, and after being with them for 8 years I just want to leave now.

  17. BROADBAND BOB says:

    Well that’s me and virgin broadband finished I was paying £27 a month for 100 broadband now, at renewal they want £35, they offer it to new customers at £27. To be fair to Virgin the service was very good and I never have an issue.

    After 7 year its off to pastures new, I just don’t want to be financially punished for being an existing customer.

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