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ISP EE Launches UK Gigabit FTTP Home Broadband Packages

Friday, September 25th, 2020 (7:12 am) - Score 16,272
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Mobile operator and UK ISP EE have just launched their own range of Home Broadband packages on Openreach’s new gigabit-capable Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) network. Most of the prices tend to mirror their existing FTTC and G.fast based plans, except the top 900Mbps+ tier.

The move is hardly a surprise since EE tends to trail their parent, BT, for new product launches. Indeed, the wireless router that EE bundle with the new service is largely just a re-branded Smart Hub 2. As with BT, if you live in an FTTP area then almost all of EE’s broadband packages (expect ‘standard broadband’ on ADSL) will be offered over full fibre instead of their hybrid fibre FTTC or G.fast lines.

NOTE: Openreach’s FTTP network currently covers 3 million premises, but aims to reach 4.5 million by March 2021 and then 20 million by the “mid – to late-2020s” (here).

One catch with EE’s FTTP packages though is that, unlike on FTTC, G.fast and ADSL, they don’t appear to be offering a phone (voice) product alongside it – not even a VoIP alternative like BT’s Digital Voice, which means you’ll lose that service and your landline number when upgrading or switching to it (i.e. data-only connectivity). On the other plans you can add this for +£8 extra per month with unlimited calls.

Otherwise new subscribers will typically receive unlimited usage, an included wireless router, UK and Ireland based customer support, a 20GB mobile data boost for EE pay monthly mobile customers (5GB on their slower packages), an 18-month contract term and all of their “ultrafast” (100Mbps+) class packages attach a £25 one-off activation fee (£10 on ADSL and free on FTTC).

NOTE: If you need a brand new line installed then that attracts an extra £50 charge.

Standard Broadband 10Mbps
PRICE: £21.50 a month for 18 months (£27 thereafter)

NOTE: If you’re an EE mobile customer it’s £19.

Fibre 36Mbps
PRICE: £26 a month for 18 months (£30 thereafter)

NOTE: If you’re an EE mobile customer it’s £23.

Fibre Plus 67Mbps
PRICE: £30 a month for 18 months (£32 thereafter)

NOTE: If you’re an EE mobile customer it’s £27.

Fibre Max 145Mbps
PRICE: £39 a month for 18 months (£40 thereafter)

NOTE: If you’re an EE mobile customer it’s £35.

Fibre Max 300Mbps
PRICE: £47 a month for 18 months (£48 thereafter)

NOTE: If you’re an EE mobile customer it’s £42.

Full Fibre Max 900Mbps
PRICE: £54 a month for 18 months (£56 thereafter)

At the time of writing none of the FTTP postcodes we tried in EE’s checker returned a result for their full fibre plans, thus we haven’t been able to get all of their pricing (as above, we’re currently only able to show the monthly price for existing EE mobile customers during the first 18-month term – £54). Hopefully they’ll add the extra detail and get their checker working later today.

Finally, new customers can add Smart WiFi (mesh system) for an extra £10 per month or Apple TV and BT Sport for an additional £15 per month.

UPDATE 9:58am

Feedback from our readers indicates that EE’s 900Mbps tier currently only has a flat price with no extra discount for EE mobile.

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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on Twitter, , Facebook and Linkedin.
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37 Responses
  1. Mark says:

    Its returning £54 a month for my post code with or without an EE mobile contract on 900Mbps package.

  2. NE555 says:

    It offers me the following, all with £25 setup charge, 18 month contract, and annual price hike:

    900M: £54 per month for 18 months, then £56
    300M: £47 (£42 for EE mobile) for 18 months, then £48
    150M: £39 (£35) then £40
    74M: £30 (£27) then £32
    36M: £26 (£23) then £30

    It also offers me 31M via a 4G router, at £35 or £40 per month, with 100GB or 200GB data cap respectively. That doesn’t sound very appealing!

    WARNING: don’t enter your phone number in the checker, unless you want a salesperson to call you.

  3. Buggerlugz says:

    Looks very expensive to me, for what speeds they’re offering.

    1. Paul says:

      I wouldn’t call £54 for 900 expensive

    2. DaveD says:

      £54 for 900mb is great, and only an 18 month contract to boot.

    3. CarlT says:

      Pay peanuts, get an overloaded Three service you’re constantly complaining about on here and Think Broadband.

    4. Aleksandr Metslov says:

      I agree.
      But what can you do? It’s common false advertising UK standards and it’s traditional services.
      Sad thing: people are rather supporting this behaviour, instead of demanding something for themselves. I don’t know, maybe companies pay them?

    5. CarlT says:

      I would welcome insight as to how it’s false advertising.

      The UK has some of the most strict advertising rules for ISPs anywhere. Having to advertise average speeds not ‘up to’ speeds, having those speeds tested, having to release people from contracts if mid-term price rises above agreement are done etc, etc.

      These are FTTP, full fibre packages. They will in most cases do exactly what they say on the tin.

    6. Leex says:

      I believe the false advertising is relating to vdsl and G.fast being called fibre when it is not fibre (its near fibre or maybe call it fast Internet (

      it should be called what it is (vdsl/fast G.fast/faster broadband) not what the might be speed you get witch is unrealistic speeds (its like in the US where they miss name call generation technology as speed)
      Only fttp (and 99% of the time DOCSIS) can be called fibre

  4. James™ says:

    900Mbit/s for £54 per month for 18 months, Now that’s competitive!

  5. Rob West says:

    Very cheeky from EE excluded extra discount for EE mobile for top of the range full fibre 900Mbps @ £54. EE has lost me as a customer now!

    1. Me says:

      They’ll be crapping themselves.

    2. CarlT says:

      You cannot get FTTP right now anyway?

    3. Des says:

      You related to Fred? Bet that fttp cable goes right under the patio

    4. Tim says:

      Fred West?

    5. Rose says:

      You related to Fred? Bet that fttp cable goes right under the patio

  6. Stephen Wakeman says:

    If the delivery is via FTTP why have a 36Mb and 67/74Mb tier that makes it appear similar to their FTTC offerings, when they could just make them 10, 40, 80 etc?

    Having odd numbers like that on a service that is capable of delivery a specific locked downlink rate just seems silly. Especially when you consider that before the advertising changes were made, all these ISPs were selling as “up to” and now that they can sell 40 and 80, they deliberately don’t.

    1. Simon Higgins says:

      Overhead as my FTTC is connected with sync rate of 79999k/19999k but only getting 74000k/18000k throughput because your ISP and BT does limit your line capped.

    2. 1.70887 says:

      80/20 whether on FTTC or FTTP, are sync speeds. After overheads, real world throughput will be around 75/19 hence why ISP advertise less.

  7. Ian West says:

    TalkTalk offer FTTP, Sky offer FTTP, Zen offer FTTP, EE offer FTTP and BT offer FTTP. But what puzzle me that Plusnet do not offer any FTTP? Why?

    1. Bob says:

      A commercial decision. In a free market, companies are free to choose which products they want to sell/not sell. Simples.

    2. Ian West says:

      Well Plusnet will going to lose more customers sooner or later once FTTP become available.

    3. Des says:

      You related to Fred? Bet that fttp cable goes right under the patio

  8. Ian West says:

    TalkTalk 900/900 @ £36 a month fixed price for FTTP.

    1. Tim Hilton says:

      But that’s not an Openreach based service…. Might as well have said B4RN 900/900 for £30/m

    2. Des says:

      You related to Fred? Bet that fttp cable goes right under the patio

  9. Jimmy says:

    Lightning fast gay porn downloads now.

    1. Kenny says:

      No having to pause them while it buffers

  10. Darren Reid says:

    I did a check on their website after I saw this article and was only offered fttc options. I later got a sales call from EE who said that they have only launched in around 10% of fttp premise areas and was a gradual launch. So might be a partial roll out like talktalk.

  11. Oct says:

    I’m not getting FTTP speeds in my area, although BT 900mbps is available. BT have offered 900mbps at £54.99/month, 24 months renewal.

  12. Tom says:

    Does anyone know why I can get BT 900Mbps but not EE 900Mbps?

    1. Ian says:

      Yes because EE are only currently installing in properties that already have an ONT installed.

  13. Jay powell says:

    I woulnt touch ee with a 10 ft bargepoll any any bt open reach isps like ee bt sky ect once you got virgin media broadband

  14. John H says:

    Openreach laid fibre along my road two weeks ago. Just checked BT’s website and full-fibre is available (up to 900Mbps). Tried EE website and they can only offer standard broadband up to 16Mbps. Called EE and they seemed as puzzled as me. I’d assumed that once the cable was laid all service providers would be able to offer FttP. Looks like BT are stealing a march on the competition, which makes me question how competitive the market really is.

    1. Ian says:

      Cos EE are only offering FTTP if you already have the ONT installed in your property, so new builds or customers who previously had it with BT

  15. Julian says:

    No FTTP offered here by EE even though our FTTP cable has been live for 5 years and both Sky and TalkTalk offered their services on day one of their BT Openreach based FTTP launched. Also 900Mbps service with no phone line looks very expensive compared to TalkTalk 500Mbps for £39.99 per month, also with no phone line. The latter is available at my address.

  16. Julian says:

    Sky 150Mbps comes with FTTP phone line for £35 per month from Sky or £32 if ordering on their deal with Lidl Plus App but latter would exclude you from Quidco cashback so online order with Sky. But Lidl Plus offer line will waive connection, installation and other sign up charges.

    Wonder why Sky isn’t also offering the option of no phone line too if it means a significant cost saving.

    TalkTalk 500Mbps at £39.99 per month is best value but unfortunately doesn’t have any reduced pride deal on accessing Sky premium sports channels.

    Openreach needs to reduce its FTTP phone line charge significantly or it will simply lose numerous landline customers completely.

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