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Confusion as UK Lyca Mobile Users Swap from O2 to EE MVNO UPDATE

Tuesday, Jun 27th, 2023 (1:10 pm) - Score 21,912
Lyca Mobile 2021 Logo

Customers of UK mobile operator Lyca Mobile, which until now has long held a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) agreement to harness O2’s (VMO2) national network, have over the past few days begun informing ISPreview that their service has been stealthily switched to an EE based platform.

Normally, we’d expect a major change in MVNO supplier agreements to be pre-notified to customers, often by several months in advance. One of the reasons for that is because a change in supplier can cause major issues, such as differences in mobile broadband speeds and general 4G / 5G network coverage, which may be either positive or negative in nature. New service features could also be introduced, which operators often like to promote.

However, in this case, the first we knew about something happening was when the unexpected change started to be reported by multiple Lyca Mobile users on ISPreview’s discussion forum (here). At the time of writing, some Lyca Mobile customers are still on the O2 side of their MVNO platform, while others are actively being moved on to EE’s network.

Customers who have been switched from Lyca’s O2 to EE platform were often, but not always, sent a prior text (SMS) to notify them of a vague upgrade: “Starting tomorrow, we will be performing network upgrades to improve our service. You may experience occasional disruptions. If you experience network issues, please try restarting your mobile devices to resolve the problem. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Thank you.

Lyca’s own website currently makes no mention of any planned swap to an EE based MVNO platform, and continues to tout their service as being O2 based. We have contacted Lyca Mobile’s PR agency to request an urgent comment and hope to update again soon.

UPDATE 1:56pm

Lyca Mobile has just informed us that they’ve awarded BTWholesale a multi-million-pound contract to provide MVNO services in the UK, which will give customers access to EE as it targets a new phase of growth. Customers in the UK will thus gain direct access to EE’s 4G and 5G radio access network (their 5G network currently covers 68% of the UK’s population, rising to 99% with 4G).

The partnership will also provide Lyca Mobile customers with “future access” to services such as WiFi calling.

Richard Schäfer, Lyca Group CEO, said:

“The partnership with BT Wholesale is a critical milestone in Lyca Mobile’s strategy to target a broader section of UK mobile users with compelling offers designed to give consumers what they want from their mobile provider – which is quite simply cost-effective and high-quality services. Network performance has become a vital concern for mobile users in a competitive market. Through the EE network, Lyca Mobile customers will not only enjoy the low-cost services we’re famed for, but will be able to enjoy super-fast connectivity and improved coverage.

I also want to thank O2 for our many years of partnership. Without their support we could not have grown into the thriving business we are today, and we will always be sincerely grateful for their leadership, innovation and collaboration.”

The big question for existing customers now will be whether or not this will result in any negative package changes further down the road, such as higher prices.

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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on X (Twitter), Mastodon, Facebook and .
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76 Responses
  1. Avatar photo Anon says:

    Interesting. Are they getting 5G? I wonder if we’ll ever see any of those amazing 1p / 2p deals then if they move to EE. I doubt it but who knows. Personally I’d love to see a great Lyca deal on EE, o2 is subpar in my area.

    1. Avatar photo Munehaus says:

      My Lyca ESIM switched to EE overnight. I got the vague text about a week ago and yesterday it started showing “O2-UK” rather than Lycamobile. A network search at the same time also started to list EE as Lycamobile instead of O2.

      5G is now showing, though 4G still shows “LTE” (not 4G) as before. The call quality is also still utter garbage from all networks including EE, with no VoLTE, so no apparent improvements at all on the voice side of things.

  2. Avatar photo Mark says:

    I’ve got a Lyca eSim, and have had text and email informing of a network upgrade.

    I’ve done a quick speedtest and get the same speeds as before, so obviously not moved, but will keep checking..

    1. Avatar photo Mark says:

      got the text, rebooted, a bit faster speeds, which is useful as my other provider seems to only have 1 bar at the minute….

  3. Avatar photo Iain says:

    Interesting, because in the past few years we’ve been several MVNOs move away from EE.

    I wonder if they’ll maintain their Unlimited Data tariffs, which are rare on EE.

    1. Avatar photo charles says:

      Maybe maybe not. However companies like 1p do 200GB for £20 which is still a really good deal

    2. Avatar photo T says:

      Unlimited data rare on EE? I don’t follow…

  4. Avatar photo Adebola Johnathan says:

    Since last week the reception bars on my phone have consistently at two or I’ve had no network at all. This started a day after Lyca sent a text about performing network upgrades. To be honest, despite my loyalties its time I moved to a more transparent and useful network.

    1. Avatar photo Eve says:

      From Friday day of message from Lycra..my services have been down. Followed their instructions reboot. No out going incoming calls or texts. No Internet service. WhatsApp stopped working only to return to normal a few days ago with bombarded with texts. Sent lycamobile email No response.i had to buy a new phone and switch to Lebra network.

  5. Avatar photo James King says:

    How on earth is it legal to make such a massive change to their network while actively trying to hide it from their customers? All I received is vague texts about “network upgrades” and suddenly one day I wake up on a different network which has no coverage in my area, so my phone is now completely useless.

    1. Avatar photo Chris says:

      “How on earth is it legal to make such a massive change to their network while actively trying to hide it from their customers? ”

      the customers stay on Lyca Mobile as their provider despite the underlaying (see what I did there)network changing.

      Would you complain every time you’re handset connected to a mast you didn’t approve of for some spurious reason?

      for all intents and purposes Lyca as the overlay (I know) MVNO is the provider and still provides the service regardless of the underlaying (getting my coat) provider

    2. Avatar photo NE555 says:

      > the customers stay on Lyca Mobile as their provider despite the underlaying (see what I did there)network changing.

      Yes, but that can’t exactly be described as an “upgrade” for those users who are in areas with good O2 coverage and poor EE coverage. They will have chosen Lyca based on the coverage as well as the cost.

      If they’d notified customers in advance, then those who knew that EE coverage was poor in their area would have had time to migrate away. As it is, they’ve simply lost service.

      This is not a good way to treat your customers.

    3. Avatar photo chris says:


      Tell that to vmm customers who have been migrated to O2.

      I’ve been on 3 since ~ 2007, reception was great, during the pandemic my vm bb went down and tethering on 3 was the only way I could work for a week, plus the lady of the house doing online teaching plus child doing schoolwork plus video meetings. Often we were all doing video meetings tethered via my iPhone X. Quality was great, no complaints, a steady 70/70 speed test etc.

      2022 and reception is up and down even on her iPhone 14.

      Same house. My same phone, same network and performance has gotten worse but still far better than O2 and it’s mvno’s.

      I’d actually consider lyca now they are on EE

    4. Avatar photo AQX says:

      @Chris – as someone who is with Virgin mobile, they alerted me that they were moving from Vodafone to O2 and gave me a cool off period & have done so again now they’re transferring all my details from Virgin to o2 directly.

    5. Avatar photo insertfloppydiskhere says:

      @AQX you’re lucky you got any notice, I never got anything.

      All I ever saw was a roaming symbol display briefly at one time, never got any notifications

      I’m just glad to have unlimited data on O2 due to the VM swap

    6. Avatar photo Ad47uk says:

      @Chris, If they just sent a text saying upgrade and not saying that the underlying network is changing, then that is not good. People should at least be let known.

  6. Avatar photo Declan M says:

    Good news for anyone swapping from Plusnet mobile I wonder if they will offer VoLTE as well as full access to the EE Network (800mhz) band if so I’ll be joining them

    1. Avatar photo Ben says:

      +1 on this — Mark, could you ask them?

    2. Avatar photo Anonymous says:

      They will get EE IMS just not from day 1

  7. Avatar photo Jack says:

    Another here who noticed differences with signal, CS said it could be down to local mast works but obviously it’s down to changing network.

  8. Avatar photo Ivor says:

    it is rather strange to make such a change at short notice (only issuing a press release when people figured it out?), and it is rather infuriating to see them oversimplify it by calling it “network improvements” or similar, instead of explaining what is actually happening, pointing people to the EE coverage checker (the lyca website still went to the O2 one as of this morning), giving people options to refund if it isn’t working for them etc.

    I suppose for many it is a significant upgrade however, they get access to a 21st century network.

  9. Avatar photo Chris Lewis says:

    What a bizarre outfit Lyca are. I got the “Upgrade completed, restart your device” message.

    Only difference is that now it sometimes displays as “4g+” – but with a worse signal.

    I thought sims needed to be replaced if an MVNO switched providers?

    Do any of the speedtest or ‘Look up your ISP’ sites tell you who is the network behind your mobile provider? Those I’ve tried just say ‘Lycatel’. And some presumed node like “YouFibre Manchester” or “BRSK London”.

    1. Avatar photo insertfloppydiskhere says:

      I’ve been swapped 3 different times in the past year with practically 0 issues with Virgin Mobile. I was swapped from EE service to Vodafone service, then to O2 service and finally, I’m now on O2 directly. I’m not entirely sure whether it would have worked properly if I didn’t have roaming enabled though, since with the swaps, I think my SIM briefly displayed a roaming symbol.

      The only thing you can really notice is that when you scan for networks, EE shows as ‘Virgin’ for some reason.

      Ofcom needs to add regulation that requires MVNOs to inform customers when their service changes though, and customers should be able to leave free of charge.

    2. Avatar photo insertfloppydiskhere says:

      Oh and answering your question, I downloaded an application to my phone named SIM Cell Info, and it displays your SIMs MCC and MNC. For example, if it shows 23410 or 23402, it uses O2. If it’s 23430, I think it uses EE.

      I’d recommend checking your MCC+MNC at mcc-mnc.net.

    3. Avatar photo Chris says:

      Many moons ago operators used to roam on rival’s networks. Indeed when you go abroad your phone can roam onto different operators.

      London Underground mobile is run by 1 operator that all providers roam on but us seem less to the user.

      Lastly, when you use a larger mvno the mobile operator passes your traffic to the mvno provider and they then do the call servicing so your traffic will go out of the mvno not the host network.

      Not sure if the smaller players just pay more to the host to do the same but assume so. But cheaper for Tesco / sky etc to route calls on their own kit.

    4. Avatar photo Anonymous says:

      London Underground mobile is not 1 network

    5. Avatar photo Ivor says:

      with the exception of the EE merger (where T-Mobile and Orange set up roaming until the networks were combined) and the relatively recent ability to use any network to call 999, has intra-country roaming ever been a thing in the UK?

      yeah there’s those overpriced “any network” SIMs but I mean a service from an MNO themselves.

      As I understand it, the Underground stuff is not a separate network, instead TfL’s contractor is providing the radio plumbing for the MNOs to pipe through. Your phone will think it is connected to the same network that it connects to above ground. It would be a poor experience if it wasn’t, as calls/data sessions would drop as you entered and exited.

  10. Avatar photo Gavin says:

    That explains what’s going on! Thought they were just having problems, as EE signal is week where I live. 02 and Vodafone are the only good networks from my flat.

    I was getting good signal and speed out and about but no signal at home. Unfortunately I’ll have to switch networks.

    If anyone was wondering I have had 5G out and about on EE via Lyca.

    1. Avatar photo Declan M says:

      Lebara use the Vodafone network would probably be best to switch to them if you need a 02/Vodafone mvno

  11. Avatar photo 10BaseT says:

    Good for O2 customers though.

    1. Avatar photo Matt says:

      They might get 0.8mbps downstream now.

      Joking aside, O2 is oversubscribed and under-invested. The network is a mess for a lot of people. I feel bad for those who picked Lyca wanting an O2 MVNO, but generally across the board I’d imagine this is going to be a net improvement for a lot of folks.

    2. Avatar photo insertfloppydiskhere says:

      To be honest, I think O2 speeds purely depend on the band you’re using, I’ve been getting a satisfactory 30mbps+ speed lately, which is fine for my usage.

      Either way, it’ll hopefully help a tiny bit.

    3. Avatar photo Anon says:

      Yes, speeds depend on the band used.

      The problem with O2 is that in some areas all they have is B20 which doesn’t have the capacity to provide good speeds to so many people.

    4. Avatar photo MikeP says:

      But, on the other hand, they have twice the channnel width of any other operator on B20. So if you’re not LOS to the mast, so only the sub-1GHz bands stand a hope in hell of working, you get (at least) twice the speed on O2 (even via GigffGaff).

  12. Avatar photo Anonymous says:

    Not good enough Lyca Mobile. I too got the generic upgrade email but had no idea that it was actually a network transfer, that’s something significantly different. While this may be good news for some customers it won’t be for others. What if someone had just bought one of their long term plans expecting to use O2’s network but then got something else instead? Terrible communication.

  13. Avatar photo John says:

    Not surprised. They’re customer service is awful

    1. Avatar photo Morris Oxford says:

      I’ve just looked at Trust pilot. Ouch! Thanks.

  14. Avatar photo Morris Oxford says:

    I looked at the Lyca website out of curiosity. It still says that they use O2 (not quibbling, just pointing out that it’s out of date). The plans are cheap but what does “1,000 UK calls and texts” mean? That suggests that it doesn’t matter how long a call is you just get one knocked off you total count.

  15. Avatar photo Carolyn Bailey says:

    Agree with many comments already given. We don’t have enough EE data signal where we live and the Lyca SIM was used in the home router. Suddenly 24 hours ago, no service whatsoever. I’ve had to rapidly switch to a GiffGaff SIM as we both work from home. Anyway, what a mess…

  16. Avatar photo Sinead O'Sullivan says:

    I’ve rebooted a few times and still getting notifications about data roaming even though I’m in the UK? Anyone else having this issue?

  17. Avatar photo Blake says:

    I know O2 is bad, virtually impossible to get any data connection anywhere in Sussex. But to ditch with no notice to customers and switch to EE just like that is a bit harsh for those few people that might find EE poor in their area and O2 good.

    I guess they’ll let them out penalty free same way VM did when they swapped EE then to Voda them to O2.

  18. Avatar photo Simon Parker says:

    The deals on mse are 49p a month for 6 months, so a good place to jump from plusnet mobile my lyca SIM now says EE – lyca mobile since the texts mentioned . It’s the best network for us on the beach here

  19. Avatar photo Adam says:

    Well, they’ve lost a customer in me by doing this… O2 is the only signal I get in my office and strong at home too… I immediately noticed how my signal was basically non-existent after this “upgrade” and found this thread which contained the truth of the “upgrade. I’ve immediately ordered a giffgaff SIM.

    1. Avatar photo insertfloppydiskhere says:

      Wouldn’t it be better checking deals with O2 itself?

      Right now on uSwitch, there’s a deal for 10GB/mo for £5, 12 month contract, 3 months of Disney+ free I think, plus if you’re a Virgin Media customer, you’d get double data and O2 Travel Inclusive Zone. Priority is also helpful.

      Based on the Giffgaff prices I’ve seen on uSwitch before, it seems overpriced, especially when O2 owns them anyways.


  20. Avatar photo Mo says:

    I’ve got no signal at my gym or work after the switch over, thank you lyca!

  21. Avatar photo Anonymous says:

    At least you’re keeping us informed Mark! Thanks for the article.

  22. Avatar photo Andrew Morris says:

    Following the message from lyca about how excited they are about the network upgrade i cant help but disagree. The service on EE is nonexistent at home inside and out. Work is no better inside. So Mr Schäfer C. E. O. You have presided over a full scale cock up and i am not impressed. O2 excellent. EE garbage Lyca garbage. Goodbye

    1. Avatar photo BeeTee says:

      There will always be ‘winners’ and ‘losers’ in these kinds of situations; no network has perfect coverage for everyone. What doesn’t work for you will be an improvement for someone else (and, due to lots of different factors, that could even be someone a few doors away). I’m sorry you’ve had to change.

  23. Avatar photo insertfloppydiskhere says:

    I’ve never been a customer with Lyca, so I can’t really comment but I love the amount of people getting mad over this when Virgin Mobile literally moved between 3 networks with no notice. Three.

    Thankfully, all of them had good enough signal for me, but people on Lyca should consider themselves lucky that they’re getting at least a one day notice and not a zero day notice.

    For all those looking for a good O2 based deal, if you’re not looking for a ton of data and if you’re happy with a contract, go with O2 themselves. 10GB plan for £5/mo with a 12 month contract on uSwitch rn. If you prefer a rolling contract, Virgin Mobile is doing 15GB for £7/mo I believe (definitely not getting unlimited with O2 for less than that).

    1. Avatar photo tinker says:

      More than one day, at least for me.

      I actually had an email about network upgrades from Lycamobile last week, it looked like spam though (the subject line was, and I quote, ‘UK Service Upgradee’) so didn’t pay it too much attention at the time. It makes sense now though.

    2. Avatar photo insertfloppydiskhere says:

      To be honest, I can’t really complain about Virgin dragging me through this mess though, considering I get unlimited data (5TB fair use limit I think?) with O2 for £6.79 instead of like £33.

  24. Avatar photo BARRY BOLGER says:

    Message from Lyca mobile Great news We,ve successfully completed our network upgrade. To experience the full benifits of our improved service. please restart your device. Thanks for being part of the Lyca family, before recieving this message I used to get a good 4g signal in my are since the so called upgrade no 4g signal I have had to switch my phone so that it recieves a 3g signal, the only network we get a good signal was with O2 which Lyca mobile used to piggy back off of, I am now going over to O2 via uSwich 10gb plan £5/month

    1. Avatar photo BeeTee says:

      There will always be ‘winners’ and ‘losers’ in these kinds of situations; no network has perfect coverage for everyone. What doesn’t work for you will be an improvement for someone else (and, due to lots of different factors, that could even be someone a few doors away). I’m sorry you’ve had to change.

  25. Avatar photo Leonard Webster says:

    Of course O2 have no roaming charges while EE have. Are Lyca going to introduce roaming charges?

    1. Avatar photo 10BaseT says:

      There are MVNO running on Three, Vodafone and EE having roaming included despite their parent network don’t. It is a matter of greediness.

  26. Avatar photo Jamie White says:

    There could be hidden political reasons for this. Just saying.

  27. Avatar photo Anon E Mouse says:

    Not suprised to learn of this.

    I myself recently left giffgaff (O2 based MVNO) for 1p mobile which runs on EE as the O2 network round me is quite clearly struggling and they either can’t or won’t sort it out, nor do they seem to want to allow MVNOs (at least PAYG ones it would seem) access to IMS to allow them to introduce wi-fi calling so I was left waiting 5 minutes or more for texts containing OTP codes for systems and services I use for work or even dealing with my own stuff like banking or paying bills.

    It’s frankly pathetic and reminds me of the bad old days of Virgin Mobile when it was just on T-mobile.

    Not sure what the benefits of this merger are, doesn’t seem to be benefitting anyone bar the shareholders, certainly not the employees or customers (thoughts are with any of those VMO2 employees given the chop).

    I’d expect more MVNOs to jump ship.

  28. Avatar photo Ibudan says:

    My main SIM is EE based (UW) and is great for my needs, except in one specific location that I’m at several times a week with no EE signal but does have O2, albeit slow, so I have been using a Luca esim for these times.

    Now, all of a sudden, Lyca has moved to EE with no warning so I’m now looking at alternatives.

    Very poor of Lyca to move networks in this snidy way.

  29. Avatar photo Cheesemp says:

    This sort of change needs planning. As you can see above lots of customers now having signal issues (I would have a similar issue should idmobile switch from 3 to anything other than EE). I personally would never touch a MVNO that wasn’t upfront and gave warnings about this sort of change. I wouldn’t want to wake up to my mobile no longer working and sounds like I’m not the only one in one of these hidden ‘not spots’.

  30. Avatar photo Anonymous says:

    How interesting. I’m glad to see others think that O2 has a good coverage, especially compared with EE.

    I checked Spatialbuzz around my area and it’s full of small cell deployments. I thought “maybe it’s just my area” but according to the comments here, it seems like others also feel that O2 gives them great coverage.

  31. Avatar photo Alan says:

    I sent Lycra and email asking if I could use their SIM in a mini-mobile router when I am away from home ?
    Two days later, a Message via FB asking if I purchased a new Sim would it be on EE as I have no O2 signal
    No response to either enquiry, I then read that CS is based in the Phillipines !

  32. Avatar photo A J Stoke says:

    I am the the same I have been with Toggle mobile which Lyca mobile swallowed up for years , I have e-mail lyca mobile with no response back , since the upgrade or downgrade in my case as I know EE is about as useful as a chocolate fire guard in my area and its never been any good for years, why they mess around without informing customers i dont know ,but if I did that it would be called ,not adhearing to contract . My contract is with Lyca mobile piggy backing on O2 which worked for me .
    come on Richard Schäfer stand down as CEO as it does look as you cant do the job

    1. Avatar photo A J Stoke says:

      a reply i had back from lyca
      I know how to suck eggs they wont refund any unused vouchers either which I bought before they broke my terms and conditions of contract by moving without full knowledge ,looks like an e-mail to ofcom
      For android:
      Lycamobile Services (App/Menu option) >>> Select mode > Manual -> National (country) / International (if in Roaming)
      If the above did not work or the (app/Menu option) is not available, proceed with the steps below
      *Choose Settings > Mobile networks > Network operator > Choose manually > Choose Lycamobile or EE from the list of network operators available there.
      *Restart the handset.
      For iPhone:
      Lycamobile Services (App/Menu option) >>> Select mode > Manual -> National (country) / International (if in Roaming)
      *Choose Settings > Mobile data > Mobile data network > Network selection > Turn off automatic > and choose Lycamobile or EE from the network list.
      *Restart the handset and your network connection should be fine.
      Also, we request you to try inserting the sim card into a different handset and check as well.
      If the above steps did not work, please revert with the following details.
      Lycamobile number:
      Primary Handset model:
      Alternate Handset model tried:
      Network issue in (Indoor/Outdoor/Both):
      Service affected in (2G/3G/4G/All):
      Date and Timestamp of the issue:
      Roaming country returned from:
      Full Address with Location & Post Code:
      Error message:
      Alternate number:
      https://www.ombudsman-services.org/ can be used after 8 weeks of contact if no result is come to

  33. Avatar photo A J Stoke says:

    If you believe your provider hasn’t properly notified you of changes to your terms and conditions, or if you believe any of the terms and conditions in your contract are unfair or weren’t made clear to you, contact your provider’s customer service department and make a complaint.

    If your provider doesn’t resolve the problem and it has been at least eight weeks since you made the initial complaint, or you have received a deadlock letter from them, you can take your complaint to an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) scheme.

    ADR schemes are independent bodies that carry out an impartial assessment on complaints between a customer and a communications provider, and reach a decision based on the information submitted by both parties. ADR schemes are free to use.

    Ofcom currently approves two ADR schemes: the Communications and Internet Services Adjudication Scheme (CISAS) and Ombudsman Services: Communicatio

  34. Avatar photo JP says:

    Sounds like a pleasant suprise but somehow theyve still not got basic features such as 4G Calling sorted so its a big fail in my eyes.

  35. Avatar photo charlie says:

    I don’t have signal at all second day. this is crazy. I don’t have connection with any one.

  36. Avatar photo Annie says:

    I’m a local mobile customer and have had a strange issue, I think I’ve moved to the EE network now but can’t use 141 to block my number when making outbound calls.
    Of course I can just go into the phone settings and adjust it there but it’s frustrating to have to do that consistently.
    Do you think this will be resolved?

  37. Avatar photo Anglesey Holidayer says:

    Cautionary tale, I’m in Anglesey at the moment and have both 1pmobile and Lyca eSIM, now on EE. The 1p is sitting with two bars of signal on band 20, and the Lyca is flipping between no service and band 3… so it appears they don’t have access to 800Mhz just yet.

  38. Avatar photo Fred Badboy says:

    Lyca- moved to EE, With no warning, Now not an option in my town in suffolk, over 40,000 population, hardly a signal at home or work. Need o2 or vodafone so have to go. Lebara to the rescue.

  39. Avatar photo Bob see Slone says:

    Still having significant issues using my phone signal usually poor or non existant and is showing 02 as the network. Tried to setup on EE but cannot. Tesco the original phone providor tell me the phone is unlocked, but I wonder?

  40. Avatar photo Ashley says:

    I switched from Voxi to Lyca today and the number ported over smoothly, however I am finding the data connection horribly slow. Inside the house I have LTE or 5G and generally the same outdoors, yet typical download speeds are around 1mpbs or less. A couple of times it randomly raced up to 200mbps, however these were strange blips.

    I’ve tried restarting the phone and resetting network settings etc to no avail and just been going round in circles now for about six hours. Having talked with customer support yesterday for organise the PAC transfer I am not looking forward to calling again. They are painfully slow and hard to understand what they are saying.

    Also today, my wife migrated from Talkmobile to Lebara and that was completely seamless, apart from the massive difficulty obtaining a PAC code from Talkmobile. I had the same problem when I left them about a year ago.

  41. Avatar photo Stew says:

    Caused us major issues which we assumed were our hardware failures. Eze coverage just not up to it here in Scotland. Opened new account with O2 then received pushy calls from Lycamobile customer retention team who simply did not understand that the parrot was dead.
    “”we can make you a really good offer”. Oh yes, for a network that does not work at my address unless I stand in one leg, third stone down the bottom of the drive!

  42. Avatar photo Raja says:

    EE network is not good like O2, i was with lyca because of O2, o2 does not offer 5g pay as you go sim, after lyca join EE, i can hardly get indoor signals, very bad situation,

  43. Avatar photo Once Bitten says:

    Lycamobile are genuinely terrible – swapped from Vodafone last week, mainly because central London should have decent coverage from all networks and EE is stronger elsewhere I need it, and they offer roaming.

    Their website UI is utterly appalling – I entered everything asked to set up an account which seemingly doesn’t exist (no option to choose password, and it cannot be reset), and I can’t set up a new one.

    Then, mobile reception – in Z1 Central London I have a generally feeble 3G signal, very occasionally I see 2-3 bars of LTE. Never 4G, and I had no reception at all (even E) just into Z2. All settings correctly re-entered, restarted etc.

    Customer service is genuinely abysmal – support number didn’t work on the first day, finally got through to someone who I simply couldn’t understand. Three web support queries completely ignored. Eventually they “reset the SIM” – which has done nothing.

    Just woeful. Avoid at all costs.

  44. Avatar photo Andy says:

    I pay for three LYCA “contracts” (self, wife, granddaughter) and never had any notification that they were switching (or had switched) to EE. Just a message to say they were having network issues and if we were affected to try rebooting the ‘phone. Only found out by chance after returning from a September holiday in Italy (where our ‘phones refused to work at all). I have to assume they were busy renegotiating their contracts with Italian telcos ( ‘phones worked well enough in Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and France).
    We had switched to LYCA specifically to get onto the O2 network, previously we were with Lebara but Vodafone network useless at new address, and our ‘phones not good for wifi calling. EE network might be best nationally, but hereabouts it’s no better than Vodafone. New ‘phones now will do wifi calling, but never succeeded in getting it to work with LYCA.
    Seems like an object lesson in how to disappoint customers !

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