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Shock as UK Broadband ISP Cuckoo Gives Some Customers the Boot UPDATE7

Wednesday, Feb 28th, 2024 (3:32 pm) - Score 11,320

Messages of confusion and anger have made their way into our inbox this afternoon after internet provider Cuckoo began informing some customers – seemingly those on Openreach’s network – that they were “sorry“, but they’re “no longer able to be your broadband provider” and are switching them to a different ISP.

The development comes after we this week reported (here) that Cuckoo, which is in the process of becoming the main retail ISP outlet for Fern Trading’s (Octopus Investments) consolidated full fibre networks (Jurassic Fibre, Swish Fibre, Giganet and AllPoints Fibre), had launched a new range of Cityfibre based FTTP plans and stopped selling their Openreach based packages.

NOTE: TalkTalk has a “strategic partnership” with the Telecom Acquisitions group mentioned below (i.e. they hold a controlling stake in the business), which was established in late 2022 (here).

At the time we noted that the change had put a question mark over the heads of Cuckoo’s existing Openreach based customers, which we believe may account for the majority of their base, although we assumed that the ISP would continue to support them and did query this (so far, they still haven’t responded). After all, in this market, the last thing a credible ISP should be doing is mass-kicking customers off their service.

Fast-forward just two days from that report and customers, seemingly those on Openreach’s network (mostly FTTP users), have this afternoon been given somewhat of a shock after an email from Cuckoo greeted them to say “Sorry, we have to say goodbye“. The rest of the message speaks for itself, but some might say they’ve gone.. cuckoo.

Cuckoo’s New Customer Email


We’re sorry to break this news, but we’re no longer able to be your broadband provider. Before we explain why, we want to immediately reassure you that:

· There’ll be no disruption to your internet connection at all.

· There’ll be no immediate change to the cost of your broadband.

· If you’re awaiting installation this will proceed as expected.

· We’ve arranged for your broadband to switch to another provider, Home Telecom (who we really like and are rated excellent on Trustpilot).

Why the change?

We’ve undergone some big changes ourselves over the last six months and in order to keep being able to do things the Cuckoo way, we’ve had to make a few key decisions along the way.

One of these is that, from now on, we’re changing how we deliver broadband to our flock. This will help us continue to provide the fastest and most reliable service possible. And sadly, your address doesn’t have the right connection for us to be able to do this.

What happens next?

The good news is that you don’t have to do a thing – your contract will automatically transfer over to Telecom Acquisitions Ltd (trading as Home Telecom) on 01 April 2024. They’ll be in touch soon after that to introduce themselves and to tell you what to expect. They’re good, fair folks and we think and hope you’ll be (nearly) as happy with them, as you have been with us. Also, just note that we’ll send you your Cuckoo bill and collect your payment for March as usual.

We know this has come out of the blue, so if you have any questions, you can still contact us by replying to this email or calling 0203 389 7211. Alternatively, you can read more on our FAQs here.

Finally, we want to say a big, big thank you for being a member of the flock and for helping us grow to where we are now.

The formal, legal announcement

From 01 April 2024 your broadband contract will automatically transfer over to Telecom Acquisitions Ltd (who trade under the name Home Telecom). Their company number is 437482573 and their address is Telecom Acquisitions Ltd, Global House, 60b Queen Street, Horsham, West Sussex RH13 5AD

Your broadband services, price and all support facilities associated with Cuckoo will be in place for you until 31 March 2024. Your bill will be issued as usual in March and after this date, your association with Cuckoo will end.

Your personal data will continue to be processed strictly in accordance with the Cuckoo Internet Privacy Policy and at all times in accordance with UK data protection law. You can read our policy here.

Home Telecom will be in touch with you on or around 01 April 2024 to introduce themselves and to share their contact details.

The FAQ page sadly mentions nothing about whether related customers can alternatively choose to cancel their service and switch to a different ISP (this is sometimes allowed in such situations), but they do state that the “Terms & Conditions of our contract with you allow us to transfer the contract to another provider as long as we give you 30 days notice.” If they respond to us, we’ll attempt to clarify.

However, generally speaking, this sort of action is not going to do Cuckoo’s otherwise carefully cultivated reputation much good, and we suspect there will be some angry reviews headed their way from customers who don’t like to be messed about. If they’d wanted to join Home Telecom, then they would have chosen that provider themselves.

For an ISP that previously marketed themselves as being the “simple, flexible and fair” choice (here), this could be seen as a betrayal of that ethos.

UPDATE 5:19pm

Just to confirm, but so far, Cuckoo’s customers on both Openreach’s FTTP and FTTC lines are being impacted. The ISP actually withdrew their original FTTC packages from sale to new customers last year due to rising wholesale prices (here), but they continued to support existing subscribers, until now.

UPDATE 6:03pm

Customer feedback suggests that this migration may also apply to Giganet’s base of Openreach customers, even if you haven’t yet been formally transferred to Cuckoo itself.

UPDATE 29th Feb 2024 @ 7:35am

One of our visitors noted that the company number given for TAL in the email – 437482573 – is wrong. The correct one is 12101755 (here). In fact, there is no company with the number 437482573 at Companies House.

UPDATE 29th Feb 2024 @ 11:27am

Cuckoo has finally responded to confirm that their “existing copper customer base alongside a small cohort of FTTP customers connected via TalkTalk will be transferred to a new provider – Home Telecom” (by TalkTalk we assume they mean a TT wholesale line via Openreach’s network).

However, despite the awkward migration, Cuckoo oddly then says they’ll “initially be selling to full fibre customers across the CityFibre footprint ahead of further national expansion this year across Openreach and existing Fern Fibre networks, offering full fibre-only packages.” All after booting some Openreach FTTP users to another ISP.

Cuckoo CEO, Paul Hellings, said:

“Cuckoo’s sole focus is now on selling the fastest, most reliable full fibre to our customers and providing unmatched customer service

We’ve got ambitions to increase our network coverage over the coming months and deliver the exceptional customer service which Cuckoo has been built on to even more people.

With our new full fibre-only strategy in place this has meant that some of our existing customers will leave us as they transition to Home Telecom. We want to thank each and every one of our customers making the switch for their loyalty and custom and we want to ensure them that they are going to a good home.

We want to become the UK’s most recommended way to connect and these changes will allow our teams greater focus on delivering the best possible experience to our customers.

We strongly believe broadband should be fast, fair and feel-good.”

Nigel Barnett, CEO at Home Telecom, said:

“Home Telecom are extremely proud to welcome Cuckoo customers that currently reside on the TalkTalk networks. We have been serving customers on these networks for over 26 years and we are delighted to be recognised by Trustpilot as ‘Excellent’ with over 10,000 reviews, making us one of the highest in the industry.

Currently servicing over 100,000 customers from a UK-based service team 24/7. Home Telecom are able to offer broadband services across all networks including local fibre providers.

We welcome the Cuckoo customers with open arms and look forward to building strong relationships through exceptional customer service.”

We can’t help but wonder what TAL/TalkTalk must have paid to acquire the relevant base via Home Telecom. Meanwhile, one of our readers has spotted that the 37482573 number in Cuckoo’s letter is actually the VAT number for Telecom Acquisitions Ltd, rather than a company number.

UPDATE 2nd Mar 2024 @ 7am

Despite the statements by Cuckoo, such as that the migration only impacts their “existing copper customer base alongside a small cohort of FTTP customers connected via TalkTalk“. Some of those who have yet to receive an email have chased the ISP to query whether it impacts them and been told: “Unfortunately, all Cuckoo customers will be transferring onto Home Telecom from the 1st April“.

As time passes, we’re also starting to spot some caveats that customers are finding with the transfer. Firstly, many of those affected joined Cuckoo for the 30-day contract terms, but Home Telecom staff are telling some users that they’re only able to do 12-18 month terms and this is naturally a significant difference in product.

However, with only 30 days’ notice, some customers who try to switch to a different ISP are running into the problem that, in some cases, they won’t be able to get connected before their existing service stops working (i.e. they either suffer downtime to escape or stick with being thrown on to a longer contract term with an unfamiliar provider).

We’re querying all this.

UPDATE 2nd Mar 2024 @ 8:54am

ISPreview has been in contact with the CEO of Telecom Acquisitions, Nigel Barnett, who has been very helpful as we attempt to wade through the fallout from Cuckoo’s decision. In particular, we queried the issue of 30 day terms and Nigel said they are going to “match any contract terms and prices [Cuckoo customers] currently have” and they do support monthly, as well as even weekly, terms (any discrepancies in this are likely down to support staff not being quite up-to-speed on the change).

In addition, it’s noted that not all of Cuckoo’s affected customers (we understand this impacts about 12,000) have been notified of the migration yet, with another batch of messages being expected to go out early next week.

UPDATE 4th Mar 2024 @ 8:59am

Just for the avoidance of doubt, here’s what one Cuckoo customer (credits to Adam) was told when querying about whether early exit fees would be applied to those who cancel. A Cuckoo support agent said: “We can get a cancellation put through on your account certainly. As we are moving to Home Telecom there will be no early cancellation fee what so ever.”

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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on X (Twitter), Mastodon, Facebook and .
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137 Responses
  1. Avatar photo Matt says:

    Wow, so the switch to Cityfibre includes a termination of the Openreach services.

    1. Avatar photo Andrew says:

      I mean, it does sort of makes makes sense if they’re completely dropping OR, the contract may be getting terminated and honestly good riddance, OR are…. special, providing FTTP, but not symetrical is something special

    2. Avatar photo Ivor says:

      for “special” read: the UK’s largest FTTP network, the widest choice of ISP, and on the most financially stable basis. 99.9999999% of customers don’t care if it’s symmetric or not.

    3. Avatar photo RightSaidFred says:

      @Ivor it is probably more like 99.98% but I get your point and agree with it.

      OR upgrade to 10Gbps will come in due course, and will be done with little fuss; at the headend exchange they will only need to swap in the new kit into the existing tray. At customer premises it will be simply a case of screwing a new ONT onto your internal wall – no doubt this won’t require an engineer visit.

      They are deploying more quickly than all other networks combined, with the view that reaching more homes quickly is a better business decision than delivering more than is needed by the majority right now, but taking ages to deploy it.

      It’ll be 200 years before an Altnet builds where I live. OR already got there.

    4. Avatar photo john says:

      If it’s simply a case of installing different equipment as you say then deploying it now would not be at the expense of reaching more customers.The big expense is in actually laying the fibre. We don’t have any fibre options yet but OR have activated surrounding streets and City Fibre are actively building with other parts of the town live already. So I guess we’ll have a choice in a few months. We will go with the one offering symmetric services.

    5. Avatar photo Chris W says:

      A new ONT will almost definitely require a visit, they aren’t likely to trust customers with handling the incoming fibre cable.

      Altnets offering symmetrical speeds doesn’t appear to be slowing down their deployment, but it does offer them a marketing advantage and those speeds are useful to many people. Beyond that, the altnets are plugging a lot of the large gaps left by Openreach especially in urban areas. If it wasn’t for Hyperoptic I’d have been stuck on flakey 32Mbps FTTC for the past 2+ years and for the foreseeable future too.

    6. Avatar photo Ivor says:

      and meanwhile they’re overbuilding against each other and openreach in other locations, like mine, where there are now three separate FTTP options in the same street. Don’t see how that’s going to give a good return.

      the nearby town has OR and altnet FTTP plus virgin cable.

    7. Avatar photo greggles says:

      As Chris W says, there is huge gaps in Urban areas that Openreach have chosen to not cover, I for one am grateful for city fibre covering my address, whilst Openreach as of this date “no plans”.

  2. Avatar photo Jonny says:

    We are entering proper clowning hours down at Fern Trading HQ

  3. Avatar photo Random Precision says:

    Well…….I’ll wait for my email.

    1. Avatar photo Ben says:

      Which exchange are you connected to?

  4. Avatar photo John Baker says:

    I was one of those ‘going cuckoo’ when i received my email this afternoon, really disappointing as it was largely reliable and i had no real reason to consider leaving. I will however now exit them and join a new provider of my own choosing, i’ll likely return to Zen than take a punt with a previously unknown to me provider.

    1. Avatar photo Jonny says:

      ISPreview reviews suggest that Home Telecom are some dodgy outfit that is pushed by landlords who then get a kickback, and the only positive reviews can be found on Trustpilot which suggests they are aggressively targeting people to review individual interactions with positive outcomes rather than collecting reviews of the service as a whole.

      I would guess that the get-out clause for terminating the contract would be if the service degrades in any way – moving you behind CGNAT, increased latency etc. Get a Thinkbroadband monitor in place to gather data before the move so you have something to work with if the post-move service is poor.

    2. Avatar photo Tom says:

      Home Telecom is related to Global4 who are a bunch of money grabbing bastards with unfair contract terms.
      £100 cease charge on any PSTN line, ISDN channel, SIP extension or pretty much any service.

      Have a 16 extension SIP service from them.. enjoy your £1,600 to leave their service!

      While Home Telecom’s terms may not be so vicious (I’ve not checked) I encourage anyone to run away from them very fast and very far.

    3. Avatar photo Nigel Jones says:

      I’m on openreach with Giganet and cityfibre is currently deploying. We are in plan. Hoping in next 6-12 months (Brighton).

      If Giganet kick us off we will not be back with Fern trading

      If they don’t no doubt we’d stick and upgrade package once cityfibre is here

    4. Avatar photo Tim Small says:

      @Nigel Jones: “cityfibre is currently deploying. We are in plan. Hoping in next 6-12 months (Brighton).”

      I wouldn’t hold your breath for CityFibre in Brighton. They cancelled the contract with their local civils subcontractor (Lanes Group) in September, and haven’t done anything since. They didn’t even get them to finish the sectors which were under construction (e.g. the area between London Road and Lewes Road – which I think was about 75% built), as a result there’s a CF street chamber sitting empty (was installed over a year ago) about 50 metres from my home. No plans to resume as far as I’ve been able to ascertain.

    5. Avatar photo greggles says:

      If it gives you hope they stopped the build in Leicester for a while, this didnt get the attention of media, but I did post about it. Then after a while (some months) they started work again.

  5. Avatar photo jason says:

    Poor customer service ! Those customers will never come back

    1. Avatar photo Ad47uk says:

      These things happen, they maybe should have given them more warning. Annoying yes, but it happens.
      I had the same thing happen with my energy a few years ago. I was with a company called Engie, and they decided to cease doing home energy services, so changed me to Octopus.
      As long as people who get changed over are not locked into a contract, then they can go to another provider.

      Not saying I would not be annoyed if the same thing happened to me, but that is life

    2. Avatar photo Matt says:

      isn’t comparable to energy, as it’s all coming in via the same cables to your house.

      Broadband is not.

      Add it to the list of reasons Fern are making a huge mess of Giganet. Glad I dodged that bullet.

    3. Avatar photo Ad47uk says:


      Well if they are dropping people that are on Openreach networks, then it is the same network, so the same cables/fibre what ever,

      If they are already in a place where the Cuckoo network is available, then I expect they are already using it.

      These people are still keeping the Openreach network, they are changing to another provider, just like i had to with my energy provider.

      If there is another network where they are, then they can change if they want to.

      I was moved to different internet providers, granted it was on ADSL, but still the same thing, Metronet closed down and shoved us onto pre-Bt Plusnet. At the time, I did not want to stay with plusnet, so I moved to another provider. Sadly, it was the wrong choice, as I moved to AOL.

      I bet the Openreach fanboys are loving this and all the other stories of some altnets having problems. Lets just be stuck with our of reach

  6. Avatar photo Ivor says:

    so what happens if you actually are within the CF footprint? A demand for the garden to be dug up again, more holes drilled?

    1. Avatar photo Big Dave says:

      This is a situation that is going to become more common. As ISPs contract with different networks then choosing an ISP is going to become a postcode lottery as to which networks are available in your area and which ISPs are on them (at the time). You will then end up with a row of ONTs in your house only one of which is in use at any one time but you have to contractually leave them in place regardless. Gone are the days when changing ISP is simply a matter of plugging in a new router on changeover day. People are going to be less likely to move than before.

  7. Avatar photo Sam says:

    Don’t bode well for the rest of fern trading….

  8. Avatar photo J says:

    Got my email, so disappointed in Cuckoo. Switching tonight.

    1. Avatar photo Random Precision says:

      I’ve switched tonight, going with IDNET, sod Cuckoo

    2. Avatar photo mintminty says:

      I was going to try IDNet until I read this they only gurantee half the advertised speed.

      Minimum Guaranteed Speed: 500Mbps

      Price shown is for 12&24 month contracts (1 month contract £66.00).

    3. Avatar photo Ben says:

      I don’t think Cuckoo guaranteed faster speeds. In any case Openreach FTTP is contended, and the guarantee from Openreach is actually pretty slow (IIRC it’s 195Mb down on the 1Gb down package) — the difference is made up by IDNet taking a risk.

    4. Avatar photo Vince says:


      They’re only guaranteeing it because that’s the guarantee everyone else has too – they just tell you unlike many others.

  9. Avatar photo Ornithologist says:

    It’s only natural that the cuckoo will kick you out of its nest.

  10. Avatar photo The Facts says:

    Correct spacing is 020 3389 7211.

  11. Avatar photo Phil says:

    Cuckoo was all marketing from the very beginning, the founders even had a website boasting about how it was all quickly created because of their wonderful software and you too could buy the software and rule book they used to set up your own company.

    Cuckoo just resold someone else’s product anyway, they were not an actual ISP, just a marketing outfit.

  12. Avatar photo Mintminty says:

    Here is my email to them

    I’m sorry but that’s just crap! It makes no sense dropping loyal customers me being one who has paid on time without fail. That we are no longer good enough to support via open reach you won’t be in business long if you are relying on the limited networks being built in which open reach will soon have the monopoly over. This will make news and old customers will lose trust and faith when you come crawling back because you’re not making enough profit. I will not be staying with home telecom and I will never take any offering from fern in the future.

  13. Avatar photo Jimmy says:

    Home Telecom… ah yes, the same company (Global 4) who bought Eclipse Broadband from KCOM. Best of luck with all that…

  14. Avatar photo Vince says:

    Haha, and the ongoing merger and consolidation of the loss making altnets continues.

    This time the chosen brand for the ‘retail’ customers of Swish, Jurassic etc has managed to cause those not able to be serviced by those altnets get into the dumpster.

    Panic not though, because the consolidation hasn’t finished and the Swish and Jurassic lot being shoved over to Cuckoo will get shuffled some more also before this game is over!

    1. Avatar photo Matt says:

      in fairness this isn’t realistically “alt net consolidation” – it’s the same PE merging their own brands.

  15. Avatar photo Mintminty says:

    I’m going back to fttc monthly rolling contracts there is no way I’m signing a 18 or 24 month contract with all the shinadakins with price rises. They can shove fibre.

  16. Avatar photo AndyK says:

    Has anyone on an Openreach FTTP connection on Giganet heard anything at all about any of this?

    Having not heard anything whatsoever from Giganet about even being moved to Cuckoo yet, this just makes things even more confusing for me as a Giganet customer – and it seems as if Giganet support have absolutely no idea that it’s happening either.

    1. Avatar photo AndyK says:

      Finally got a response from Giganet….after about 15 minutes on hold, they came back to say they’d be transferring Openreach customers to Home Telecom as well.

      Time to find a new provider, I guess…

    2. Avatar photo Nigel Jones says:

      Aargh so they are. In in the same boat. Ideally a provider who will allow migration to cityfibre

  17. Avatar photo Dave in Reading says:

    I’ve been wondering whether Vodafone are planning to do a similar thing, so that they can move all of their kit out of the BT exchanges and stop paying the rent.

    They raised upgrade orders on my account, that I hadn’t requested, twice last autumn to switch me from Openreach VDSL to Cityfibre. I cancelled them both.

    They recently sent me the same emails and letter telling me they are going to raise them again.

    1. Avatar photo Dave, not in Reading says:

      I think there’s 0% chance of Vodafone ditching the sale of broadband via Openreach, however if you are currently on Openreach FTTC and your property is covered by CityFibre FTTP, they will eventually force you to either move to CityFibre or leave.

      Apart from the fact that CityFibre FTTP is cheaper to Vodafone than Openreach FTTC, Openreach will eventually want to switch off the FTTC service.

  18. Avatar photo Big Dave says:

    Says to me that Fern aren’t a company I’d want to do business with.

  19. Avatar photo Random Precision says:

    @mintminty, I’ve gone with a 12 month contract with IDNET, hopefully CityFibre recommence their stalled build in North Tyneside.

    1. Avatar photo mintminty says:

      sadly in rural wales its unlikely an altnet is going to lay down here at least Openreach decided to pick these areas first (I have had FTTP for 2 years with cuckoo) but all other ISP seem to want to tie you in to lengthy contracts with price rises and I am really not a fan of it. I might as well go with EE and get 1.6 Gbs and suck it up.

  20. Avatar photo Paul says:

    Not had the email yet. The reason for going with cuckoo was the one month rolling contract. Waiting for youfibre to be available in my area so that can get symmetric.
    With the transfer to Home Telecom do you still get the monthly contract or is it longer?

    1. Avatar photo JamesBand says:

      Good question.

      One would have thought that it simply carries on the existing contract going by the FAQs mentioning there is no change to the existing price. I don’t think Home Telecom can just unilaterally fabricate Cuckoo transfers onto “new” contracts that they never signed up for. So it should be a switch to a rolling “out of contract” product.

      Very disappointing from Cuckoo though.

      Don’t Home Telecom also have RPI price increases? Like the article above said, for Cuckoo – a business that talked about being different, it isn’t a good look.

    2. Avatar photo KoS says:

      I called Home Telecom and eventually got through to someone in billing who said the 30-day rolling contract and price (£29.99/month) would remain the same.

  21. Avatar photo mintminty says:

    Aquiss seem to be a very good ISP might be worth giving them a shout they are offering 900 Meg at half price for 6 months and no price rises. So I have choosen them to take over my service.

  22. Avatar photo Bob Tortoise says:

    I would very much HOPE that the terms and conditions for Leaving must be no worse than at present. Otherwise, Consumer Law would have a deficiency that needs correcting?

    But as someone who joined Cuckoo last MAY on a 12 month contract, can I “get out early” due to the recent change? Or am I obligated to “serve the final months” of my contract with Home Telecom, because it says in the Small Print that Cuckoo can impose this transfer?

    1. Avatar photo Big Dave says:

      The can’t change T&Cs without letting you leave without penalty.

    2. Avatar photo Ed says:

      The T&Cs state they can shift ISP with at least 30 days notice.

  23. Avatar photo Rik says:

    Just looked at Telecom Aquisitions Group and it seems they’re part owned by Talktalk and their brands include Fleur, and Eclipse.

    Octopus investments must be making a killing as didn’t Octopus also recently sell off their Shell broadband customers to Talktalk?

    I feel sorry for anyone forced over to them.

    1. Avatar photo Bob Tortoise says:

      As someone who is a (soon to be Ejected) Cuckoo customer and ALSO an Octopus Energy customer (transferred from Bulb after Bulb became insolvent)…
      … I wonder if I should now LEAVE Octopus? Their Electricity and Gas service is reasonably satisfactory but I am unhappy that a company which could be said to be under their “Umbrella” (i.e. Cuckoo) is now treating its customers so badly.

    2. Avatar photo Bob Tortoise says:

      The Home Telecom – TalkTalk link makes sense in that (for FTTP at least), Talk Talk (Business) were the upstream Wholesale Provider to Cuckoo for Broadband access.

      The actual technical connection was fine (900 Megabits per second in an area where other providers only offer 300 Mbps due to an artificial BT Wholesale restriction). My service is over Openreach (which can provide the full Gigabit service rate) but BT Wholesale are currently unwilling (last time I checked) to go over around 330 Mbps. So Talk Talk (and possibly SKY) were my only options for Gigabit FTTP…
      … or until now, Cuckoo, who were reselling Talk Talk Business service as a “White Label” reseller.

      Now it looks like part of the Cuckoo-TalkTalk “divorce” involved “selling” the indirect customers to TalkTalk (or their subsidiary Telecom Acquisitions)

      But I’d rather go straight “to the top” and get a TalkTalk Business line I think, I suspect the Customer Service should be better than for a “Provider of Last Resort” division of TalkTalk, even if it is the same Organisation

    3. Avatar photo Matt says:

      @Bob what has octopus got to do with this?

      They took on the Shell Energy customers, which came lumped with broadband customers as shell exited both markets. They didn’t want the BB but for ease and speed they picked them up and sold on.

      If you want to be annoyed, direct it at Shell & FernTrading. Octopus have done the ‘normal’ thing in that instance.

  24. Avatar photo mintminty says:

    wow the reviews on google are shocking bad I had to lauch at this statment in the email

    We’ve arranged for your broadband to switch to another provider, Home Telecom (who we really like and are rated excellent on Trustpilot).

    if they really like home telecom the ones that are left are in real trouble, also home telecom packages are more expensive than Cuckoo starting at £60 a month for 1000 Mbs

    1. Avatar photo mintminty says:

      they dont state the upload or the min speed gurantee

  25. Avatar photo Bob Tortoise says:

    I am also concerned about CGNAT (double buffered) IP addresses. I can live with Dynamic IP as long as it doesn’t keep changing every few minutes (mine stayed stable for weeks or months on end, but a Carrier Grade NAT Shared IP is impossible in effect to run any home servers, pretty much.

    Also I read nasty rumours about Leaving Fees for Home Telecom but surely we must be allowed to leave on the same terms that prevailed with Cuckoo?

    Finally on Cuckoo’s website it says for customers who joined “Before 13/02/2024” i.e. the large majority, that we CANNOT currently transfer to another provider! I don’t think this means we are forbidden to leave. Just that a SMOOTH transfer is no longer available and one would have to –
    1) Terminate Service
    2) Wait to check the line has been terminated and is free to re-allocate
    3) Then apply to a new ISP for a new connection
    … which of course implies DOWNTIME with no Fibre Broadband connection 🙁

    1. Avatar photo mintminty says:

      they would say that to stop people jumping off the titanic, We have been sold on at a cost last thing they want is a mass exodus of these “paid for customers” I will take it to Ofcom if I have to they will not be causing me this much headache in the morning I am leaving and thats that.

    2. Avatar photo mike says:

      @Bob Tortoise

      You can use Cloudflare Tunnels to run home servers behind CGNAT, you install their daemon on one of your machines and it opens up a reverse tunnel to Cloudflare’s network.

    3. Avatar photo Yeldir Nomis says:

      Where did you see it say you cannot transfer (or smoothly as you put it)? I can’t find that in the FAQ

    4. Avatar photo JamesBand says:

      Would you recommend staying with Cuckoo and being transferred onto rolling with Home Telecom? And jumping from that ship when a good deal is seen (hopefully after more providers start offering fixed prices and/or shorter contracts and/or have deals)? Or else jumping earlier?

      Also, unless you run a business/servers, for home broadband users, wouldn’t a dynamic IP address be better? In terms of privacy at least. One of the things that concerns me about Aquiss or “No One” etc, ID NET etc is that despite their fixed prices or shorter contracts, they all issue fixed “static” IPs. Doesn’t that make it easier for potential hostile actors, scammers etc to track home customers or hack etc as you browse the internet?

      I am not sure I understand how having a static IP address would be beneficial in terms of privacy, having had no issue with the dynamic IP (which changes every now and then, and only gives a general location of the wholesale provider). The trouble is the broadband providers with better customer service seem to all do static IP addresses from what I can tell. Whereas the dynamic IP ISPs – the big providers – are all expensive on long contracts with changing prices?!

  26. Avatar photo Paul H says:


    That’s awful, not an acceptable way to treat paying customers.

    It’s not going to do a lot for their reputation.

    Not a great move.

  27. Avatar photo ISPA nomination? says:

    Hmmm, wonder if they’ll get a mention at the ISPA Awards this year???

    1. Avatar photo Oggy says:

      I’m sure if they are sponsoring any awards they’ve a great chance of winning a couple.

  28. Avatar photo Nigel Jones says:

    Will see how this plays out. On a Giganet openreach connection. Happy. Cityfibre is rolling out here and eager to switch. One reason I went with Giganet….

    1. Avatar photo Nigel Jones says:

      Another thought – does Home Broadband offer IPv6 I wonder? I use that extensively on giganet…

  29. Avatar photo Jay says:

    I understand this is also happening to giganet customers (at least in Salisbury) who are on a unbundled OR fttp.

    I can’t understand how they can force customers to stay the remainder of thier term, but with another company (with 1* reviews)!

    Are ferm going bust? This comes across as a very distressed move, selling customers off to the highest bidder.

  30. Avatar photo Jojo says:

    I’m one of the affected Cuckoo customers, signed up with them in May 2023.

    I actually signed up with a Cityfibre provider recently but the installation isn’t until May of this year so the plan was to stay with Cuckoo for my whole 12 months contract and get out of it free of charge after that.

    However with all the horror stories I’m reading here about home telecom I wonder if I should switch to a rolling contract with a different provider for a few months now… Or stay with them hoping that my contract terms stay the same, allowing me to just leave in May as planned without fees.

    What a pain.

  31. Avatar photo Big Dave says:

    You would suspect that Fern are likely to merge / get taken over by CityFibre. Currently CityFibre is only a wholesale network so in that case they may keep Cuckoo as their own retail arm to increase take up on their network but they certainly wouldn’t be interested in Openreach customers.

    1. Avatar photo AndyK says:

      Yeah, the more I think about this move, the more I think it’s Fern getting the company ready to be sold off – I am guessing that Fern are doing all of this so they have a ready group of packaged up customers on non-Openreach networks that can be consolidated nicely into another altnet. Maybe CityFibre, I assume Nexfibre will probably be very interested too. Netomnia don’t seem to be that interested in buying others, but it would make sense for them to start doing so if they want to grow fast enough to stay relevant as a national network.
      Could be quite a bidding war….

    2. Avatar photo Nigel Jones says:

      Cityfibre also own an ISP – Entanet.
      A number of resellers, including Aquiss, offer service using Entanet
      Entanet ONLY uses openreach

    3. Avatar photo CF Employee says:

      It will 100% be this and Cityfibre,

  32. Avatar photo The Provisioner says:

    I would suggest that anyone who is not happy with the terms of the Cuckoo contract make a complaint to the Telecoms Ombudsman.

    1. Avatar photo The Provisioner says:

      Sorry, should have said the same about Giganet users, feel free to make a complaint to the Telecoms Ombudsman, if you are unhappy with the situation.

  33. Avatar photo Gavin says:

    Re: UPDATE3 – 437482573 is the VAT number for Telecom Acquisitions Ltd. So right company, wing identifier. See http://www.vat-lookup.co.uk/verify/vat_check.php/VATNumber/GB437482573

  34. Avatar photo Ray Warrren says:

    Wow, so Fern sold its Openreach customer base to the most shady part player in the industry – Home Telcom. This company is pure sales sharks. You just need to look at the website to see how much they really care. Nigel Barnett has been purchasing customer bases to sell on to the likes of TalkTalk for the past few years from companies needing a bailout, it’s just a number to him and them. No customer service. No actual product. Good luck to the customers

  35. Avatar photo Alex A says:

    Re UPDATE4 So they sold off their Openreach customer base but plan to relaunch Openreach packages later this year?

    Their acquisition of Cuckoo seemed a bit mad beforehand when they already had enough brands to reuse. Unless they got paid well for their customers they company has gone mad.

    1. Avatar photo JamesBand says:

      That’s what I don’t understand. If they’re talking about expanding on Openreach, why give up pre-existing Openreach FTTP customers? It will only create ill will. And they end up destroying the good will of the reputation they built or were trying to build as someone different.

  36. Avatar photo anon5789 says:

    Sh1t I’m on Cuckoo FTTC.

    They’ve truly gone Cuckoo.

  37. Avatar photo Bob Tortoise says:

    I presume the Transferred Customer Base to “Home Telecom” are like a Sandwich (3 layers). One group of us will leave in short order in disgust / protest / on principle. Another group will simply “go with the flow” and stay. But the middle group, the “Floating Voters” will be playing “wait and see” in a more watchful way, and I suspect HT will have to be nice to this middle group of customers because they are the ones they could retain or lose.

    Like in an Election campaign, it’s all about “Floating Voters”. The “go anyway” brigade are LOST to Home Telecom, whatever happens. The “stay anyway” crowd require no effort to retain, but the middle (and possibly largest) group of customers are “All to play for”.

    So I expect Home Telecom, despite their possible reputation, to “play nice” for some months in the hope of converting as many as possible of the “maybe” customers to “stayers”

    But that won’t necessarily mean that they play nicely to people actually trying to leave….

  38. Avatar photo JP says:

    xD Ooookay, fair enough to them, they obviously have their reasons for doing this and I can immagine some others following suit in the future.

  39. Avatar photo Ben says:

    I suspect that Cuckoo are terminating / migrating (a) all FTTP customers who are not in an exchange where they / Giganet have cablelinks, and (b) all FTTC customers.

  40. Avatar photo anon5789 says:

    We haven’t had an email from Cuckoo about our FTTC service being cancelled (yet).

    Maybe it is only some areas that will be affected?

    How many FTTC lines will be affected?

  41. Avatar photo wow says:

    Is that Cuckoo Oak? Cuckoo suck!

  42. Avatar photo Samuel says:

    The cuckoo just died. End of the company now.
    Get out now before they drop you all.

  43. Avatar photo Tom says:

    Cuckoo FTTC user here and no email yet. Hoping they’ll keep me as Giganet are rolling out in my area and I am “in the rollout plan” (and expect to have it within next 3-4 months).

    I wonder if their fixed price promise has bitten them, with TalkTalk likely raising the wholesale costs, squeezing Cuckoo’s margins.

    If I do get moved I’ll just find another provider with a 1 month rolling contract. Annoyingly if I want decent speeds in the future I’ll have to go with Giganet (or Cuckoo or whatever) when they do come to my street.

  44. Avatar photo JamesBand says:

    It’s a little confusing and disappointing by them. Like you said, they talked about being different and having good customer service as their ethos.

    1. Confusing statement from them though. So is it the case that ALL existing Openreach FTTP customers get automatically transferred over to “Home Telecom”? Or just those who received the e-mail?

    2. It seems odd not to drop customers on the Openreach network which from what I understand is still the largest national dispersed FTTP network in the country. And their statement about expanding via Openreach doesn’t make sense if they’re talking about migrating customers on Openreach away from Cuckoo?

    3. Are Home Telecom actually any good as a rolling monthly provider? E.g. if you’re out of contract with Cuckoo and handed over, Home Telecom cannot fabricate a contract can they? The Cuckoo example email suggests the price won’t change and the Cuckoo price was lower than Home Telecom’s current price. Seems to have mixed reviews despite the e-mail example’s claim of good Trust Pilot scores. Personally I’d never heard of them before.

    4. What are good providers on shortest possible contract that a Cuckoo customer could transfer to if Home Telecom is a bad company? I saw someone mention Acquiss has a deal going and that’s a 12 month contract. Most of the other larger providers like BT, Sky, Vodafone etc are on long contracts. Sky is 18 months, but still mentions “prices may change during contract”. If Ofcom’s rules come into effect in the Summer, one wouldn’t want to get stuck in a new long contract under the “old rules” right now. Any suggestions?

    1. Avatar photo mintminty says:

      That would be me who mentioned Aquiss deals 🙂 I have been speaking to the MD, really sound fella to be fair. I havent pulled the trigger on moving yet I always get twitchy with change and 12 month+ contratcs I am self employed and need flexability to change my package if work dies down a bit to save funds. I guess I could go back to FTTC (I put up with it for years) so will a few months really matter. I am on the fence.

    2. Avatar photo James Band says:

      Understood. The only thing is I’m concerned about Aquiss having a static IP. Trying to understand if that is a potential for problems in terms of privacy.

      Otherwise Aquiss looks good.

  45. Avatar photo Nigel Jones says:

    I’m waiting to see what happens now (Giganet) but have done my research. Aquiss impressed me too – I had a question which was answered quickly (hour?) by the MD after being raised on their site as a ticket, and I’ve seen him answer questions here. That engagement and openness brings a lot of credibility.

  46. Avatar photo Bob says:

    Possibly it may be related to BT going digital. If they have kit in the BT exchanges they may have to be looing at alternative options as B~T shuts down most of the old exchanges. It is a fair way of at present but it has to be considered

    1. Avatar photo AndyK says:

      I doubt it’s anything to do with this – Cuckoo used TalkTalk LLU lines, and Giganet used Zen LLU lines, and TalkTalk where Zen wasn’t….so unless they’ve had a massive falling out and either Openreach to TalkTalk have told them to shove it and terminated the agreement, this must be either something bigger or something very, very weird going on at Fern…

  47. Avatar photo Random Precision says:

    I’m all sorted, I’m being migrated from Cuckoo to iDNET on 14/3/24. Initial 12 month contract and then monthly rolling after that. Hoping CityFibre resume their stalled build here in North Tyneside.

    1. Avatar photo Paul R says:

      I am doing similar, Had an email from iDNET this morning saying migrated on the 14th as well on a monthly contract. Still hoping youfibre will provision my street soon. Hopefully the transfer will work, have to wait and see.

  48. Avatar photo John says:

    I’m with iDNET on a 12 month contract. Not been with them long, but they seem fine. The download speed is a bit less than advertised (a consistent 149Mbps rather than advertised 160Mbps), but that’s not really a problem. The only downside is that after 12 months it does go to a rolling contract, but it is quite a bit more expensive unless you re-contract.


  49. Avatar photo I love Starlink says:

    I could never get on them.. To this day it says only 100Mbps with FTTP so their database never did them any favours – and neither did they not fixing it after being informed.

  50. Avatar photo Dylan says:

    I’ve been with Cuckoo since 2021, after talking to Alex on the community forum they used to run. Massive fan of a broadband company that was fully focused on customer service and having no contact has helped immeasurably as I move around often. This sucks and I’m so disappointed that they only provided the legally required notice. Guess it’s time to shop around again and stop lying to myself that companies care about loyalty.

  51. Avatar photo Steve says:

    Received the email today. Still in shock. Cuckoo internet has been brilliant in the 2 years or so I have had it. No outages at all that I can recall.

    I need to find another supplier quickly to jump ship before the change to the dreaded Home Telecom. They have some terrible reviews away from Trustpilot.

    I am on the 1 gig service. Any recommendations for suppliers? Not interested in static IP, and want to continue using my own router.
    I do have Virgin in my street, but they are expensive.

    1. Avatar photo Random Precision says:

      iDNET, Aquiss are worth looking at.

    2. Avatar photo Steve says:

      Don’t Aquiss force a static IP on you?

    3. Avatar photo James Band says:


      In a similar position.

      It’s really disappointing of Cuckoo. Home Telecom sound “dodgy”.

      Was looking around and can see IDNet, No One and Aquiss seem to offer fixed prices. Some on 30 day contracts (albeit it at a higher price), or else 12 month and a fixed price. Otherwise the dreaded BT on a 12 month contract.

      Like you said though, I am a bit unsure about some of them putting you on a fixed “static IP”. Is that a potential privacy/security issue with regards to trackers/hackers etc?

      If they were dynamic IP, Aquiss looks like a good like for like switch with their sale on at the moment.

      It’s annoying the short notice given by Cuckoo. Is the process just setting up a migration date with a new provider if we’re out of contract, or do you have to give notice to Cuckoo as well?!

  52. Avatar photo Pro4TLZZ says:

    I’ve just received the email and I’m disappointed. I moved away from BT to Cuckoo as I do not like BT.

    Now I don’t have much choice.

    1. Avatar photo Random Precision says:

      You do, have a look around, plenty of choice out there.

  53. Avatar photo Ged says:

    My contract with Cuckoo began less than a month ago, on 2nd February 2024. Looking at the T&Cs, it looks like there’s no way out of Home Telecom for me… at least not without paying the £60 setup charge. Is that correct?

  54. Avatar photo _S says:

    I emailed Cuckoo support to confirm if I was affected as I didn’t receive an email, they got back to me and stated “all Cuckoo customers will be transferring onto Home Telecom from the 1st April”:


    I then received the notice email not long after. So for those of you who have yet to receive an email, it’s relatively safe to assume you will also be transferred.

  55. Avatar photo Jay says:

    Doing great work here Mark in keeping us informed , far better than Cuckoo who just threw people under a bus without any clarity of future conditions.

  56. Avatar photo Optimist says:

    I was considering switching to Cuckoo (well, Giganet actually) but now I think I’ll wait.

  57. Avatar photo Anon75678 says:

    It would be good to know if we can keep paying the £30 p/m on Home Telecom with a rolling 30 day contract, which is what we have been paying with Cuckoo Broadband.

  58. Avatar photo Anon75678 says:

    Which other ISPs can do a 30 day rolling contract for FTTC? And which is the cheapest?

    Don’t want to be stuck on FTTC when FTTP is rolled out to my street.

  59. Avatar photo Anon75678 says:

    Pulse8 do 30 day FTTC contracts for £31, or £37 p/m (depending on speed).

    Maybe we’ll consider this.

    1. Avatar photo Home Telecom says:

      Home Telecom will honour all current Cuckoo prices terms and conditions.

    2. Avatar photo Anon75678 says:

      Will Home Telecom be able to transfer Cuckoo customer’s landline numbers on the 1st of April?

  60. Avatar photo Home Telecom says:

    As all the customer transferring are already on the talktalk network . There will be no switching just, migrating from the cuckoo account to Home telecom account. Very simple and you won’t notice any difference.

    It is worth noting that customers with Giganet or city fibre services will not be moving to Home Telecom

    1. Avatar photo Mintminty says:

      No thanks!

    2. Avatar photo Mintminty says:

      I won’t be acquisitioned by any Telecom Acquisitions group

    3. Avatar photo Random Precision says:

      No thanks, I’ve read the reviews…..already made arrangements to be migrated the middle of this month.

  61. Avatar photo Louise says:

    After getting the email from Cuckoo Monday I spoke to a lovely lady at Home Telecom today who was really knowledgeable and reassured me that when my account is transferred over I will stay on my 30 day contract with no changes to my monthly bill or connection. So I’m happy to move to Home Telecom

    1. Avatar photo Jamie P says:

      Thank you for confirming this Louise 🙂

      Earlier today I had a ‘welcome’ type email from Home Telecoms and I don’t like the tone of it, nor their FAQ namely:


      Why wouldn’t you want to join us? We are fully UK based with 4.5 stars on TrustPilot and rated ‘excellent’. We are also ISO9001 and ISO21007 accredited, giving you peace of mind you are in safe hands with us”

      Relieved to know I am still thus on a 30 day rolling contract, as they’ve not confirmed nor given me any other details.

  62. Avatar photo WayneEnterprises says:

    Mercifully was out of contract. Don’t want to go to Home Telecom. Dreadful short notice from Cuckoo.

    If you migrate from Cuckoo to someone else like Aquiss or IDNet, do you just contact the new provider and give them your ONT serial number to switch?

    Or Do you have to go through the Cuckoo website/account page to cancel as well?

    Their info pages are contradictory and confusing given their FAQ on cancellation talks about an end of month cancellation. I heard from someone else after signing up to switch to another provider mid month, they got an initial email from someone from Cuckoo saying a Switching process was initiated yet another automated email later in the day asks them to log into their Cuckoo account and click cancel as well or else they would assume to continue their service?

    Clarity would be appreciated from those who’ve switched!

    1. Avatar photo Random Precision says:

      I’m going with iDNET, gave them my ONT serial number they made arrangements to migrate me mid March.

      I also cancelled Cuckoo as I was out of contract, made them aware of date iDNET would take over the connection. Cuckoo have emailed me back indicating that was fine.

    2. Avatar photo JamesBand says:

      @Random Precision

      Yes, IDNET sounds good. I’m going with Aquiss. I gave Aquiss my ONT serial number and they’ve made arrangements to transfer me around mid March also.

      I got an e-mail from Cuckoo as well like above asking me whether I’m leaving on the specific date, which I replied to with an e-mail with a Confirmatory Yes. Given the e-mail ludicrously asked me why I was leaving, I also phoned them and expressed my displeasure at this mess from them.

      Did you actually go into your Cuckoo Account and click through their Cancel page? I haven’t done that as I didn’t want them to mess up the Migration. I looked at the FAQ page for that (given this entire mess, who knows if half the stuff even applies anymore) and it was a little contradictory about “service until the end of the month” and a bill for the full final month. I thought under the “Ofcom Provider Led Rules for Migrating” the new provider is the one you contact and that’s it.

      I didn’t want Cuckoo to mess up the Migration to the New Provider or the date. Like you I am out of contract (and have been for over a year) on a 30 day rolling. I would have thought that once a new provider takes over, isn’t that it, since they aren’t even supplying a service to the ONT anymore. I was going to cancel my Direct Debit after the last payment to Cuckoo at the end of the month.

      So do you actually have to Cancel via their own Webpage, or is it best to just let the new provider take over and that’s that?

  63. Avatar photo Random Precision says:

    @jamesBand Yes I have cancelled via their web page then emailed them when iDNET are taking over on 14/3/24. As far as my Direct Debit is concerned I informed them I would leave it there until the end of the month.

    Hopefully the migration goes smoothly you just don’t know. When I joined Cuckoo they messed up the migration day transferring from BT Broadband and I was left for 12 days without any home BB other than using my iPhone as a hotspot. Our TV services are through Sky Stream which ment no tv, needless to say my partner wasn’t pleased and she’s keeping her fingers crossed all goes well on the 14/3.

    I hope your migration is hassle free and at least our new providers both have excellent service and reputations.

    1. Avatar photo JamesBand says:

      @Random Precision

      Thanks. Yes, I found it a bit confusing as I got some emails from Cuckoo staff and later conflicting automated emails from Cuckoo after I completed my order with Aquiss. The email from a human being made mention of the date I had set with Aquiss. So I responded to confirm that. The automated e-mail that came later seemed to hint that if the other provider didn’t inform them I was moving and I didn’t cancel on their webpage, that they would continue to supply a broadband service and charge. Given that the ONT is literally taken over by the new provider and they had already emailed me confirming the Switching date, I find that rather baffling. Not to mention they are the ones who decided to throw their own customers away. I seem to have received another email from a different human being that seems to suggest they know I’m leaving.

      For now I have simply responded to the e-mails confirming the take over date. I didn’t cancel via the web page for fear of them messing things up somehow with my migration (which is mid month) given their left hand doesn’t seem to know what their right hand is doing. I’ll leave the Direct Debit till the end of the month (I think they charge the bill around the 27th) as well and then Cancel that after final payment is taken. I don’t think the “Home Telecom” goons can pull any jugglery regarding accounts & start charging any Cuckoo customer who has already left Cuckoo before the handover date since we’d have gone mid March time.

      Like you said, yes absolutely the new providers we have both chosen both have excellent service and reputations. Hopefully the migration should go well this time around as the new provider usually is the one who takes charge of that process.

      Cheers and here’s to a proper broadband provider with excellent service!

  64. Avatar photo Steve says:

    I have just signed up with Aquiss for their 1 Gig service.
    There are just too many negative reviews for Home Telecom to risk being with them.
    I feel guilty at doing this as Cuckoo have been very reliable during my 2 years or so with them, but they are dumping me, not me dumping them.

    1. Avatar photo JamesBand says:

      Likewise. Aquiss is a good company with high customer service reviews. I’ve done the same. Fixed price, 12 month contract and good customer service. Plus a sale offer too.

      Steve, I wouldn’t feel guilty at all though. Like you said, Cuckoo disappointingly (and in my view stupidly) dumped its own customers and with extremely short notice as well which only adds insult to injury.

  65. Avatar photo mintminty says:

    I have a transfer date to Aquiss and I have not heard nothing from Cuckoo. I did get a text from openreach asking me to reply confirm which I did. I will be cancelling the direct debit regardless on my billing date and they better not try tuck me up for a full months service either.

    1. Avatar photo Steve says:

      Apparently, it is in Cuckoo’s terms and conditions that they will take a full month charge of you.
      A small price to pay in my opinion to avoid Home Telecom.

    2. Avatar photo Mintminty says:

      @steve in that case I canceling the direct debit and they can send me a bill which I can contest. I’m not paying them for a service they didn’t provide. They changed the rules when they decided to try make a few quid by selling us on.

  66. Avatar photo Julie says:

    I am in the same boat and concerned.Reviewed the suggestions, then I checked companies house. Personally,I feel we could end up in the same situation. Worrying.

  67. Avatar photo Steve says:

    At 7 am on March 22nd, my connection went down and returned before 07.10 am.
    I was now with Aquiss having jumped ship from Cuckoo.

    My march bill for Cuckoo was paid by direct debit on the 27th, so on the 29th I cancelled the direct debit.
    Since then, I have been having threatening emails and texts telling me that they will cut off my internet access if I don’t reinstate the DD. This morning I got another threatening email and text saying, that I had my chance to reinstate it and because I didn’t, they would now disconnect my internet service. They are useless, they just spout the same threats over and over. When I signed up with Aquiss, I had several email conversations with Cuckoo about me leaving them and the reasons why.

    I am gobsmacked by their incompetence.

  68. Avatar photo Patricia Richardson says:

    Cuckoo notified me on 28th February and said no cancel I am switching to BT but still transfered me to Home Telecom even though gave a months notice.
    Telling me to sort this out.
    Disgusted and angry

  69. Avatar photo Jay says:

    Seems Cuckoo failed to provide the details of those customers migrating to Home Telecom. Spoke to HT today and they were quite helpful and open re new state and rolling contractuals / price point. No disruption in service or performance for me since April 1st anyway and it appears it’s merely an admin switch as all connection infrastructure is being maintained. Reference the below PR if you have any disputes on any of that.


  70. Avatar photo Gary Styling says:

    I cancelled with Cuckoo with service termination on 31st March. Day before Home Telecom took over. But my cancelled account was still transferred. Ok, late in the day but no problem

    However I’m getting emails from Home Telecom after, out of courtesy, letting them know I am not their customer. They have “accepted” I have cancelled with them. NO I HAVENT
    Also if there are any Openreach disconnection charges (new one on me !) I will be charged. Listen you muppets I have already cancelled with Cuckoo not you and Cuckoo didn’t charge a disconnection fee.

    However I’m talking to a customer service team who whilst polite are just following. Script. They can get stuffed

  71. Avatar photo NickB says:

    I had two accounts with Cuckoo, both in the process of transfer, city one to Hyperoptic, rural one to Vodafone.
    Home Telecom sent me two bills for April. I paid both by Bank Transfer.
    Next I know, HT say I have set up two Direct Debits, and they will take payment (again) on 29th April.
    I have asked them to cancel these, but can they take the information from my transfers and use this to set up recurring payments?!
    Sooner the transfer goes trhough the better…..

Comments are closed

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