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Google Pixel Phone’s June 2024 Update Seems to Fix UK WiFi Calling

Wednesday, Jun 12th, 2024 (7:47 am) - Score 6,920

Customers from a number of different UK mobile operators (mostly Vodafone MVNOs), such as Lebara and TalkMobile, who also own one of Google’s popular Pixel phones – at least the models they still support – have this week been informing ISPreview that the latest June 2024 software (firmware) update seems to have finally fixed WiFi Calling.

For the uninitiated. Wi-Fi Calling (aka – VoWiFi) simply enables consumers with a supporting Smartphone and mobile operator to harness their home broadband ISP or other WiFi connection to make mobile voice calls, instead of using your mobile network. The feature is extremely useful, particularly when away from a good mobile signal, but support can be patchy between different networks and devices.

Google’s Pixel phones have long included support for WiFi Calling, but in the UK it’s become quite a well-known problem that – even on mobile operators that claim to have enabled the feature – getting this to work is often an exercise in frustration. On top of that, knowing whether the issue is down to the operator or the device itself can often be difficult to answer with any confidence (support staff frequently give conflicting responses).


Some people have found solutions via unofficial patches, but these often end up being removed after a reboot or official patch and a longer-term fix has long been desired. The good news is that one of our regular readers (snarpatroid) has spent many months trying to push both Google and, in his case, Lebara, to talk to each other in an effort to resolve the issue (here) and that seems to have paid off in a bigger way than expected.

The first sign of progress came in March 2024, after Lebara’s support team revealed that the issue would be resolved with Google’s next software update for their Pixel devices in June 2024. The good news is that this firmware was finally released yesterday (here) and the early feedback ISPreview has received suggests that it hasn’t only fixed the issue on Lebara, but some other networks too, like TalkMobile (example).

We should point out that both Lebara and TalkMobile are both virtual (MVNO) operators on Vodafone’s national UK network. In other words, if you’re a Pixel owner on another network and still having problems, then it’s possible the June 2024 update might not resolve it for you (such issues often relate to tweaks with specific carrier profiles).

In any case, this should end many months of annoyance for a lot of Pixel owners, and that’s a good thing. But sadly, the June 2024 update doesn’t extend to all of Google’s devices, which is hard luck if you’re still using one of their Pixel 4 or older series.


Google’s June 2024 Update Support (Global)
  • Pixel 5a (5G):    AP2A.240605.024
  • Pixel 6:                AP2A.240605.024
  • Pixel 6 Pro:        AP2A.240605.024
  • Pixel 6a:              AP2A.240605.024
  • Pixel 7:                AP2A.240605.024
  • Pixel 7 Pro:        AP2A.240605.024
  • Pixel 7a:              AP2A.240605.024
  • Pixel Tablet:       AP2A.240605.024
  • Pixel Fold:           AP2A.240605.024
  • Pixel 8:                AP2A.240605.024
  • Pixel 8 Pro:        AP2A.240605.024
  • Pixel 8a:             AP2A.240605.024
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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on X (Twitter), Mastodon, Facebook and .
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25 Responses
  1. Avatar photo Mike says:

    Yep, confirmed working on a Pixel 7 Pro on Talkmobile – hurrah.

  2. Avatar photo Pixelbro says:

    Great news. Is VoLTE fixed as well?

  3. Avatar photo HATE GOOGLE says:

    Now if only Google can sort out the modem and battery life I will feel less inclined to throw my phone at the wall every day. I can honestly say my old samsung was and still works better than my overpriced pixel 8

  4. Avatar photo Martin says:

    It’s a shame VoWIFI and VoLTE support can’t be added through a APK pushed from the play store. This would make the process quicker and less reliant on the handset makers, and networks updating their network specific variants

  5. Avatar photo Snarpatroid says:

    I’ve covered this extensively in a thread at
    https://www.ispreview.co.uk/talk/threads/lebara-volte-vowifi-for-google-pixel.40153/ so it’s worth a read but I’ve also identified a bug that some others are also experiencing 5G is no longer available as a preferred network in the settings menu (there is a potential workaround on the thread)

    1. Avatar photo yeehaa says:

      Why do Google do this? They fix a long standing bug only to replace it with a new one! LOL. I also have this issue with 5G no longer displaying in the “preferred network” list of options. Using Talkmobile using the Pixel 6.

    2. Avatar photo Snarpatroid says:

      So true indeed! As a workaround I’ve enabled it in the phone diagnostic menu and also sent device feedback to Google, hopefully the more who report this the quicker the fix if you’re inclined (the workaround is described on the linked thread today)

    3. Avatar photo yeehaa says:

      Thanks @Snarpatroid. The update doesn’t appear to have effected other networks. It might have something to do with the new “Operator settings version” – talkmobile_gb-56000000010.64 2024-05-08

  6. Avatar photo Name says:

    I am in O2 and haven’t had this issue however not only Pixel 4 but also Pixel 5 is excluded. 5A is different and as far as I know wasn’t officially offered outside of India as far as I remember.

    1. Avatar photo 5a corrector says:

      Pretty sure the 5a was only released in USA and Japan. Not India

  7. Avatar photo Aled says:

    Curious. I had noticed audio dropouts on WiFi extenders on my EE Pixel 6a. Workaround was switching off WiFi

    1. Avatar photo Snarpatroid says:

      In settings – network – calls and SMS – choose Lebara and go to calling preference. Try the option that says use mobile network, that prioritises mobile instead of WiFi unless there’s no mobile network then it looks for WiFi.

  8. Avatar photo Nigel says:

    I tried Talkmobile last month, moving from Vodafone where I rely on WiFi calling owing to rubbish signal at home. Before switching I checked the Talkmobile website which said that WiFi calling was available. I switched, WiFi calling didn’t work and Talkmobile help said that a software update in either December last year or June 2024 might fix the problem. They didn’t say where the fix would be (my phone or their infrastructure) or commit to it being a fix so I left and returned to Vodafone. However, as I have a Pixel 3A it all seems moot.

    1. Avatar photo MB says:

      You do realise that Talkmobile is wholly owned by Vodafone?

  9. Avatar photo Ikm says:

    Such a shame that my perfectly functional pixel 4a is excluded from this fix

    1. Avatar photo TechKeshi says:

      My Pixel 2 grieves with you. Loved that phone and even forked out for a new battery. But OS security is too important to me, as are the latest and greatest features and hardware.

  10. Avatar photo TechKeshi says:

    This issue is very much on my radar at the moment as I’ve spent several days grappling with it.


    Google Pixel 7 Pro.
    Network: an MNVO called ‘1p Mobile’ which runs on EE. They have confirmed that the VoWiFi service is activated and should work
    VoLTE seems to be working (get ‘HD’ next to some calls)
    VoWifi is NOT working

    …which is a huge problem for me as although EE is great outside and I can get 5G, inside the house I have to stand right at the front window or else the other party cannot hear me.

    I should say, I have had this (wifi calling) working at some point in the past with my P7P when I used to be with the 3 network. I can even look back in my phone’s dialler and see calls made this time last year with the ‘wifi’ icon next to the call. It was so nice to be able to make a call anywhere in the house without the other end getting frustrated and giving it the ‘can’t hear you!’ all the time.

    Oh well, let’s see if this patch makes a difference. I’ll keep you updated. Wish me luck.

    1. Avatar photo TechKeshi says:

      Goddamnit. Not a blind bit of difference after the June 24 patch.

      Might have to do a Snarpatroid and go on a crusade at Google and 1p mobile.

    2. Avatar photo TechKeshi says:

      Sadly, the update made no difference at all.

      I’ve ordered a proper EE PAYG SIM (which apparently supports VoWiFi — https://ee.co.uk/help/mobile/manage-use/using-phone-features/use-wifi-calling ) and will put a bit of credit on it and give it a try to see if being on a full network SIM, and not a MNVO SIM, makes any difference.

      Should I find the EE SIM works with VoWiFi, I might have to port my number to EE. If that doesn’t work, I might even have to tuck tail and return to 3 which I’d rather not do as the 4/5G signal when I’m out and about is much inferior to EE’s.

      I’ll come back here and update with any major developments,

    3. Avatar photo TechKeshi says:


      I now have WiFi calling working on my unlocked Google Pixel 7 Pro.

      You know what it actually was? My £$%^&*! home broadband fibre router! And it was all MY fault too!

      Basically, I got a new router back in Feb. Force of habit, I disable everything on the router that I don’t think I need. Among other things, I disabled IPSEC passthrough. IPSEC passthrough is absolutely needed in order for VoWiFi calls to be placed.

      When I switched IPSEC passthrough back on my router — VoWiFi started working again.

      Lol. You live and learn!

  11. Avatar photo Keith Patrak says:

    I’m on Tesco Mobile with my Pixel 7a and I still have an issue with wi-fi calling. I can temporarily resolve it by turning the flight mode on and off

  12. Avatar photo Jay says:

    Updated both Plxel 6 and both have WiFi calling on Lebra

  13. Avatar photo JP says:

    Google only supports its devices for 3 years…. 🙁

    Googles model essentially can render devices non-network worthy after 3 years by looks and sounds of it.

    My Pixel 4a which is still fit as a fiddle and in use by my mum and is suffering on Lebara at the moment with no access to Wifi or VoLTE.

    Not a fan of Google as it is but this sort of put nails in the coffin for me, I’m glad that CalyX or Grahene exists to be honest.

  14. Avatar photo Gavin says:

    I so nearly sent my phone back when I could not use WiFi calling on Lebara. Lucky I subscribed to the beta program and the beta software connected to WIFi calling. I’m now on the standered software with WiFi calling. If would not matter but work in a huge warehouse and need WiFi calling as no phone signal in the building.

  15. Avatar photo pandroid says:

    VoLTE/VoWiFi is still not functioning for Google Pixel devices on Spusu (EE). Google, what are you doing?!?


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