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NOW Broadband Launch Sky UK Powered 75Mbps Full Fibre Plan

Friday, Jun 14th, 2024 (3:53 pm) - Score 3,200

Customers of Sky’s sibling NOW Broadband ISP sub-brand, which is best known for its associated NOW TV streaming service, should take note that the provider has today launched a new 75Mbps Full Fibre (FTTP) tier via Openreach’s network and will now only sell new packages via Sky’s website (i.e. NOW no longer has their own order system).

The move reflects a continuation of the strategy that we first saw in February 2024 (here), when NOW introduced their first Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) package (100Mbps “Powered by Sky“) and oddly only made it available via Sky’s website – effectively diluting the somewhat more separate approach and branding that NOW TV had previously been taking.

However, from today, new customers will also be able to purchase a new full fibre product, NOW Full Fibre 75, which adopts the same “Powered by Sky” approach as their 100Mbps tier. Where full fibre isn’t available, NOW Superfast (average speeds of 61Mbps) – a Fibre-to-the-Cabinet (FTTC / VDSL2) product – will be available instead (also via Sky).


As a result, the old NOW Super Fibre, NOW Fab Fibre and NOW Brilliant Broadband packages are no longer available to purchase for new customers via NOW’s own website. Existing NOW Broadband customers will be able to keep their current NOW Broadband contract, at least for now. But they will “have the choice to move to a NOW Powered by Sky package when recontracting.”

Amber Pine, Sky’s MD of Connectivity, said:

“With data consumption exponentially increasing every year, customers need increased bandwidth, better reliability, and ultrafast speeds in the home. Full fibre is essential to the connected home and NOW Full Fibre 75 provides an additional speed choice for NOW customers. ‘Powered by Sky’, both NOW Full Fibre 75 and NOW Superfast packages, enable us to offer the best technology at the best value through the NOW brand.”

The new approach will no doubt be more cost-effective for Sky to maintain, while the refreshed packages also maintain a similar price point to those that came before. But quite why they haven’t gone any faster than 100Mbps yet is unclear, and this does raise questions about the future of the NOW Broadband.


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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on X (Twitter), Mastodon, Facebook and .
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18 Responses
  1. Avatar photo binary says:

    It’s also of note because ‘old’ NOW Broadband was an economical way to get FTTC (or ADSL) either on a one month contract – albeit with a £60 set-up fee – or otherwise effectively on a 12 month contract (i.e. commit to 12 months and there was no set-up fee).

    Also notable is that ‘old’ NOW Broadband continued to offer a PSTN (aka POTS) telephone service (delivered via Sky’s MSANs, the LLU kit installed in exchanges) – this is no longer on offer, instead the phone service now delivered as “internet calls” (Sky’s name for it’s ‘digital voice’ product) – this is included as standard (as the ‘Pay as you Talk’ tariff).

    1. Avatar photo Martin says:

      That’s a shame, I had hoped that Now might start selling FTTP directly avoiding the 18 month contract

    2. Avatar photo Ad47uk says:

      @Martin, even the FTTC is now an 18-month contract.

    3. Avatar photo tech3475 says:

      Does the terms now allow you to leave if they increase the price like the regular Sky Broadband?

      That might be one way to get a 12 month contract out of this ;).

    4. Avatar photo Ad47uk says:

      @tech3475, don’t look like it, on there T&C’s it says “New 18-month min. term. £29 per month (pm) for 18-months (then £43 pm). Prices may change during contract”

      I also saw this. “No traffic management policy” I have not seen traffic management for years, the only ones that may have it are ones like A&A, but then you are limited to how much you can download on that unless you pay more.

    5. Avatar photo texh3475 says:


      Had a quick look, unless I misread something, Sky’s T&C PDF as of today still list the 30 day after price rise policy for broadband.

      Now’s T&C PDF still seems to be for the old packages when it was FTTC.

      For anyone signing up, I would contact Now to see whether Sky’s T&C apply because if it doesn’t then it might be cheaper to go directly via Sky if leaving after a price rise is something you’d do.

    6. Avatar photo binary says:


      The new “NOW Powered by Sky” broadband packages are all directly provided by Sky, and so it’s the Sky T&Cs which apply (not the old NOW Broadband T&Cs). The new packages all result in you being a direct customer of the Sky brand (you order via the sky.com website, you get a ‘My Sky’ login, customer service is direct with Sky etc).

      I’ve just looked at the Sky Broadband T&Cs, and Condition 10(c)(ii) is the relevant one which permits a customer to ending their contract early during the Minimum Term if the Sky Broadband Payment increases.

    7. Avatar photo Ad47uk says:

      @texh3475, I found that info by going through the motions of ordering broadband, and it was in the T&Cs there, Maybe Sky needs to make things clearer. Sadly, they are not the only company that confuses people.
      It is a shame that they have gone for the 18-month contract, but looking at it again, even the FTTC services is powered by sky. Maybe Now is going out of the broadband market and pushing it all over to Sky. I know that it was Sky network anyway, but it never said that until they started offering FTTP.

  2. Avatar photo Matt says:

    I must be one of the last customers of Now – went live today. 12 month contract whilst awaiting FTTP infrastructure to come to my road

  3. Avatar photo JP says:

    I was about to order the 1 month contract broadband option too… oh well.

  4. Avatar photo anonymous says:

    In my opinion, and others may disagree, greedy Sky getting rid of the monthly contracts where you paid for their enforced hub upfront. If they think I will sign an 18 month contract for FTTC then they can think again.

    What with BT getting rid of two of their brands, one a known value brand, and therefore reducing switching choice at end of customer contracts, and Sky now doing this to the value brand Now, you’d think they were meeting up together in some forum group to discuss ways to increase costs and reduce choice. Not saying they have, but thought did cross my mind….Can you have an opinion or thought these days?

    1. Avatar photo binary says:

      BT Group is not getting rid of Plusnet broadband, which is to continue to exist as their ‘no frills’ brand – though yes, Plusnet mobile has been discontinued.

      At the present time, as a residential customer you can still order BT branded Broadband. However the prices of BT and EE Broadband are pretty well aligned now.

    2. Avatar photo Ad47uk says:

      @binary, Yet, They do seem to be trying to push people to EE, even those on Plusnet. Plusnet is not a lot cheaper these days to be honest. !45Mb/s on Plusnet is £27.99, EE it is £30.99 for 149Mb/s, I don’t know why the difference in speed.

      Plusnet used to be a fiver less at least than EE/BT than Bt/EE, but not any more. The one advantage Plusnet have is that their router don’t come with a load of junk that most people will not need.
      The bad thing now is the 24-month contracts that Plusnet is now pushing people into, I really thought we had got away from these stupid long contracts, but it seems they have come back.

    3. Avatar photo anonymous says:

      Like Ad47uk says and Marc Allera said a review of Plusnet was underway. I haven’t seen a conclusion just yet to the review outcome?


      Under the impression that BT Consumer, and Plusnet would go as EE was the surviving retail brand.

    4. Avatar photo flavione says:

      @Ad47uk At the moment Plusnet is still offering 12 month contracts, both FTTC and FTTP, but they are only available through their contact centre. When I called them a couple of months ago, a Fibre (i.e. FTTC) contract was available for around £30/month + activation fee.

  5. Avatar photo ex-techie says:

    Good lord, the pricing on these products are terrible and not competitive in the slightest. I’m paying £29 for 500mbit via Vodafone (unfortunately on the openreach network as it’s the ONLY FTTP product in my area) and the connection is flawless. Even have a static IP.

    1. Avatar photo Barry says:

      I have got full fibre 500 and digital voice phone for £29.99 with BT. You can get deals sometimes.

  6. Avatar photo MRLeeds says:

    I’ve got family with them but looking to move off, they’re on ADSL 2 still and in April it went up from £19 to £22.49 and then this month it’s going up another £3 to £25.49, a 34% rise in 3 months, mad.

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