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AOL UK Wielding Content Axe?
By: MarkJ - 31 March, 2005 (8:59 AM)

ISP AOL UK has denied reports that its programming department reorganisation will lead to less content provision. Instead they insist that the move is actually designed to focus on improving broadband content:

An AOL spokesman said news, sport, entertainment, music and so on, "is what our programming team do - it has reorganised to ensure it is more focussed on broadband content (news sport, entertainment etc). In that team we have journalists, and in our tools and products team we have developers, and technical product people."

He said AOL's announcements on Instant Messaging and Voice over IP were "nothing new" and "no dark secret". "We will continue with tools and services, as we will continue with content," he said.

A reorganisation of the programming department over the past three months was to increase the focus on broadband content, given the substantial uptake of broadband services and the increased amount of time broadband users spend accessing content.

The netimperative item report that AOL UK had 2m subscribers 18 months ago, with over 2.3m now.

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