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Madasafish's 4Months Free ADSL
By: MarkJ - 31 March, 2005 (12:45 PM)

Madasafish (Brightview) has begun offering 4 months free access to any customers that migrate their existing broadband ADSL services to them:

Madasafish who recently announced their 2Mb broadband service for £17.99 a month are now offering 4 months free for customers who migrate their existing broadband services to them. With a free modem and no connection fees the average cost over 12 months works out at just £11.99 a month.

Current broadband users may not be aware that they could be paying less for faster speeds of up to 2Mb with Madasafish,” stated Matthew Henton, Head of Marketing. “When cancelling services most ISP providers operate by Ofcom’s standard practice of providing consumers with a Migration Authorisation Code. Armed with that code, the transfer of services is seamless and the only noticable difference those who switch to us are likely to encounter is more money in their pocket and a faster connection.

Further information on this deal is available at: http://www.madasafish.co.uk/services/broadband/migration.asp

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