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New ISP Review Survey (Poll)
By: MarkJ - 07 March, 2005 (2:01 PM)

To help kick off the new month on our new server we've started a new poll, which asks: "How attractive is 8Mbps broadband to you?". Results from the previous monthís poll are as follows:

Do you have a home network of two or more computers?
Yes - 81.7%
No - 18.2%

What type is it?
Both Wireless & Cable - 31.7%
Cable Based - 29.6%
Wireless - 22.3%
n/a (chose "No" above) - 16.2%

Total Votes = 746

We were impressed to find that the vast majority (80%) of our readership were home network users, with many (30%) using a combination of wired and wireless technology.

Still, itís perhaps not so surprising when you consider just how popular broadband is. Many ISPís have also begun pushing home networking alongside these products, thus making it easier to adopt and understand.

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