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Conservative's Eye Broadband
By: MarkJ - 14 March, 2005 (2:32 PM)

The Conservative party has, in keeping with the usual push for 2005's forthcoming general election, boasted about putting broadband at the top of its agenda. This apparently means making sure the UK has a network capable of delivering interactive video by 2020:

Unveiling its "Action Plan" at the weekend, a Tory think tank led by Shadow IT Minister Michael Fabricant MP and European Technology Spokesman Malcolm Harbour MEP said: "An incoming Conservative Government must..lift the UK significantly upwards from its middle rank position among developed countries in exploiting digital technology."

The pre-election report by the Conservative Technology Forum also reckons that police need more specialist resources to help deal with computer crime. It's also called for the creation of a central unit to deal with paedophiles.

In a statement Tory Michael Fabricant said: "This Action Plan offers practical policies which an incoming Conservative administration must seriously consider. This shows our joined up approach to policy making and our determination to move the UK to the front rank of digital economies."

Don't be surprised to see all the main party's pushing similarly attractive ideals; it's just that time again. More @ The Register.

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