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Gio Sends In Debt Collectors Again?
By: MarkJ - 15 March, 2005 (9:57 AM)

Despite the previous debt collection agency (Wescot Credit Services) pulling out following many complaints, now ex-Gio Internet ISP customers have begun receiving mail from a new one - OCM (Outsourced Credit Management).

Earlier reports on Westcot's exit from the process were believed to have been connected with incomplete records of Gio's customer accounts and billing transactions. It's unlikely that such data could simply be fixed and indeed the complaints on our forum would appear to bear that out - HERE.

Even before the present mess began last year, ISP Review still received many complaints about billing errors and an inability to cancel accounts due to lack of support. Typically this made Westcot's problems unsurprising, yet calls into question how the process could so easily be restarted, albeit under another collector.

It's also worth pointing out that Westcot itself was actually found to be acting on behalf of NTL, which was reportedly owed cash by Gio for wholesale dial-up services. Could it be the same case this time?

Either way Gio/NTL/Whoever is persistently acting in a way that appears to blame customers for the mistakes of a business, which naturally causes anger and stress among its victims.

It's a sad fact that new laws may soon allow debt collectors even more power to reclaim money and this is a perfect example of just why that is such a bad idea.

We'd strongly recommend that those receiving these notices respond to the debt collector ASAP (by phone and in writing) with their concerns, challenging the claim if they feel it justified to do so. Sending in a complaint to 'North Ayrshire Trading Standards' couldn't hurt either.

Taken from a previous Trading Standards notice (Westcot replaced with OCM):

* Contact [OCM] immediately and follow this up in writing to [OCM] asap and keep a copy. Explain the situation to them and also send a copy of response to:

Customer Services Manager,
Gio Internet,
11 Riverside Way,
KA11 5DP

If you feel the matter is not being resolved to your satisfaction please contact your local Trading Standards or directly to us here at Trading Standards at North Ayrshire Council.

Tel: 01294 324900
Email : tradingstandards@north-ayrshire.gov.uk

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