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BT Bills For Excessive ADSL Usage
By: MarkJ - 09 December, 2005 (9:41 AM)

ADSLGuide has posted a copy of BT Retail's latest broadband letter, which shows how the operators ISP wing has begun charging customers 1 per GB for excessive heavy usage over its cap:

People who have received the letter are given three options:

1) Pay the excess usage charge, and any extra monthly fees for an upgrade to the BT Broadband Option 4 product (29.99 per month)

2) Obtain a MAC (Migration Authorisation Code) and migrate to another service provider (meaning you will not have to pay the excess usage charge)

3) Ignore the letter. After 30 days you will find the service is suspended, and a further 30 days later, the service is terminated. A suspended service can be re-instated if you contact BT, but once terminated you will need to pay the activation fee to get another ADSL service.

Typically we can appreciate this happening, especially where those downloading nearly 100GB per month on a product capped to less than half of that are concerned. Similarly 1 per GB is below the price charged by many providers.

However, looking around BTs Broadband site, youd be hard pressed to find any clear mention of the 1 charge itself without spending a lot of time reading the fine print.

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