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Tiscali Improves Customer Support
By: MarkJ - 16 August, 2006 (12:37 PM)

ISP Tiscali UK is aiming to improve its communication with customers by adopting the RightNow Service™:

The deployment of RightNow Service™ will ensure the broadband supplier can offer all customers consistent, accurate and timely answers whether they are ‘self-serving’; asking questions via the Tiscali website, or on the phone speaking with a Tiscali agent.

After piloting with RightNow for a month, Tiscali has already seen how providing knowledge, not data, at the front line of business in real time, resolves customer service challenges. Customers can now either self-serve via Tiscali’s website gaining access to RightNow’s Intuitive Knowledge Foundation, which responds immediately to questions, or by phoning and speaking with a support agent, who uses the Knowledge Foundation, to gain access to the correct answer.

The multi-patented process continuously self-learns from each customer interaction ensuring that it goes beyond static questions and answers. This approach of providing ‘Knowledge at the point of action’ is helping Tiscali deliver a superior customer experience. The consistency and availability of knowledge results in a positive experience for both the customer and agent; customers have the choice of how to communicate successfully with the company and agents are able to swiftly and confidently respond to any questions that come through to the contact centre, reducing call handling times and increasing the amount of queries responded to.

RightNow supports our customer experience vision of ensuring that the customer feels satisfied, comfortable and at ease when dealing with Tiscali, via whatever communication channel,” Neal McCleave, Managing Director Media and Operations, Tiscali, said. “The market is extremely competitive, so we cannot afford to provide anything less than a superb customer experience. RightNow provides us with greater visibility in terms of what information customers need from us, the questions they are asking and the agents’ productivity. This gives us a wealth of knowledge about our customers that we can act on.

Tiscali has never exactly been a beacon of support quality among UK ISP’s, although perhaps this could change that. Unfortunately it’s unlikely to fix all the complaints we receive about billing, connection and speed issues.

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