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Zen Launches Enhanced Care
By: MarkJ - 17 August, 2006 (1:01 PM)

ISP Zen Internet has today announced the launch of its business-grade Broadband Service Level Guarantee - Zen Enhanced Care, which will be available to all broadband customers:

Zen Enhanced Care is available as an option on all Zen Broadband services, including the latest up to 8Mb services, Zen 8000 Lite and Zen Office 8000 Max. For just £12.00 per month (excluding VAT), customers will be able to take advantage of a Support Team offering guaranteed response and resolution times in the event of any faults found with their Broadband service.

The ISPA award-winning Business Broadband provider has been commended on many occasions for the high levels of service and support provided to all its customers. The introduction of Zen Enhanced Care does not mark any deterioration in regular service standards, it simply recognises that many organisations today require a guaranteed fault resolution time and advanced service level for all business critical operations over their Broadband connections.

Iain Johnstone Sales and Partner Programme Manager at Zen commented: ďThis service is being launched to meet demand from customers who consider Service Level Agreements an important safeguard in support of their business activity. We are pleased that we can now extend this to their Internet connectivity giving them an even greater level of security across all aspects of their business.Ē

Zen Enhanced Care is supplied for a minimum term of 1 month, which is in line with Zenís minimum term Broadband contract. Within this, Zen commits to a one working hour response time in respect of all technical support Broadband fault enquiries, and a sixteen working hour resolution time for all Broadband faults found to have origination with the Zen supplied DSL circuit or within the Zen network.

For more information about Enhanced Care and Zenís range of Business Broadband solutions, please visit http://www.zenbroadband.com .

Despite being open to all, we doubt that most residential package customers could justify spending an extra £12 +vat per month purely on support. This is most definitely a service with greater fit towards the higher business broadband market.

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