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Tiscali Suffers E-Mail Server Outage
By: MarkJ - 03 August, 2006 (8:38 AM)

Reports suggest that a "small proportion of [TISCALI's] customers" have been experiencing e-mail problems since as far back as Sunday, with many being totally unable to access the service. Typically 'small proportion' could mean anything from tens to over 100,000:

Tiscali's own status page acknowledges that there is a problem, and says its webmail and pop3 servers are running at only 80 per cent capacity.

However, a statement on the status page adds that its engineers have analysed the maintenance results and say that the majority of customers are able to use the service. It also warns that its netphone and fax service is currently undergoing "critical maintenance".

Tiscali's status page reports that the pop3 platform should now have been fixed, albeit with some delay in delivering mail. Sadly the related Webmail fault has still not been completely resolved. More @ The Register.

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