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New ISPreview Survey/Poll
By: MarkJ - 21 August, 2006 (9:16 AM)

We've just uploaded a new poll for the coming month, which asks, "How confusing are modern broadband packages to you?". Results from the previous month’s survey can be found below:

How much data (GigaBytes) do you consume (average) per month?

More than 40GB's - 29%
1 to 5GB's - 18.4%
20 to 40GB's - 13.4%
Don't know - 12.8%
5 to 10GB's - 11.8%
10 to 20GB's - 8.3%
Up to 1GB - 5.9%

Total Votes = 1492

Interestingly very few of our readers don't know how much data they consume (13%), which is a good thing since understanding your usage allows you to make a more accurate package choice.

Otherwise the results follow a reasonably level split between the different data use groupings, yet very few (6%) used up to 1GB per month. Despite that the 1 to 5GB "light" usage range proved quite popular with 18% of the vote.

Meanwhile 29% consumed more than 40GB's, which would put them in the "heavy users" bracket with most providers. Surprisingly usage between 20GB and 40GB's was less common (13%) than we expected it to be.

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