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Ofcom's Euro1Net Investigation
By: MarkJ - 29 August, 2006 (12:43 PM)

Ofcom has formally announced an investigation into ISP Euro1Net, which earlier last week left 5,500 of its broadband customers without Internet access because of a payment dispute with supplier BT:

Ofcom has opened an investigation to consider whether Advanced Data Services (Europe) Ltd (“ADS”), also trading as Euro1Net, has contravened General Condition 14.4 which requires Communications Providers to produce a Code of Practice on dealing with customer complaints and disputes that is consistent with Ofcom published guidelines, and to comply with their Code.

Ofcom will also investigate whether ADS has contravened General Condition 14.7 which requires Communications Providers to implement and comply with an Ofcom approved Dispute Resolution Scheme for their domestic and small business customers.

The opening of this investigation follows a number of consumer complaints that Ofcom has received regarding the provision of broadband services by ADS. If Ofcom's investigation concludes that ADS is not complying with its obligations under the General Conditions, Ofcom will decide what action is appropriate to ensure that consumer interests are protected.

Typically customers should not be relying on Ofcom to do wonders, with such investigations often taking a considerable amount of time and rarely helping. Similarly it does not appear to be an investigation into the BT/E1N dispute itself.


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