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Customer vs PlusNet's Cancellation & MAC Policy
By: MarkJ - 28 February, 2007 (9:25 AM)

One of The Register's staff, Andrew Smith, has done an interestingly personal editorial on his experiences when attempting to leave UK ISP PlusNet. Suffice to say that it hasnít all been plain sailing:

At that point I discovered that I was right back where I started - PlusNet had never actually closed my account. It had also charged £21.99 to my credit card instead of the £18.33 they claimed I owed. And they had added my card details to the unwanted account, ready to grab any money they wanted in future.

Although I can now move to my new ISP, the final slap in the face is that I must cancel my PlusNet account again, and that means another 30-day cancellation fee. A call back into PlusNet resulted in a promise to look into the matter and get back in touch. There's been no word since.

The full article can be read HERE and is well worth some eye time.

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