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ISPís Cashing In On Technical Support Calls
By: MarkJ - 17 August, 2007 (8:43 AM)

Though some UK ISP's make calls to technical support free or via a local call rate, many others do not, effectively using the frustrations of their customers to make money. Curiously enough sales line calls are often free.

The latest uSwitch research estimates that ISP's rake in £34m per year from such calls, with providers like Orange.co.uk (50p per minute) charging hefty premium rates to access help.

It's claimed that 19 million support calls are made each year and just 40% of the problems raised are solved. It's hardly a surprise given that most support centre staff merely read from a script without any real understanding of the subject at hand.

Sadly none of this is new and all due praise should be bestowed upon providers that donít charge people (free or local call rate) for having problems with their own service resolved.

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