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Ofcom Extends Broadband Migration Monitoring
By: MarkJ - 14 August, 2007 (8:37 AM)

Ofcom has decided to extend its programme of broadband migration rule (General Condition 22) monitoring and enforcement for a further six months. Readers may recall how the regulator introduced new rules to make switching broadband ISP's easier during December last year - here.

The move signifies that while the initial introduction pains of its new rules have become less, the situation is still far from perfect as the regulator explains below:

Over the last six months we have collected information from broadband providers in relation to the migration of broadband customers. This information, along with complaint data received by Ofcom, has been used to monitor compliance with GC22. Where we have identified comparatively high complaint levels we have held discussions with the relevant broadband provider to identify the cause of the complaints and bring about compliance with GC22.

Where this approach has not succeeded, we have taken a more formal approach. Since the introduction of the enforcement programme, the number of complaints received by Ofcom about broadband migration issues has fallen by about half, from around 480 complaints per week at the start of March to around 250 complaints per week at the start of August.

Unfortunately there appears to have been very little movement on the ever growing matter of unbundled (LLU) broadband migrations, which are not fully covered by Ofcom's new rules.

This issue has been present ever since the new code was introduced and yet nearly nine months later very little has changed while unbundled services continue to become a significant mass market force.

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