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Orange Wipe Freeserve & Wanadoo E-Mail Accounts
By: MarkJ - 31 August, 2007 (8:27 AM)

Orange, which was formerly known as Wanadoo and before that - Freeserve, has without warning begun to wipe the e-mail accounts of its older pay-as-you-go (payg) dialup customers.

Initially e-mail accounts would only have been deactivated where the dialup number remained unused for a period of 90 days, which was extended to 260 earlier this year. Users were also able to keep the account alive by merely visiting the ISP's website, but not anymore:

Under the new regime however, access to email is not denied when the dial-up account is suspended, so users are not made aware their account is in danger of deletion. The "grace period" has been removed.

The new policy has bitten over the last week, as noted by angry users in this Orangeproblems.co.uk thread. Many say they have lost years of email without warning and are told it is irrecoverable when they contact customer service.

It's also noted that some customers were recently able to reactivate their accounts only to find them wiped during the week.

Customer service and support haven't exactly been Orange's strong points over the past year and little seems to have changed. More @ The Register.

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