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Heavy Broadband Users Prefer PC’s For Gaming
By: MarkJ - 30 August, 2007 (1:15 PM)

E-mail traumatised UK ISP Plusnet has questioned 100 of its high-use broadband customers about their online gaming habits, finding that 77% prefer PC or browser-based games to those available via consoles:

Respondents specified a number of reasons for this preference - the breadth and diversity of PC gaming communities, the quality of the graphics and the overall gaming experience available.

While the console market becomes more competitive, the bulk of gamers are yet to be convinced of their worth. 64 per cent of those questioned never use a console for online gaming, preferring to rely on their home PC. Of those who do use a console, the Xbox 360 ranked top – with 22 per cent of online gamers owning one.

The console market is dominated by high-profile companies, backed by huge marketing budgets – so it’s easy to think that this is the way most of us like to game online,” said Neil Armstrong, products director at PlusNet. “However, our research shows that most serious gamers prefer a PC and broadband connection as their entry point. The fact that nearly two-thirds of people questioned don’t even own a console shows how strong and diverse dominant PC gaming this group is.

Console gaming is a relative newcomer to the market so it shouldn’t really come as a surprise that PC-based gaming is still the preferred option. However, the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Wii have been designed from the ground up to work online, so there’s no doubt that this consoles will become more popular over the coming year,” he continued.

The important thing for online play is to make sure that the experience matches expectations. Not all broadband connections are created equally. Gamers, whether PC or console-based, should be looking closely at providers to ensure the service is up to scratch when it comes to gaming. Like sports cars require specialist oils and equipment, a high quality gaming experience demands good traffic prioritisation and a high quality of service – both of which we’ve dedicated significant time to throughout our history,” he added.

True, though even gamers like being able to collect their e-mail without fear of it disappearing into some sort of "black hole" every few months.

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