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izR Launch 2Mbps Leased Line
By: MarkJ - 07 January, 2005 (2:44 PM)

ISP izR Solutions has today announced their new 2MBAnywhere product, offering UK businesses a 'distance independent' 2MB lease line Internet connection for under 10,000 (*faints*):

In addition, izR (www.izrsolutions.com) is enticing the first 5 customers to sign up with extra savings of up to 3500 on installation and hardware, making the 2MBAnywhere product one of the best deals for business internet connections in the UK marketplace.

The 2MBAnywhere product comprises a 2MB connection on a 3 year contract which is truly 'distance independent'. Delivered over a fibre optic connection, 2MBAnywhere provides a 1:1 contention connection alongside a 'Total Care' package, BT's highest level SLA making this product perfectly suitable for corporate internet connections or companies with the need to host internet services from their own office and data centers.

One of the first companies to take advantage of BT's reconfiguring of the existing Frame Relay network, izR Solutions is able to challenge companies such as NTL by providing 2MBAnywhere customers with a better service than is currently available over a wider area and at a competitive price.

Business Development Director of izR Solutions, Stuart Shearing says, "2MBAnywhere is a significant development in the provision of high quality internet connections for all UK businesses regardless of location. We are offering a better service, a better deal, and a better future to customers and resellers alike."

izR Solutions expect to attract customers in a short period of time, and looks forward to extending this incredible money-saving offer to more companies as take up grows.

Those on established SDSL connections are probably laughing, although SDSL coverage is limited. Mind you, we can recall a time with 2Mbps lines were more than twice that amount.

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