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BT's Broadband Knocked Offline
By: MarkJ - 15 January, 2005 (9:34 AM)

Roughly 70,000 firms and ordinary customers using one of BT's broadband connections were cut off last night following a major network crash:

The outage occurred at 12.30pm on Friday, and prevented 70,000 firms across the UK from accessing the Internet. A BT spokesman said that by 4pm around two-thirds had been reconnected, with over 20,000 customers still waiting for their connectivity to be restored.

Dial-up Internet users were also hit, but they should only have experienced a temporary connection failure.

The crash occurred in a network switching centre at Bletchley, near Milton Keynes, at one of several sites that handles Internet traffic for BT Retail.

It's believed that some users might still be unable to connect, although they should be restored this morning. More @ ZDNet.

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