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Supanet Confirms Broadband Capping
By: MarkJ - 13 January, 2005 (1:07 PM)

ADSLGuide has pointed to a service announcement by Supanet confirming that they've been capping customers, despite openly promoting themselves as having no extra restrictions vs other ISP's (Supa’s Comparison).

We first reported on customer complaints about slow speeds on 4th January 2005 - HERE. One thing to be noted from this is that those claiming to have been placed on the slower network consumed relatively small amounts of data (300MB etc.):

Supanet broadband customers may be aware that over recent weeks we have undertaken significant work on the network and that we have further additional network capacity coming on stream in the very near future. A new BT Central is planned for the week commencing 17th January 2005, which will add further capacity, and we have an additional pipe waiting in the wings.

Bandwidth use is monitored as part of detailed forecasting which we use to direct further investment into our network and provide additional capacity on a rolling basis. Our objective is to ensure that we can provide our customers with the best possible service. Over the last few months our forecasts have revealed, in common with other broadband ISPs, that there are a very small minority of broadband customers who use a very significant percentage of available bandwidth capacity. As our customers will be aware, Supanet broadband is a contended service and consequently exceptionally high usage by a very small minority can have the effect of downgrading the service and adversely affecting the majority of our users. As a responsible ISP this is not something that we can allow to continue as we look to offer the best possible to service to our customers as a whole. Appropriate steps have therefore been taken to manage the service to meet this objective. The small minority of exceptionally high usage customers has been moved to a managed part of our network where they will be contended at a different level to lessen the impact on the network. These customers will remain on the managed network for a short time following which they will be returned to the unmanaged network with the rest of the base provided that they are not deemed to have an adverse impact on the many thousands of other broadband customers.

We wish to reiterate that Supanet remains committed to providing value-for-money uncapped broadband services. As part of this commitment we are pleased to announce that Supanet will shortly be launching a 'no-ties' broadband service for both 512 Kb and 1Mb This will give customers new to broadband or migrating from other ISPs the opportunity to try Supanet Broadband without committing to the usual 12-month contract. Customers will only be required to give one month’s notice should they wish to change. Details and terms will be appear on the Supanet portal in the near future

We would like to thank our customers for choosing Supanet and apologize to those who may have been adversely affected by the immoderate use of a very small minority.

We've seen other providers use similar language in the past, yet most have linked this with data consumption in the high Gigabytes (50 to 150GB per month).

Even per day, 300MB is still some way off what most providers would deem excessive. Clearly, if this is the case as many users claim it to be, then Supanet may have seriously over stepped the mark.

It remains to be seen whether the cap will remain after next weeks network upgrade. Such users should also consider sending off an e-mail to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

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