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Supanet Sees Slow ADSL Speed Anger
By: MarkJ - 04 January, 2005 (10:07 AM)

We've been receiving a growing number of complaints from Supanet's ISP customers, specifically those on its broadband packages. Many have begun seeing such slow speeds that, in some cases, even dialup could be considered faster.

The reason for the problem appears to differ depending on who you speak with. Either way the difficulties have been with an unknown number of people for most of the festive period (2/3 weeks).

On the one hand the ISP clearly states that its products are uncapped (note: most complaints from 1Mbps users), yet some users state that "there is now no way to download more than about 200-300mb a day using any form of access".

Typically using more over that quote (200/300Mb) seems to get you placed on a different, slower, network. We haven't been able to validate this.

On the other hand the ISP itself appears to be placing the blame with some sort of missing upgrade from a 3rd party supplier, which would have improved the network. Unconfirmed reports state that the upgrade itself is now due to occur sometime during the latter half of January.

In the meantime we continue to see complaints not unlike this little sample:

Ben - Very poor speeds on the 1MB broadband service. Experienced sub 56K speeds with this provider all over Christmas. They appear to be putting heavy users in a poor over used IP pool range.


Simon - Have been experiencing very slow connection speeds with Supanet 1MB broadband service for several weeks - but the last 10 days or so it has been down to abysmal sub dial up levels. Supanet are having problems with upgrading it seems, but a lack of information provided does not help matters, and their web site paints a false rosey picture. If you are thinking of signing up - do not.

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