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Plusnet Consults Users - Fair Usage
By: MarkJ - 28 January, 2005 (12:52 PM)

ADSLGuide is reporting on a rather unique event, Plusnet has proposed a number of changes to their ISPís 'Fair Usage' (broadband) policy and are actually asking customers for their opinion:

We announced on Tuesday 25th January that we will be consulting with our customers about the potential implementation of a transparent fair usage policy for all broadband services (excluding Lite products). This follows our recent investigations into the management of our broadband platform and communications with customers about sustainable levels of usage on our broadband products.

Please read the information below about our proposed broadband fair-usage system and take a moment to provide your feedback, as we believe this represents the fairest way forwards for all of our customers. We are openly discussing the system in this manner because we want our customers to input into the future of their broadband service.

Details of the proposed system

All broadband customers would be notified of a fair-usage level for their broadband service. This level would vary depending on the speed of their chosen product, would take into account only downloaded traffic, and would exclude data transfer between 1:00-8:00 AM.

As a fair usage level is approached, we would alert customers in advance by email. If a customer's data transfer exceeds this fair usage level in a single month, we would send them an email to alert them. There would be no change to their service at this point. This process will be followed again the following month if the usage level is repeated.

We see the system operating such that each time a customer uses more than the fair usage amount it would be recorded against their account. On the third occasion, the process would progress as described below. If at any point a customer does not exceed the fair usage level for a full month, their fair usage status would be reduced by one increment.

Where customers reach this third occasion, three options would be presented to the customer. These options would be:-

- Reduction in speed until the monthly recurrence of their billing day.

- Extra capacity purchasable in GBs as per Lite broadband products.

- Assisted transfer to an alternative provider.


Credit to Plusnet for asking their users about this, although itíll be interesting to see if they make adjustments based on feedback.

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