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V Two One's FREE ADSL Migration
By: MarkJ - 27 January, 2005 (1:09 PM)

ISP V21 has issued a new press release touting an offer of free broadband ADSL migration onto its service from other providers:

Why do so many consumers in the UK pay well over the odds for a service that is Restricted, Capped and Overpriced?

If you have broadband already then why not look to a cheaper supplier that provides the exact same product from the exact same wholesaler as you have now?

V21.co.uk have made this simple and easy for you to save money.

ADSL home 512 products are only 16.99 per month including vat, they are on a monthly contract so you are not tied in and you can now move your from provider over to V21 at NO COST, NO HASSLE and more importantly NO INTERRUPTION TO SERVICE!

Either call V21.co.uk on 0870 442 9600 to speak to one of our support team or log on to http://www.v21.co.uk for details.

Start Saving Today.....

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