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LLU Migration Woes Hit PlusNet
By: MarkJ - 13 April, 2006 (9:08 AM)

PlusNet has become the latest ISP to suffer disconnection problems after attempting to migrate customers to its new unbundled (LLU) Tiscali based broadband platform. Some 5% of the 1,000 users moved were left without a connection:

But a problem at three London exchanges meant that 44 customers were left without broadband. A spokesman for the Sheffield-based ISP told El Reg that the problem was due to a snag with the "interface between Plusnet and Tiscali's systems".

The good news is that, unlike Wanadoo, PlusNet has managed to restore 30 of the 44 disconnected customers and should have the remaining ones back online shortly. More @ The Register.

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