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EasyNet & ISP E7even Part Company
By: MarkJ - 26 April, 2006 (8:54 AM)

ADSLGuide carries the word that many regular readers will have been expecting for several weeks. Easynet has confirmed the termination of its LLUStream broadband delivery contract with troubled ISP E7even:

"Unfortunately Easynet has been obliged to terminate its contract with E7even with effect from April 25th 2006. To assist E7even customers, we are releasing tags on the customers' services to make it easier for them to switch to an alternative provider. We have informed Ofcom and ISPA council members of this termination."

Regular readers will recall that sources inside EasyNet had been suggesting all manor of financial and communication problems emanating from E7's side.

It's believed that E7 has been preparing for the situation, with migration back to another platform being planned. Typically this can take up to 10 or more days, although E7's own service status has a wildly different take on things:

Update: 17:42:48 24-04-2006.
After further investigation into the problems affecting LLU network users, those who’s username is in the format of USERNAME@e7even.com, it is estimated that the outage may last for at least another 2-3 days. Based on this, we are going to be moving the small number of users affected by this issue to another part of the network as soon as possible over the next few days. We will be emailing all users concerned advising them of their options. If you can not get access to your contact email, please call Customer Services for further details.

We understand from other sources that Easynet may not have been the only supplier to have difficulties with E7; unfortunately ISPr has no sources within these and is not able to gain any certain information. Meanwhile Ofcom continues its own investigation.

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